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profoundwu clothing s were Divine Armors for protection. Originally, Chen Xiang needed it very much, but now that he had cultivated the Heavenly spirit kunfu, the defensive power of his body had become very strong. He did not need the profoundwu clothing s, and while training in the Heavenly spirit kunfu, his body would often need stimulation to achieve the best result in cultivation.

"If you find the profoundwu clothing, I suggest that you not use it on yourself. Now that the G.o.ds Realm is hiding a dragon and the experts are as numerous as the clouds, if it breaks, then you will not be able to understand the secret behind the Four Symbols Divine Weapons that Divine Lord's old man." Long Xueyi was a little worried that Chen Xiang would provoke an even more powerful enemy in the future and cripple the profoundwu clothing that he couldn't replicate. At that time, he wouldn't be able to solve the secret of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons.

When Chen Xiang was in the trial grounds, his profoundwu diamond armour was destroyed with a single strike. If he found the profoundwu clothing, and was unable to help the profoundwu clothing cultivate her divine soul and Divine Deity, then the profoundwu clothing's might would be unable to be unleashed.

At the very least, the profound G.o.d would not have to worry about death due to the cold. However, there were still dangers in this place, and after so many years, Super G.o.d Restricted Area had developed many strong Special G.o.d beast s. Now that there was no snow and ice here, these Special G.o.d beast were unable to continue absorbing Icy cold power to cultivate, and became unusually manic.

Special G.o.d beast s that needed to ingest a large amount of Icy cold power s to maintain their bodies were currently like lost food, so they were hunting everywhere. If the ones who entered the Super G.o.d Restricted Area were no match for them, they would only become food.

"We have to take advantage of this time to get more beast meat, and stock it up. In the future, when the fellows from Divine Prison come out, they will first come here to find this food, and at that time, the Special G.o.d beast will become very popular." Long Xueyi saw a giant alligator that was as big as a mountain charge towards her from afar. She licked her tongue and thought to herself that the giant alligator that was crawling on the ground was just like a delicacy.

The crocodile looked c.u.mbersome, but when it started running, it wasn't slow. Its pitch-black body covered in armor was like a black shadow, scurrying towards the crocodile from the distance. On the back of the giant crocodile were tens of sword thorns, flashing with cold light and filled with blood.

"Do you want me to come or not?" Long Xueyi said.

"Allow me." Chen Xiang had already leaped forward, to meet the wild back spikes Giant Alligator head on. This Giant Alligator was a Special G.o.d beast, its Super profound G.o.d's strength, and the tens of sword spikes on its back were his weapons.

When the Giant Alligator saw Chen Xiang's attack coming towards it, it roared, and the tens of sharp thorns on its back that seemed like swords suddenly glowed with a b.l.o.o.d.y light, and the sword thorns shot out like dozens of red lights, straight towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was now a G.o.d and there was no pressure in dealing with this kind of Special G.o.d beast. He only flew over to attract the Giant Alligator's attack, but he did not attack nor defend.

"To deal with this kind of attack, I should use the Ice and Snow Constellation." Chen Xiang suddenly felt a slight chill on his body, and a layer of frost formed on the surface of his body, causing his muscles to become even more rigid.

After Long Xueyi saw him, he frowned: "This guy is using the Icy cold power to freeze himself, strengthening his body, this is the same as my profoundbing protection."

Chen Xiang's face looked extremely pale, as if he was about to die from the cold. However, he himself knew that although he looked to be frozen, his movements were extremely nimble.

The Giant Alligator's sharp thorns were already fiercely piercing over, and those dozens of back thorns that were flickering with red light cut through the air, emitting "whoosh whoosh" sounds. They pierced into Chen Xiang's body from the front, back, and even at the places where they pierced into his vitals, one could tell that this Giant Alligator had a lot of experience with this move.

However, when these sharp thorns made contact with the layer of frost outside of Chen Xiang's body, they were unable to advance even a single inch. Furthermore, these sharp thorns were instantly frozen and merged together with Chen Xiang's body, causing Chen Xiang to look like a hedgehog.

"Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant." Chen Xiang's body instantly went from cold to scorching hot, the sharp thorns that had just been frozen, met with hot again instantly and burned.

Chen Xiang was quite satisfied with the abilities of his Heavenly Physique, and he still had many Heavenly Elephants that he had not used yet. At his current stage, he could only use these Heavenly Elephants for defense.

He took out the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword and teleported to the top of the Giant Alligator. With a few swishes, he sliced the Giant Alligator into pieces, leaving the rest for Long Xueyi to handle.

"There are still a lot on the road, it's better to finish it quickly." This kind of cold Qi was very special. Just like how she used to envelop the Super G.o.d Restricted Area with the Icy cold power, Chen Xiang understood her intention, which was to attract a large number of Special G.o.d beast.

In half a day's time, they had hunted several tens of Special G.o.d beast. Now that they had arrived in front of a small mountain, Chen Xiang could clearly feel that the profoundwu clothing was inside.

Other than him, he had no idea that there was a divine tool refined by the Divine Lord in the middle of a small mountain. Although it was a divine tool without Divine Deity, it wasn't something that the ordinary high-grade divine tools could compare to.

I haven't even sensed it, and the inside of this mountain hasn't been infiltrated by the Icy cold power either. " Long Xueyi said.

Although the profoundwu diamond armour on Chen Xiang's body was destroyed, he had already merged with it before. There was still the special power of the profoundwu diamond armour in his body, so he could still sense it.

He walked in front of the mountain and gently touched the mountain wall. He could actually penetrate it with his hand. There was actually a mysterious restriction on the mountain wall.

Seeing that Chen Xiang's arm could enter the stone wall, Long Xueyi also walked over and reached for it, but she could only feel the cold stone wall and it seemed that only Chen Xiang could enter.

"I'll wait for you here, hurry up and come out." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang immediately pa.s.sed through the cliff and entered inside, he saw the profoundwu clothing.

Previously, when Chen Xiang had gathered the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, he had seen the appearance of a profoundwu clothing. It was dressed in dark red clothes with some black inscriptions, and it was worn by a fake body.

Chen Xiang walked over, and with just a light touch, the profoundwu clothing turned into a ray of light and drilled into his body, then appeared on his body. Right now, he had no choice but to wear it even if he did not want to, he did not expect the profoundwu clothing was the same as the profoundwu diamond armour, and it actually recognized him as its master.

"It's best if we put them in. If those old Empyrean G.o.ds recognize them, it'll be quite troublesome." With a thought from Chen Xiang, the profoundwu clothing entered his body like the profoundwu diamond armour.

Chen Xiang walked out, and when he arrived outside, he saw that Long Xueyi was surrounded by a few big sized men.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that these men were all Super profound G.o.d s. These men were all wearing the same type of armor and had all revealed their sharp and powerful Divine Blades. From their attire, one could tell that they came from the War G.o.d Shrine.

It was not strange that the War G.o.d of the War G.o.d Shrine would find this place after Chen Xiang killed Young Master Yuan of the War G.o.d Shrine.

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