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After Chen Xiang sat down, the old man said, "I have some understanding of your situation. After all, you possess the two Taboo magic s, the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the Heavenly Alchemy. We had been paying close attention to you since a long time ago, so the sword attack you used earlier should be a Seven devil-slain kungfu that was a little similar to the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

Chen Xiang nodded, the Supreme Divine Palace was the base camp of the Supreme G.o.d, so Chen Xiang was not surprised at all when he knew about this.

"According to what I know, there are still many things that you should not have resolved outside, and after joining the Supreme Divine Palace, you are not allowed to leave, unless you can complete one of the challenges within the Supreme Divine Palace in the future, so that you can freely enter and exit the Supreme Divine Palace." The old man said again.

Chen Xiang frowned: "Is the challenge going to be easy?"

The old man laughed: "Let's put it this way, at least I did not succeed, although I am an elder of the Supreme Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang's expression changed, and asked again: "So that means, I have to make a choice now, either join the Supreme Divine Palace, or choose to give up."

The elder shook his head, "Didn't you already make your choice?"

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "I didn't know when I chose to partic.i.p.ate in the trial. If I had known, I wouldn't have joined the Supreme Divine Palace."

The old man laughed: "It's not your turn now, you must join Supreme Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang was a little angry. He only wanted to challenge this trial, but he did not know that he would not be able to leave if the Supreme Divine Palace came in.

"Don't worry, we will give you two years time to get rid of everything outside. When the time comes, you must come to Supreme Divine Palace." The old man replied, "Two years should be enough time for you to settle all these matters. Furthermore, there will be chaos outside, so with two Taboo magic s, you will definitely be in danger."

Two years of time was indeed enough, but Chen Xiang just couldn't bear to part with his women.

"Why is there such a chaos outside, does your Supreme Divine Palace not care?" Chen Xiang asked, the chaos in the G.o.ds Realm was not a joke, only when the Supreme Divine Palace made a move could he stabilize his body.

"We can't do anything about it. The Three Great Temples won't intervene at that time." The old man said: "When the time comes, you must come to Supreme Divine Palace. Even if you did not come on time, we would have still sent people to capture you.

Chen Xiang was extremely confused. Supreme Divine Palace, Six Realms Divine Palace and Beast Divine Palace were all places that were gathered by the G.o.ds, yet they could not lock them down.

The old man laughed: "I know what you are thinking, although we are a bit too powerful, but not as terrifying as you think we are. Otherwise, we wouldn't need to spend so many years building this s.p.a.ce that is separated from the G.o.ds Realm. To tell you the truth, we are hiding here to avoid this chaos."

Yue'er said, "Old man, are you saying that the Divine Prison can't hold on any longer?"

"Little Cat, you are from Beast Divine Palace right? Hehe, how could you be together with this brat." The elder wanted to touch Yue'er's head, but Yue'er made a 'meow' sound before dodging away, causing the elder to feel a bit awkward.

Yue'er flew to Chen Xiang's hands and said, "Old man, are you guys unable to control Divine Prison's group?"

The old man sighed: "That's right, those fellows from Divine Prison and the rest are just as we expected, some of them have already become too G.o.ds. As long as the numbers continue to rise, it wouldn't be long before they work together to destroy the entire Divine Prison and then run out."

There were so many terrifying villains locked up in the Divine Prison. After being locked up for so long, they had acc.u.mulated a lot of resentment.

And the ones imprisoning them, were all the primal G.o.ds like the Supreme Divine Palace. Back then, they couldn't exterminate the group of villains, which was why they were sealed within the Divine Prison.

The old man said: "The fellows that we had infiltrated into the Divine Prison back then, were all extraordinary geniuses. All of the hall masters in the G.o.ds Realm were unable to suppress them, which was why we acted. Those people that we were unable to kill, were all sealed within the Divine Prison and they would think of ways to cultivate within the Divine Prison.

Chen Xiang said with a look of despise on his face, "This is a disaster that you two have caused. At the time of the accident, you guys actually went into hiding and let the innocent people above G.o.ds Realm suffer from it."

Don't worry, although we don't care, but the other powers will. It's not like the three halls are the only ones watching the G.o.ds Realm, the other large powers similar to us will definitely not let it be destroyed so easily.

Aside from the three divine halls in G.o.ds Realm, there were actually other mysterious and powerful forces.

The old man said, "Actually, our Supreme Divine Palace is the same as the Nine Divine Kings back then. We want to create a world that belongs to us, but it's not as grand as the Nine Heaven World's. Both the Beast Divine Palace and the Six Realms Divine Palace have this kind of small world.

When he thought about how he had to hide here at that time, Chen Xiang felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

"Then let me out now." Chen Xiang said: "When that time comes, just send someone to pick me up."

The old man nodded, with a wave of his sleeve, he sent Chen Xiang away.

Chen Xiang left the Supreme Divine Palace, and the place he appeared in was actually the place where he and Yue'er had shared the Nine Energies Fruit previously. The moment he and Yue'er had appeared, they had sensed a few auras.

"It's him and this cat. I won't forget them even if I die." Li Zhonghan shouted.

When Chen Xiang and Yue'er stepped into the black lake, Li Zhonghan and the few Pill G.o.ds immediately rushed over. However, the black lake had already disappeared.

"It's been eighty years. It's finally your turn. Quickly hand over the Nine Oddity Divine Fruit." Li Zhonghan shouted.

Chen Xiang looked at this group of people, the strongest was only Ye Qin, she was a Super profound G.o.d, and Li Zhonghan was only at the peak of the middle profound G.o.d.

Ye Qin frowned, because he did not change his appearance at the moment.

"You are Chen Xiang." After Ye Qin confirmed it, he couldn't help but take a few steps back. After all, Chen Xiang understood how to deal with the terrifying G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the Seven devil-slain kungfu.

"That's right." said indifferently. He had already guessed that they were here to retrieve the Nine Strange Divine Fruits, and he knew that he had stayed in the trial grounds for eight years, but eighty years had pa.s.sed outside. He had lost another seventy years, and he couldn't help but curse in his heart that the Supreme Divine Palace had tricked him for so much time.

Chen Xiang said: "It's been eighty years, and yet you guys are still bitterly waiting here, you sure have perseverance."

Li Zhonghan coldly snorted: "Don't think that just because you're Chen Xiang, you don't need to return it to us. Let me tell you, because there is a Pill G.o.d that urgently needs the Nine Strange Divine Fruit, that's why he gave such a high price to search for it. If you don't give it to me, even if that Pill G.o.d doesn't kill you, I will still kill you."

Chen Xiang laughed coldly, "I took away the Nine Strange Divine Fruit on my own accord. Who asked you to be so weak, and the Nine Strange Divine Fruit didn't even have your names carved on it. So what if it's yours, your father won't give it to you, what can you do to me?"

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