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When all the disciples of the profound G.o.d heard Chen Xiang's words, they all started to discuss softly, because what Chen Xiang had just said was too arrogant. Forget about someone who had entered the Supreme Divine Palace from the outside, even the disciples of the other halls of the Supreme Divine Palace had to be respectful, why would they dare to be so arrogant.

The hall master frowned and said to Song Peng: "Don't embarra.s.s this hall. You must stop him from entering the Supreme Divine Palace."

Song Peng's sword was already unsheathed, and that kind of sharp glint brought about an endless amount of killing intent, shining onto Chen Xiang's body, causing him to feel the biting cold wind. This was the first time Chen Xiang had felt such a terrifying sword intent.

Of course, his own G.o.d-killing sword was even more terrifying, it was just that he was unable to sense it himself.

This Song Peng was extremely prestigious amongst them, and from the eyes of the majority of the disciples, Chen Xiang could see the kind of look of reverence in their eyes when they were looking at Song Peng.

Chen Xiang also took out his sword. The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword looked very old, its exterior was mottled with rust, and it did not have any Spirit grain. It looked like it was made of sc.r.a.p metal, when compared to Song Peng's dazzling divine sword, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

Song Peng didn't care what weapon the other party used, because this wasn't important in his eyes at all. No matter what powerful divine weapon Chen Xiang used, he would always be a dead man in his eyes.

Yue'er flew away from Chen Xiang. Watching from afar, she was extremely confident in Chen Xiang, because she accompanied him on his journey;

"Begin." The hall master shouted softly, and all the disciples of the Sword Hall watched attentively.

Song Peng was the first to make a move, he instantly disappeared, only to see a ray of sword light, as fast as lightning, accompanied by a monstrous killing intent, striking towards Chen Xiang.

Everyone thought that he would not be able to block this strike. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiang seemed to have predicted that Song Peng would attack him in such a manner, and the moment Song Peng disappeared, he had already opened the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword in his hands.

Chen Xiang's swinging of the sword seemed to have accidentally raised his hand, and looked like a coincidence, as it blocked the sword thrust by Song Peng. However, all of the Sword Hall disciples present knew very well that this sword strike was not a coincidence, because Chen Xiang's seemingly casual sword strike contained very profound strength.

Song Peng's sword technique was extremely high levelled, when he unleashed his sword, it was all condensed sword force, it was able to destroy everything, and easily break through the G.o.d Power Barrier, but Chen Xiang's sword which seemed to be as such, cleverly dispelled the sword force, making Song Peng's sword turn into a very ordinary sword.

Song Peng felt his sword force dissipating with full of confidence, he reacted extremely quickly, and anxiously withdrew his sword, because he no longer had any momentum for his sword, once it pierced through, it would reveal his weak spot, and Chen Xiang would take the chance to chase after it, he would definitely lose one move, thus he anxiously retracted his sword to defend, he knew that Chen Xiang's speed was very fast, so he did not give him the chance to use his second sword strike.

Just as Song Peng retracted his sword and was about to block, he felt an itch in his throat, followed by a sharp pain that spread out from the itch. At the same time, a terrifying and powerful sword intent surged into his entire body.

Clang! Clang!

The exquisite divine sword in Song Peng's hand dropped to the ground, the back of his hand suddenly had sword scars, his entire body was suddenly covered with sword scars, even his back was covered with the beautiful Sword Hall clothes. His clothes were already tattered, blood flowed out and fell from his hands.

Yet Chen Xiang's sword had already pierced through Song Peng's throat. Song Peng's eyes were suddenly open, and at first, his eyes were filled with surprise and puzzlement, but slowly, they were filled with fear.

All of the disciples of the Sword Hall were dumbstruck, they did not even see what just happened clearly, so much that they did not see what had just happened, because Chen Xiang was originally only ten steps away from Song Peng, but in the next moment, Chen Xiang's sword was already at Song Peng's throat, and there were suddenly countless of sword wounds on Song Peng's body, with blood flowing down nonstop.

Chen Xiang looked at Song Peng, whose face was filled with fear, and slowly pulled out the sword. He laughed: "I won't kill you, I want you to live in this fear forever."

Although Duan Peng's throat was pierced, he was still a profound G.o.d and would only cause him too much blood and vitality, he would not die.

When Chen Xiang's sword left his throat, he knelt down fiercely on the ground as fresh blood gushed out from the hole in his throat. There was still the extremely strong Mysterious power in his body, but he was unable to circulate it because he was already intimidated by the fear.

Song Peng lost, he lost completely, although he did not die, but this was more painful than death.

Song Peng was only a lower level profound G.o.d, but after he broke through, he was directly sent flying to a middle level profound G.o.d. His cultivation was one level higher than Song Peng's, and his strength was that mysterious and terrifying Six Realms' Power.

Chen Xiang looked at the hall master and said with a smile: "This hall master, are you interested in exchanging a few moves with me? He's too weak, it's not fun fighting him."

"You …" Chen Xiang was provoking his Sword Hall, and he was acting so arrogantly inside his Sword Hall to the point that he was going crazy.

Seeing the trembling Song Peng kneeling on the ground, the hall master strongly patted the armrest of his chair, and like a gust of wind, he flew in front of Chen Xiang. A slender divine sword had already appeared in his hands, shining with a cold light.

"Enough, he has already pa.s.sed the trial." A voice suddenly sounded. Then, a translucent image appeared in front of Chen Xiang. It was an old man wearing a white robe.

Chen Xiang didn't mind another fight with the hall master. Since he had broken through to middle profound G.o.d, he wanted to fight to his heart's content to test his current strength.

When the old man appeared, the angry Hall Master calmed down. Even though he was the hall master, he was still an inexperienced young man, far from someone like Chen Xiang.

"Follow me." The shadow suddenly flashed and arrived at the other side of the hall. It was a stone door. After he walked over, the stone door automatically opened.

Chen Xiang could tell that the old man had released his power to open the stone door.

As the first person to have pa.s.sed through the trial and entered the Supreme Divine Palace, Sword Hall had now experienced how terrifying and arrogant it was. Song Peng had already been carried away to recuperate from his injuries, and even though his injuries could quickly recover, the fear that was in the bottom of his heart could not be wiped away, as it might accompany him for the rest of his life.

Pa.s.sing through the stone door, Chen Xiang followed the old man through a wide pa.s.sage and arrived at a bright secret room. Inside the room was an old man, who was the clone of the mysterious man.

The moment the shadow entered, it disappeared. The old man looked at Chen Xiang and smiled: "Your name is Chen Xiang, right?"

The old man looked at Yue'er. He seemed to have noticed something, but he didn't say anything.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, he had caused so much trouble outside that it was not strange for Supreme Divine Palace to know his name.

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