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To condense divine soul was an extremely important matter, and one must not be careless. However, Chen Xiang wanted to use the Heavenly spirit kunfu that he had never cultivated to condense his soul, so in the eyes of some old G.o.d, this was definitely an extremely hasty method.

Chen Xiang was also clear on this point, because it would affect the quality of his second Divine Deity. If the second Divine Deity was affected, his overall strength would also be affected.

With his current situation, he did not have much time to think. Cultivating the Heavenly spirit kunfu would allow him the most basic of defensive capabilities in the future.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang comprehended some key points of cultivation from the Heavenly spirit kunfu. He had already started to refine the pellet made from the Divine Deity of the G.o.d, using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine the internal medicinal power, and then use the Heavenly spirit kunfu to merge it into his body.

Not long after, his body began to change. Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot, sometimes it was black, sometimes it was white, and sometimes it even released flames.

Chen Xiang himself didn't know about this change, because he was currently focused on circulating the special energy to refine his body.

If he used the Heavenly spirit kunfu to circulate that force, it would produce a very weak and unique soul power. He channeled this soul power into the Divine Sense Sea.

Each cycle only contained a sliver of his soul power, and to condense the second divine soul, he needed to condense this sliver of soul power together, and in the end, fuse it into a divine soul.

At first, he had even planned to give up. As he didn't have much time, he wanted to find a friend from Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d in one or two years.

However, after he cultivated for more than a month, he realized that his divine soul had already begun to take shape, and the speed at which he channeled that energy was also getting faster and faster. Previously, he could only circulate ten cycles in an hour, but now, it was a hundred cycles.

"Looks like condensing Divine Deity isn't a problem. This Heavenly spirit kunfu is indeed scary." Chen Xiang never thought that his speed would be so fast, he paid close attention to the situation. There were other reasons that could allow him to condense divine soul so quickly, and one of the most important reasons was those Six Realms' Power.

Every time it started a cycle, the Six Realms' Power in the Divine Sense Sea would consciously circulate with someone, and the wisp of soul energy that was produced would also contain the Six Realms' Power.

"Even though this divine soul is growing at a slow pace, I feel that once it condenses into a Divine Deity, it might even be stronger than my own." Chen Xiang had this premonition.

As he became more and more familiar with the Heavenly spirit kunfu, his progress became faster and faster. Almost every second, he would be able to circulate that surge of energy in a cycle and produce a trace of soul power, allowing his soul power to enter the Divine Sense Sea unceasingly.

His Six Realms' Power was also being rapidly consumed, and was being replenished by the Six Realms mirrors. Adding on the strong medicinal power of the Divine Deity Pellet, he did not need to stop and replenish it.

"divine soul completed." Chen Xiang saw that the Divine Sense Sea was growing a baby-like divine soul. As he continuously poured in more and more soul energy, the baby-like divine soul was growing at a visible rate.

In the past, when he first cultivated in divine soul, pa.s.sing a stage was extremely difficult, but now, it had gone by with a whoosh.

Before long, his divine soul grew to be the same as an adult's.

"It's time to condense Divine Deity." Chen Xiang became excited, as long as this divine soul could condense Divine Deity, he would let this divine soul be responsible for cultivating the Heaven's Body, and his first divine soul would be to cultivate the Heavenly Alchemy.

With two sets of divine soul, he wouldn't waste any effort at all when cultivating in various types of Taboo magic. He could even allow another set of divine soul to cultivate it every day and night while the other set of divine soul could maintain an abundant amount of mental energy.

This was the benefit of having two souls.

Chen Xiang's second divine soul was condensed out from the Six Realms' Power, which was why it was so powerful and he did not know it yet.

"I want to become an Empyrean G.o.d." When Chen Xiang saw that his divine soul had matured, he was immediately filled with confidence. His body continuously flickered with white gaseous flames, and in every instant, a surge of boundless energy circulated within his body. As it quickly strengthened his body, it also gave birth to a strand of soul energy that could condense Divine Deity.

Long Xueyi, who was at the side, was completely covered by ice. If Chen Xiang had opened his eyes at this moment, he would have definitely been scared silly, because the layer of ice surrounding Long Xueyi was exactly that kind of profoundbing.

Therefore, no matter how big the commotion caused by Chen Xiang during cultivation, he did not disturb Long Xueyi.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the more he cultivated, the slower his progress would be, but Chen Xiang was exceptionally fast. After he condensed his divine soul, it only took him ten days to form his own Divine Deity, which made him doubt whether or not this Divine Deity was his own.

"This is the Heavenly G.o.d level's other Divine Deity. What is this innate ability? I don't think I have cultivated it yet, so I can only continue."

Chen Xiang did not sense the second divine soul's innate ability, so he was not considered a G.o.d. However, the Six Realms' Power in his Divine Sense Sea, as well as his first divine soul had become much stronger, as long as he could cultivate the second life ability, he would be able to become a G.o.d. At that time, his Six Realms' Power and first divine soul would increase by leaps and bounds.

Chen Xiang did not have high requirements for his second life ability, he only hoped to be like the Heavenly spirit kunfu, and gain the powerful ability to defend his fleshly body. Last time, he was heavily injured by Han Deyuan's divine soul, and there were already shadows in his heart.

Chen Xiang had already trained in this strange black stone mountain for half a year. When he sensed the birth of the second life ability, he suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a happy smile on his face.

"I'm already an Empyrean G.o.d, haha." Chen Xiang almost wanted to punch and shatter this black mountain, only then did he remember to look for Long Xueyi.

"Where is he?" Chen Xiang looked around, originally it was a black stone room, but now it was surrounded by ice, and he did not feel Long Xueyi's Qi at all.

He thought that the cold air had seeped inside, causing the room to be covered in ice. However, he carefully felt that the inside of the stone room was releasing a weak cold air.

Chen Xiang looked in that direction. That was the place where Long Xueyi had originally been sitting, and upon closer inspection, he discovered that there was an ice cube that was emitting silver rays of light inside, only that there was a very large layer of ice outside.

"Hiss …" Chen Xiang took in a breath of cold air, because he realized that the ice in the stone room was not ordinary ice, but rather the kind of profoundbing.

This kind of profoundbing was actually produced by Long Xueyi's body.

Chen Xiang thought back to when Long Xueyi had regained a bit of consciousness and turned ice-cold again, causing him to worry secretly.

"I can only wait patiently." Chen Xiang was indulging in his thoughts because these profoundbing were created by Long Xueyi. The reason why the Super G.o.d Restricted Area s and the profound Cold Ancient Realm s had become so cold was because of those profoundbing.

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