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In order to prevent himself from being frozen in such pain, Chen Xiang channeled the Chuangzao fire in his body to protect himself as well as to release the s.p.a.ce Domain at the same time, isolating him and Long Xueyi from the cold outside.

"This kind of ice-cold power is too terrifying. What exactly is the reason for it?" Chen Xiang could not help but ponder, he looked at Long Xueyi: "Do you have any impression of him?"

Long Xueyi shook his head: "No, when I was dying, this place was at most a little shabby, but there should still be a lot of trees, I never thought it would become like this."

"Let me feel this cold energy. I feel that it's a bit strange. You can feel it for yourself. Maybe you will be able to discover something." Long Xueyi told Chen Xiang to leave the s.p.a.ce Domain.

After Chen Xiang withdrew, he only felt a little cold because he had already used the flames to warm his body.

"I don't see anything wrong with it." Chen Xiang took in a few deep breaths of cold air, and felt nothing special in his body.

"There are two types of Icy cold power here, although both of them are Icy cold power s, they all have different special abilities, for example, one of them possesses the power to revive, as long as you cover one object, you can absorb the energy of heaven and earth to strengthen yourself, causing the air here to become colder and colder, while the other type constantly devours the other Icy cold power s to strengthen, and then release even stronger cold energy." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang crouched down and grabbed a piece of ice, crushed it with great force, and then used flames to burn it. Then, using his spirit essence to examine it, he discovered that there were indeed two threads of origin power wrapped around it.

The two different Icy cold power s relied on each other, causing the Super G.o.d Restricted Area to become so cold over the years.

"There must be a source. As long as we can find the source, we'll be able to figure out what's going on." Long Xueyi's face suddenly became serious, as though this matter was very important to her.

Chen Xiang took out the Jade Tiger that the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d had given him. Sensing that Jade Tiger was trembling slightly, he pointed the Jade Tiger in several directions, and one of the directions shook the most violently, indicating that there was someone he needed to look for.

"Let's go find our friends from Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d first."

nodded. Helping the Devil-killing Divine Palace escape was a top priority, so Chen Xiang had no choice but to put aside the matter of finding Bai Ziqian. Moreover, once the group of experts from the War G.o.d Shrine entered, there was no further news.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi realized that the other people who had entered were actually walking in the same direction as them. Furthermore, they were all in the same group as well, so they didn't recognize any of these small teams.

At first, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi thought that their ident.i.ties had been exposed, this group of people were following them, but after they deliberately slowed down, the hundred of them still headed towards that direction.

After walking for a good half a day, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi finally understood that there was actually a small city built out of ice in front of them. Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi had not asked around about anything after entering the Super G.o.d Restricted Area, so they did not know about this small city.

The buildings of the small city were all made of ice. Some were tall, some were short, all were very solid. The roads were made of white ice, and the entire city was covered with a vast expanse of white.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi walked along an ice path as they pa.s.sed a shop. Suddenly, they saw something that made them feel as if they were struck by lightning.

That thing was really the profoundbing that they were very familiar with.

In the Nine Heaven World's mysterious profound Cold Ancient Realm, there were many of these profoundbing, and this type of profoundbing contained a very strange cold energy.

These profoundbing had a very strong defense that could block Soul consciousness from entering. If these profoundbing were to be broken through, there was a definite chance that a genius earthly treasure would appear inside.

Back then, Chen Xiang had used the Chaos Divine Eye to look at this kind of profoundbing and obtained a lot of treasures.

Seeing that the profoundbing had appeared here, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi both had a wild guess, that this might be the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

profound Cold Ancient Realm was also originally very beautiful, with a large number of strange flowers and herbs, because she became like this after a G.o.dly battle.

And Super G.o.d Restricted Area became like this just because of a G.o.dly battle.

"No, back then the White Tiger said that that place was frozen only later on, and when the G.o.d Battle began, it started much earlier than Qi Shi and the others." Chen Xiang frowned: "So this isn't the same place."

Long Xueyi nodded his head, "After I was reborn in Nine Heaven World, my profound Cold Ancient Realm had not been frozen yet. That was only when the ice was sealed later on and the ice was also sealed due to the death of a G.o.d who used cold energy. Or perhaps it's too G.o.dly. "

"However, this kind of profoundbing should be caused by the same type of cold energy. There must be a connection between these two places." Chen Xiang faintly felt that this place had a path to the profound Cold Ancient Realm. It was a mysterious path that led to the Nine Heaven World.

Long Xueyi nodded. "It's possible, I can only wait until I retrieve my complete memories. I sensed it, it's somewhere in the vicinity."

Chen Xiang looked at the profoundbing s in the shops. He was looking at them with the Chaos Divine Eye, and Long Xueyi was the same. Back then, she was the one who pa.s.sed down the Chaos Divine Eye to Chen Xiang, so she was very proficient in it.

"This one has something." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, and the voice carried pleasant surprise: "Can you tell what it is?"

"It's an Inferior Grade Divine Medicine, Beast Strength Divine Fruit." Chen Xiang said: "As long as you absorb the beast type beast core into this divine fruit, you will be able to possess the power of that beast, but it is only temporary."

Long Xueyi nodded: "Buy it."

As long as it was a divine medicine that Chen Xiang did not have, he would buy it.

"How much is this?" Chen Xiang patted a piece of profoundbing and asked.

"Fifty thousand gold coins. Since you asked, you should have asked. If you're lucky, you might get more than fifty thousand gold coins in return. Even five hundred million is possible." An old man chuckled.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Even though this is my first time here, I have long heard of it.

He bought three pieces in one go. After giving him the divine money, the old man broke the record without Chen Xiang's permission.

After the profoundbing was broken through, it became a pile of dust, the same as what was found in the profound Cold Ancient Realm.

"This is …" "Divine medicine." Just as he was about to pick it up, it was taken away by Long Xueyi.

The old man's face was filled with regret as he looked at Chen Xiang unwillingly: "This is a divine medicine."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course I know, I never thought my luck would be so good."

The old man said with a sad face, "Your luck is too good. This small city can sell ice for at most three thousand yuan a day. Sometimes, you can't get any treasures out of it for a month and you can get some divine medicines."

The old man's startled shout had already spread throughout the entire small city. Many shops selling profoundbing s had rushed over, they initially did not believe it, but after seeing the old man's regretful face turning green, they immediately believed it.

If they sold a piece of profoundbing s with divine medicine inside, they would do the same.

"What divine medicine is it? Take it out for me to see."

"Let's open our eyes."

"It's been a long time since I've talked about the treasures that came out of the ice."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were surrounded by a large group of people, as though they would not be able to leave until they took out some divine medicine to open their eyes.

Long Xueyi took out the beast spirit fruit, and said: "Did you see that, it's just this fruit, I don't even know what kind of divine medicine it is, can you let us go now?"

When everyone saw it, they could not tell what it was. Long Xueyi kept the fruits well.

After the crowd dispersed, they suddenly saw a group of people rushing over. Seeing this group of people, Chen Xiang's and Long Xueyi's heart jumped, because they were the experts of the War G.o.d Shrine.

"The divine medicine is here, I want to take a look as well." A youth who was walking in front said.

As expected, the War G.o.d Shrine sent out their G.o.ds. The profound G.o.d s had twenty of them as well, which was a very strong force, while the youth walking in the front was a Super profound G.o.d. He was the kind of man who wanted to become a G.o.d, and was not weak at all.

"Young Master Yuan, it's this man and woman. That divine medicine seems to be of high quality." The old man pointed at Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi.

Young Master Yuan of the War G.o.d Shrine was very famous here because he had been here several times. Every time he had come, he would buy a large number of profoundbing.

After Young Master Yuan walked over, he looked at Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi, and his gaze finally fell on Long Xueyi's body.

Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang had changed their appearances and looked like ordinary people, but Young Master Yuan's gaze towards Long Xueyi was strange, as if he had seen a treasure.

"It's a dragon, but I can't see what it is." Clearly, Young Master Yuan had sent him a mental message, telling him to confirm the matter.

Young Master Yuan laughed. "A dragon, and a female dragon at that. That's great. If we catch her, she'll definitely be better than the G.o.d of Fortune's ice dragon. Hmm, I want her to become my female slave."

Hearing that, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were enraged, they knew that Young Master Yuan's status was not low, if not, the heavenly G.o.d would not listen to him.

"Let's go." Chen Xiang pulled Long Xueyi and immediately teleported away, but he was blocked by the G.o.d. This G.o.d from the WarG.o.d Hall wasn't an ordinary G.o.d either, he was actually able to determine the direction of Chen Xiang's teleportation.

Long Xueyi immediately entered Chen Xiang's ring. Both she and Chen Xiang had not expected that Young Master Yuan and the G.o.d of Heaven would actually be able to see through her true form.

"You are all members of the War G.o.d Shrine. Why would you do such a despicable thing?" Chen Xiang said in a heavy voice.

"We are only catching dragons, not humans. How can this be considered despicable? Aren't all beasts supposed to be so easily caught?" Young Master Yuan saw that Long Xueyi had disappeared, and was not anxious at all. He laughed, "That twin dragon is pretty close to you, hehe, after s.n.a.t.c.hing her away from your side, seeing you in such pain, I will be even more happy."

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