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Before Chen Xiang had entered the trial grounds, he had already known that h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and his forces had revived and even took revenge on Devil-killing Divine City. After asking around, he found out that the reason why all Divine City s had not released their Transmission array to Devil-killing Divine City was indeed related to this matter, because Devil-killing Divine City was currently being attacked by a large group of evil monsters that h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had brought along.

Most of the people in the Devil-killing Divine City had already left, and currently, only the Devil-killing Divine Palace's disciples were stubbornly guarding the tattered Divine City, so they were at a disadvantage.

"Why didn't the all divine palaces help him?" Chen Xiang asked an old man. The old man was a teahouse guest, and was also a profound G.o.d. Chen Xiang had chatted with him at the teahouse.

"all divine palaces felt that it was a grudge between Devil-killing Divine Palace and herself, so she didn't make a move. I think that most of the divine G.o.ds in Devil-killing Divine Palace felt that Devil-killing Divine Palace was too much of a hindrance, and wanted Devil-killing Divine Palace to fall completely." The old man said.

Chen Xiang drank a few cups of tea and chatted with the old man for a while before he teleported to the closest city to Devil-killing Divine City and hurried back to Devil-killing Divine City.

With the support of the Supreme G.o.d, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor quickly developed a strong power. In order to stabilize his power and position in the G.o.ds Realm, the first thing he needed to do was to eliminate the Devil-killing Divine Palace.

Chen Xiang could already see the Evil Spirit of the Devil-killing Divine City in the distance, covered by the haze. The tall city walls surrounding the city were already full of holes, and at the moment, there were still a large number of Evil Demons standing on top of the city walls.

"all divine palaces and the rest of the idiots here, after we destroy the threat of Devil-killing Divine Palace, they will definitely target the other powerful divine halls. Don't you think they still don't know about h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's ambitions?

Chen Xiang teleported over and appeared in the city.

Aside from the fact that the Devil-killing Divine Palace was still unharmed, the rest of the buildings in the city were already in tatters. The ground had split open and there were a large number of bottomless ravines.

Chen Xiang looked at the black cloud in the sky, which was releasing Evil Qi, causing the Evil Demons hidden inside the city to absorb the Evil Qi, and quickly become stronger.

The Undead who died in this place would all rush into the black clouds. This was the most familiar tactic used by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor to guard the Infernal Realm, and use the departed souls to quickly obtain strength.

"This cloud has been here for many years. It must be scattered. When the sunlight shines down, it can also kill those evil monsters. It should be able to weaken their power."

Chen Xiang stared at the black clouds in the sky, his fists tightly clenched, releasing traces of golden lightning.

"Heavenly Refining Great Universe." Chen Xiang shouted lightly and the Six Realms' Power on his body immediately surged. Golden light erupted from his body, causing him to emit blazing light like the sun.

In that moment, a huge golden barrier suddenly appeared, enveloping the entire Devil-killing Divine City.

Chen Xiang had just inspected his surroundings, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's base camp was very far away, although there were many demons and monsters entering the Devil-killing Divine City, they all hid themselves to cultivate, absorbing the Evil Qi released by the black cloud in the sky.

The huge barrier released by Chen Xiang was like a gigantic Magic method furnace, shrouding the entire city.

He was already very familiar with refining this kind of demonic energy, but it was just that he needed to refine a lot of things now. With the support of the Six Realms' Power, refining this kind of demonic energy on such a large scale would not be difficult.

Very soon, a set of silver flames appeared on the huge black cloud. This was the Chuangzao fire released by Chen Xiang's life force technique, and under the activation of the Six Realms' Power, it became even hotter, burning even more intensely. Very quickly, it turned the sky above Devil-killing Divine City into a sea of fire.

… ….

Amongst the Devil-killing Divine Palace, w.a.n.g Jinshi shouted in shock: "Master, quickly look up there, what is going on?"

Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing felt a very familiar feeling when they saw this flame.

When Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d saw it, he said in pleasant surprise: "It's Chen Xiang's Chuangzao fire, this little demon pa.s.sed the trial. He did not die."

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d was very excited, her voice trembling a little.

The disciples of the Devil-killing Divine Palace saw a silver white flame burning in the sky. That kind of holy silver light made them feel much better.

"Eighty years. What has he been doing?" w.a.n.g Jinshi was also very happy, but he was a little worried, because h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had been looking for Chen Xiang.

"Let's quickly go out and cooperate with him so that we won't be disturbed by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and move out." Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said, and then he quickly flew over with a large group of Devil-killing Divine Palace disciples.

Chen Xiang was currently using the Heavenly Alchemy, and it was on a very large scale at that. He needed some time, so it would naturally be best if there was someone protecting him.

"All of you, come up." Chen Xiang's consciousness was like a huge net covering down, enveloping all the hidden demons and monsters. Following that, he used the Tai Chi Refining, causing a huge Taiji array to immediately appear in the sea of fire in the sky. The countless evil demons on the ground immediately floated up, and were pulled in by the force.

Chen Xiang, who had activated his Six Realms' Power with all his might, had already unleashed the Heavenly Alchemy to its limit. A large number of evil and evil monsters quickly floated up and were sucked into the sea of flames.

"Refine." Chen Xiang roared, the sound resonated in all directions, the might of it shook the entire world, the Evil Demons that were still struggling in the sea of flames instantly turned into ashes, after that they quickly condensed into a white pill.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and the rest who were rushing over saw that, and were extremely shocked, they did not expect Chen Xiang to end the battle so quickly.

"The h.e.l.l Devil Emperor is here, we don't need to fight with them for now." Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d came to Chen Xiang's side, grabbed him and immediately returned to Devil-killing Divine Palace.

Devil-killing Divine City had been shrouded by dark clouds for many years, and at this time, the sunlight was shining down on the Devil-killing Divine City. Although it had already turned into ruins, this meant that it would end very soon.

Inside the Devil-killing Divine Palace, Chen Xiang looked at Ren Tianyong and the others, and laughed: "Long time no see, how could you guys be like this, what about the fat fifth brother?"

"Dead, fifth and ninth brothers are all dead." Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said dejectedly, "Zu Chao, Zu Ming and his wife have still not been found out. Sigh, if not, we wouldn't be in such a miserable state."

The two sons and daughter-in-law of the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d were the main force. Now, Chen Xiang understood why the Devil-killing Divine City had become like this.

Fortunately, w.a.n.g Jinshi and the others had already been promoted to the level of G.o.d, and there were also the other ten disciples from the second batch. The strength of the Devil-killing Divine Palace was still very strong, but after battling with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor for so many years, his strength had been gradually reduced by a large amount, and the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor actually had a steady supply of support.

"The other Temples aren't helping?" When Chen Xiang saw Tai Qiang walking in, he nodded and greeted him.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said helplessly, "If I don't help, Penalty Heavenly G.o.d will be in deep trouble as well. He will be tied down by a huge burden and won't be able to help me. The Fire Divine Palace, Wealth Divine Palace, and the War G.o.d Shrine have absolutely no way of helping me."

The Penalty Heavenly G.o.d was unable to come to help, and it proved that what the old man said was true. The Divine Prison could not hold it in any longer, so he was probably preparing to destroy the Divine Prison.

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