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"What kind of terrifying person is actually able to cause your Beast Divine Palace to become like this above the three great divine halls? Furthermore, the three great divine halls are clearly under control." Chen Xiang took out the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword. He felt that this sword was related to those existences.

Long Xueyi laughed: "You still remember what Big Sister Qilian said before, that G.o.ds Realm does not have a Divine Nations, so she wants to build a Divine Nations, and become the Divine Nations Emperor."

Chen Xiang nodded: "Of course I remember, she has the Emperor's ambition."

Long Xueyi received the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword from Chen Xiang's hands and said, "I already had it a long time ago, there were nine of them altogether. Back then, Beast Divine Palace almost developed into a Divine Beast Nation, which was why he was suppressed."

Chen Xiang was shocked, nine Divine Nations s existed, but there was no news about them, this was too terrifying, and it was obvious that they had existed for a long time.

"Could it be that the Nine Divine Kings is the king of this Nine G.o.ds Nation?" Chen Xiang asked again. The origin of the Nine Divine Kings had always been mysterious.

Long Xueyi shook his head: "No, originally there were ten Divine Nations s, and one of them was destroyed. Nine Divine Kings is the son of the Divine Nations Emperor, they are nine brothers, they built the Nine Heaven World and resurrected us, it was to rebuild the Divine Nations, but they did not succeed."

The Nine Divine Kings was so powerful that it was difficult to rebuild it. Having suffered such a huge resistance, it was still unclear whether he was dead or alive. This showed just how strong the Nine G.o.ds Nation was.

"Where is the Nine G.o.ds Nation?" Chen Xiang asked: "Can we go?"

Long Xueyi knew that Chen Xiang was very curious, so she shook her head: "I don't know where it is, I just heard about it. Anyway, those who have hopes of forming the tenth Divine Nations, will be hindered by them.

"So, as long as there's a little target, the Nine G.o.ds Nation will frantically suppress them. They don't seem to allow another Divine Nations to appear, this is a tacit understanding between them."

Chen Xiang pointed to the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword and asked, "Do you know what this is? Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d picked it up here."

Long Xueyi nodded his head: "I do, this sword is from those Divine Nations, you are currently unable to infuse any energy into it, because there is no Divine Deity in this sword, the Divine Deity inside has already dissipated many years ago."

"High grade Divine Weapons are considered the strongest when compared to G.o.ds Realm. If you can condense Divine Deity from Divine Weapons, then it would be called a Divine Tai grade Divine Weapon. Right now, your Divine Weapon is at most a good High grade Divine Weapon."

Chen Xiang took it, and looked at the inside of the sword, and sighed: "So that's how it is, there should be a location where Divine Deity are placed, right?"

Long Xueyi nodded: "But you must first have divine soul before you can place the Divine Deity inside. You can help this sword cultivate it out, or you can also find a match."

Chen Xiang put away the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword and said, "I think all of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons s should be inside there."

"I don't know. Nine Divine Kings s aren't used for fighting, but rather, they have a special meaning. You'll understand when you find them." Long Xueyi said: "I only know that the Four Symbols Divine Weapons was not created by them, but by their royal father."

"Let's go out and look for the profoundwu clothing now." Chen Xiang followed the instructions of the four imitation Four Symbols Divine Weapons s on him and knew that there was one of them.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Take this mountain away, you can use it to refine on the way here too. As long as you meet hot flames, this mountain will explode.

"How are we supposed to take it away? This mountain is quite large, and I'm afraid the ring won't be able to hold it." Chen Xiang said.

"Using Six Realms mirrors s, Six Realms mirrors s are also from Storage magic treasure s." Long Xueyi stood on his tiptoes and patted Chen Xiang's head, then laughed: "How stupid, you don't even know how to use this treasure."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi left the cave, but the snowstorm outside had already stopped, and the ice here had gradually melted, revealing their original appearances.

Long Xueyi said, "The power of this world of ice and snow has been absorbed by me. There are a large number of profoundbing inside my Divine Sense Sea, and I will use it for cultivation in the future. This is mostly my Super G.o.d Realm's power, and a lot of it has been lost after so many years."

Chen Xiang spread out his consciousness, enveloping this black mountain, and then kept it inside the Six Realms mirrors.

"The profoundwu clothing is in that direction. Once we have them, we'll go find those friends of the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d." Chen Xiang pointed to a stone mountain in front of them.

The cold inside the Super G.o.d Restricted Area had already become a legend. It was not as frightening as before, but there were still many profoundbing buried deep in the ground. These profoundbing were all formed from the special cold energy that Long Xueyi cultivated.

"All these profoundbing have a spiritual nature, and know how to find treasures of heaven and earth by themselves, then enveloping these treasures of heaven and earth. Some profoundbing will continuously nurture these treasures of heaven and earth, absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth, and transform them to cultivate strange flowers and herbs, and then slowly absorb the special energy from these strange flowers and herbs. This way, the profoundbing will nurture a spiritual body, and these spirits will slowly evolve into life forms, becoming beasts."

"And some profoundbing are empty, it's because strange flowers and plants have already nurtured a large number of spirit bodies."

Long Xueyi was very familiar with the profoundbing at the moment. While walking on the road with Chen Xiang, she could also see a few birds and beasts. These birds and beasts had very strong adaptability.

After the snow and ice disappeared, traces of a fierce battle could be seen on the ground. Some petrified beast bones and rusted pieces of divine artifacts were scattered all over the place. This showed just how tragic that battle had been.

"More than half of the beasts in the Beast Divine Palace partic.i.p.ated. The ones fighting the Beast Divine Palace were a group of villains from the Divine Nations. These villains were all imprisoned in the Divine Prison s. Long Xueyi took out a damaged lance. "Divine Nations is very powerful, and this time they will release the people from Divine Prison once again, making chaos in G.o.ds Realm."

Chen Xiang wanted to ask more about the Divine Prison, now that Long Xueyi had said it this way, he understood why.

So it turns out that the Divine Prison was also built by the Divine Nations, and there were a lot of villains inside.

"The Divine Prison is still very strong, but no one can stop the Divine Nations from opening. At that time, it will be a calamity again, and even the G.o.ds of the various divine halls will not know about this." Long Xueyi said, "Otherwise, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor wouldn't be so foolish as to waste so much time with Devil-killing Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang could not help but be worried, the whereabouts of Lv Qilian and the others were still unknown, and after the Divine Prison opens it, will it affect the Nine Heaven World? He came from the Nine Heaven World, so he did not want the Nine Heaven World to be destroyed.

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