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Chen Xiang advanced in the blizzard, and slowly approached the location of Long Xueyi's residual soul.

"There's a mountain ahead." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed through the snowstorm and saw a black shadow in front of him. It was actually not an ice mountain, but a mountain of black stone.

Strangely, even though it was a black mountain, it should be covered by a layer of white snow in this snowy land. However, it was black.

Because of the violent snowstorm, Chen Xiang did not see the shape of the black mountain clearly, he only knew that it was extremely huge.

"It's right inside. Open a path and enter." Long Xueyi said: "I don't have any memories related to this mountain and I don't know what's going on either."

Chen Xiang arrived at the side of the mountain and hacked down a few times with the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword. He thought that he could pierce through the mountain like he was. .h.i.tting an iceberg, but he didn't think that there would be no reaction at all.

"So st.u.r.dy." Chen Xiang did not believe in evil. His G.o.d Slaughtering Sword was extremely sharp, even though it could not be channeled with divine power or Six Realms' Power, it was still able to deal with these stone mountains.

He used the strongest power in his body and crazily hacked at the black stone mountain, but there was still no reaction. He was so strong that he could not understand.

"Just what is this material made of? Even if it's a Top stone, they should at least have some traces of it after being destroyed by my G.o.d Slaughtering Sword. However, these stones do not have any traces at all." Chen Xiang touched the mountain wall and actually felt a sense of warmth.

In a place where a True G.o.d could freeze to death, this mountain was actually warm. It was truly strange.

"Use fire, use your strongest flame." Long Xueyi said: "I have some impression that this is the way to use this kind of stone."

Chen Xiang withdrew his G.o.d Slaying Sword and punched towards the mountain wall in front of him. An extremely scorching flame condensed and his fist became as red as the iron ore in a furnace.


When Chen Xiang's fist landed on the mountain wall, it actually caused a violent explosion, causing his chest to feel a burning pain. He lowered his head and saw that a piece of his skin was burnt and his flesh was torn apart.

"What's this?" Chen Xiang sat in the snow and wind, the skin of his entire body was covered with cuts and bruises, his strong physique was unexpectedly injured to such an extent, if his body wasn't a very strong profound G.o.d, he might even be smashed.

"Shouldn't this be a good thing for you?" Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "You should be able to refine this thing into a pill, this is the best material."

Chen Xiang nodded his head in excitement. He had been looking for these ingredients, although he had used other ingredients to concoct Explosive Flaming Pills and Destruction Pills, their effects were not very good. They did not have much of an impact on the powerful profound G.o.d.

This kind of natural explosion would be able to cause injuries all over his body. If it was compressed after he refined it with his Heavenly Alchemy, the power would definitely be even more terrifying. It might even be able to fend off profound G.o.d or even the G.o.ds.

Right now, Chen Xiang not only wanted to open a path to the center of the cave, he also wanted to move the entire mountain away.

"Let's go in first." Chen Xiang waited for a long time, the injuries on his body had already healed, so he walked over again.

"Just avoid them." Chen Xiang punched again, but this time he released s.p.a.ce Domain in time, preventing the energy from the explosion from hitting his body, so that he wouldn't be injured again.

After half a day had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang had already opened up a very long path. His fist that was ignited in flames violently struck against the pitch-black stone wall, blasting it away with a wave of wild and scorching firelight.

"We're here." Long Xueyi suddenly emerged from the ring and entered the vast white s.p.a.ce in front of him.

The moment Long Xueyi entered, the light disappeared, and she saw Long Xueyi sitting cross-legged on the ground, the remnant soul had already entered her Divine Sense Sea World, and she was in the process of fusing with him.

"I need some time." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Seal the entrance."

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Along the way, he had also collected a lot of black broken rocks. He had originally wanted to refine them, but he was afraid that the explosion would affect Long Xueyi, so he could only use some Divine Deity to do so.

Right now he was refining the Divine Deity of the profound G.o.d s, so he wanted to refine the Divine Deity of several profound G.o.d s together to condense them into a pellet.

He was already very familiar with the method to refine Divine Deity into pellets. Even though he had refined a few of the profound G.o.d's Divine Deity into pellets at the same time, he did not feel any pressure at all. In half a day's time, he had refined them into a pellet using the Magic method furnace.

The elixir here could be considered a divine elixir. However, this kind of divine elixir would not make the rounds. Otherwise, he would be hunted down by a great shrine.

After Chen Xiang swallowed this pellet, he entered into a quiet cultivation state as well. As for Long Xueyi, who was wrapped in a layer of sparkling and translucent white light, he gave off a cold aura, which startled Chen Xiang who had just entered a meditative state. He was worried that Long Xueyi would become ice-cold.

Seeing that Long Xueyi was calm, with a sweet smile on her delicate face, Chen Xiang felt more at ease, and continued to cultivate.

… ….

The Super G.o.d Restricted Area was very big, it would not be easy to find Chen Xiang here. However, as long as there was a direction, the Feng G.o.d Realm and the War G.o.d Shrine would not give up.

was also an important target of the War G.o.d Shrine, so her current situation wasn't too bad. She had originally been hiding at the edge of the Super G.o.d Restricted Area's danger zone and was extremely safe, but she didn't know that her whereabouts would be exposed, causing her to have no choice but to hide everywhere.

In ten days, Chen Xiang was able to refine the pill, and at the moment, his refining speed was extremely fast, even he himself was surprised.

However, Long Xueyi was still quietly sitting there while fusing with her soul fragment. Chen Xiang did not disturb her and took out a set of Heavenly G.o.d's Divine Deity.

This G.o.d was one of Highest Old Devil's disciples. When he first went to h.e.l.l, the old man he met with Younger Nine Girl was killed by him when he found an opportunity to obtain this precious Heaven G.o.d's Divine Deity.

"d.a.m.n it, I'm already a Super profound G.o.d. I wonder if this thing can help me become a G.o.d." Chen Xiang used the power of s.p.a.ce to isolate the Divine Deity and prevent the Highest Old Devil from feeling it.

"I need to cooperate with the Six Realms mirrors." Chen Xiang looked at the Six Realms mirrors and noticed that the crack on its surface had already been repaired, and there was even a Six Realms' Power inside it.

"Weird, Six Realms mirrors normally only fill up once a month before, but now that they have been repaired, it's full." Chen Xiang felt that it was very strange, but after thinking about it carefully, he finally understood. It was because he had broke through to Super profound G.o.d in the last ten days, so the Six Realms mirrors also broke through with him.

When Six Realms mirrors fused with his body, their potential would increase along with his own cultivation realm.

Chen Xiang took five days just to refine this Deity's Divine Deity to melt, and following that, to refine it to remove the impurities within, and then compress it to condense multiple steps, it would still take a lot of time.

"It's really not easy. It took me two months." Chen Xiang looked at the light purple pill in his hand, sighed, and then placed it in his mouth.

"If I want to become a G.o.d, I need to condense an innate Divine Deity, as well as a divine soul. This also means that I have an additional innate divine ability." Chen Xiang had already found out that the most basic characteristics of G.o.ds were that they had two divine soul s, two Divine Deity s, and that their first set of divine soul s were normally hidden very deeply.

The last time Chen Xiang killed that disciple of the Highest Old Devil, she did not find his second Divine Deity, which should be hidden within the Divine Sense Sea.

Possessing three Divine Deity meant that they were G.o.ds, and four Divine Deity meant that they were Upper Heavenly G.o.d s. Five, six, and even seven Divine Deity meant that they were G.o.ds as well, as for how many Divine Deity there were, Chen Xiang had never understood them before.

So Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and Feng Shen were both Upper Heavenly G.o.d, but Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d's Divine Deity was much higher than Feng Shen's, so her strength was much stronger.

To condense the second Divine Deity, one must first have divine soul, so after Chen Xiang ate the pellet, he focused on condensing divine soul, and after condensing divine soul, he would need to strengthen his divine soul to a certain degree, and then he would be able to cultivate his own Divine Deity, which would then be considered as breaking through to the Empyrean G.o.d Realm.

"When condensing the second divine soul, you better choose a good cultivation technique to cultivate with. This way, your second life ability will be closely related to the cultivation technique." Long Xueyi suddenly said to Chen Xiang.

"Got it, Xue Yi, how are you now?" Chen Xiang asked.

When I completely fuse with them, I will have [Twin Divine Deity]. We can talk about the details later, so it would be best for us to become G.o.ds as soon as possible, because the situation at Divine Prison is very bad.

After Long Xueyi finished speaking, he no longer communicated with Chen Xiang.

At this time, Chen Xiang was wondering what kind of method he should practice to condense the second divine soul. He had mastered the Four Great Taboo magic and a little bit of it.

"The Heavenly Body is the only Taboo magic that I haven't cultivated. Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said that cultivating this technique will have serious consequences, but I will go to the Supreme Divine Palace in the future. The old man there might help me eliminate the serious danger." Chen Xiang felt that it was imperative to strengthen his body right now. That way, even if he met an even stronger G.o.d, his body would at most be injured. As long as his divine soul wasn't injured, it wouldn't shake his very foundation.

Otherwise, like before, he would have to use up a hundred years of time to recover even if his divine soul was heavily injured once, not to mention that he would need to use two sets of divine soul in the future.

The of the 'Heavenly Body' was used to strengthen the body, Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said that it was very scary, but it must be powerful, which was why it caused Sky Law to come into play.

"I'll first cultivate the Heavenly spirit kunfu to condense my divine soul. In the future, it won't be too late to use other Taboo magic s as well, but I don't know what kind of special abilities my innate ability will have after using this Heavenly spirit kunfu to condense my divine soul." Chen Xiang's previous life ability was the creator's fire, hence it was extremely useful for him to refine pills.

Chen Xiang was running out of time right now, because the Devil-killing Divine Palace couldn't hold on for too long, and he had already been in here for quite some time.

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