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Li Zhonghan was furious, it would have been fine if it were just some Pill G.o.d or some powerful G.o.d Realm being as arrogant as him, but the arrogant one in front of him was Chen Xiang, and his cultivation was also very low, he was only a True G.o.d previously, although it had been eighty years, but he felt that Chen Xiang was just a Upper True G.o.d.

Ye Qin did not think that way. Although she did not understand Chen Xiang, she knew that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were very good, and Alchemist who had a high level of cultivation would usually use a large amount of pills to make herself stronger. She was not able to see through Chen Xiang's strength right now, but she could tell that Chen Xiang was very confident.

Ye Qin thought carefully, and after thinking about it carefully, he decided to stay away from this place, because it was not a good thing to clash with Chen Xiang right now.

"Let's go. We can report this back." Ye Qin said to Li Zhonghan, and pulled at Li Zhonghan who was about to flare up.

Ye Qin's words stung Li Zhonghan, which made him think that Ye Qin was underestimating him and was trying to show off. Furthermore, Li Zhonghan had brought a few profound G.o.d s with him, which made him even more confident.

"Chen Xiang, I'll give you one more chance. If you still don't hand over the Nine Strange Divine Fruit …" Before Li Zhonghan even finished speaking, Chen Xiang had already taken out his G.o.d Slaughtering Sword.

"No need to give me that chance. Eighty years have pa.s.sed, and I've already eaten all nine of the divine fruits. How am I supposed to take them out? Haha …" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You're courting death." Li Zhonghan shouted angrily as his arm moved forward like a phantom. It was extremely fast and it looked like he wanted to slap Chen Xiang.

He had to admit that this Li Zhonghan still had some skills, but Chen Xiang, who had the strength of a middle profound G.o.d, simply did not view Li Zhonghan as a worthy opponent.

When Li Zhonghan's palm struck over, Chen Xiang also quickly swung his sword, chopping at Li Zhonghan's arm.

"Ah!" Li Zhonghan cried out in pain as his palm fell to the ground, but blood didn't flow out. Smoke was rising from his wound, because Chen Xiang's G.o.d Slaughtering Sword was extremely hot.

"Young master." The few profound G.o.d s who were with Li Zhonghan turned pale with fright, without saying a word, they retrieved their weapons and attacked Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang raised his eyebrows, and after he sneered, he was no longer where he was before. When he appeared, he was already behind Li Zhonghan, and there were a few b.l.o.o.d.y holes on the bodies of the other profound G.o.d s.

"Seven devil-slain kungfu..." Ye Qin was shocked, Chen Xiang's technique was extremely terrifying, she had long heard of it, and anxiously shouted out: "Chen Xiang, he is the son of the G.o.d, if you were to …"

Before Ye Qin could finish his words, he saw Chen Xiang's G.o.d Slaughtering Sword piercing into the back of Li Zhonghan's neck, and even kicking out with great force towards Li Zhonghan's waist.


Chen Xiang exerted all his strength to kick him, and a burst of lightning struck down. In the blink of an eye, Li Zhonghan's waist was also blasted into pieces.


Li Zhonghan's body flew out, and smashed into a large tree, Chen Xiang immediately dodged and fiercely stepped on the struggling Li Zhonghan's chest.

Chen Xiang's kick was like a giant pillar smashing into the earth, the Six Realms' Power roared from within his body and ignited an extremely berserk energy, causing Chen Xiang's kick to be extremely powerful, stepping on it to the point that Li Zhonghan coughed out blood and the ground was overturned several times.

"Miss Ye, let's quickly leave. Even if we join forces, we would still not be a match for Chen Xiang, let alone Li Zhonghan who does not listen to our advice." They secretly praised Ye Qin. If Ye Qin had wanted to capture Chen Xiang just now, like Li Zhonghan, they would definitely do the same. When that time came, they would have died in the same way as the profound G.o.d lying on the ground.

Ye Qin and the few profound G.o.d s who came with her had all seen how terrifying Chen Xiang was. To be able to kill Li Zhonghan and the rest in a matter of seconds, was indeed not something they could afford to offend.

"Let's go." Ye Qin made her decision immediately, just as she was about to leave, she saw Chen Xiang shouting from afar.

"Wait." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he kicked the half-dead Li Zhonghan over, and very accurately landed beside Ye Qin's feet.

Ye Qin lowered her head to look at Li Zhonghan, and couldn't help but frown. Fortunately she was also someone who had experienced hundreds of battles.

"Bring this guy back, he should be able to be saved." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, "Go back and tell those few Pill G.o.ds that I got the Nine Oddity Divine Fruit first and that it was mine first. I hope they don't make any mistakes and I don't want to be enemies with them."

Li Zhonghan was indeed still alive, but her Divine Deity had already been taken away by Chen Xiang. To profound G.o.d, this was a very cruel thing, because it was equivalent to being crippled, and it felt worse than dying.

"Take him away." Ye Qin did not reply. He instructed a few profound G.o.d s beside him to lift Li Zhonghan up and then use an array disc to leave.

Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er who was flying in the sky and asked, "Do you still want to walk around with me?"

Yue Er shook her head: "No need, I want to go meet Beast Divine Palace. If what that old man said is true, I must return to Beast Divine Palace and meet him again if fate wills it."

Chen Xiang nodded at her: "Take care."

Yue'er disappeared in a flash. Chen Xiang sighed softly and then teleported away.

Long Xueyi was still in deep sleep and she had slept for far too long this time around. It did not seem that it was because she had eaten the divine fruit of the nine wonders. According to Long Xueyi's refining speed, in the eight years of the trial, it should be enough time for her to refine the divine fruit of nine wonders.

"It's already been eighty years, I wonder how that Xiao Chou fellow is doing." Chen Xiang was extremely worried for Xiao Chou, because Chen Xiang was also partic.i.p.ating in this kind of trial like him. He had pa.s.sed the trial, but he also deeply understood just how terrifying this trial was.

After a few teleportations, he arrived at the shop in G.o.ddess City. To his surprise, the shop had been sold fifty years ago.

He quickly asked around, but did not expect Feng Yujie to leave the Divine Female Palace fifty years ago. At that time, she was expelled by the Divine Female Palace because of a conflict with a Pill G.o.d, and because she offended a Pill G.o.d, she was now envied by the Pill G.o.d. In order to curry favor with the Pill G.o.d, some of the stronger G.o.ds swore to arrest her.

Why did Feng Yujie clash with the Pill G.o.d? Chen Xiang didn't hear about it, he only knew that there was a huge battle at that time in the Divine Female Palace and that both Feng Yujie and the Pill G.o.d were heavily injured.

Lv Qilian and the other girls who were running the shop also transferred their stores and left G.o.ddess City.

"Seems like I can only make a trip back to the Devil-killing Divine City." Chen Xiang looked at the towering Divine Female Palace, then quickly proceeded towards the Transmitting Square.

After arriving at the Transmitting Square, he had actually found out that none of the Divine City s were allowed to enter the Devil-killing Divine City.

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