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Chen Xiang slowly walked on the soft green gra.s.s, each step slow and steady, trying his best to hurry and refine the six divine pellets he had just consumed. Only by refining the six divine pellets would he be able to break through to the profound G.o.d realm and complete the trial.

He was just a bit away from entering the profound G.o.d realm, but it was difficult to break through. The final trial was right in front of him, which immediately put a lot of pressure on Chen Xiang.

"Can he break through at the last moment?" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and walked forward. Even though his feet were moving, he seemed to be sitting steadily, unable to feel any movement at all. This was something that he had developed over the past few years, and this was how he trained as he walked.

Yue'er could remind him if there were any traps nearby, so he could focus on cultivating.

A palace was right in front of them. When they looked at it from afar, the palace seemed to be very big, but as they gradually approached, they realized that it was very small, like a small house. It was extremely strange, and even more bizarre was that the palace seemed to move.

"In order to break through the bottleneck, one needed sufficient Mysterious power to enter the realm of profound G.o.d. I have to replace the Mysterious power with the Six Realms' Power now, and it seems that it's enough. I'll give it a try." Chen Xiang channeled the six divine powers in his body, causing the Divine Sense Sea to surge violently.

Possessing sufficient strength, as long as one broke through the coc.o.o.n surrounding the Divine Sense Sea World, the Divine Sense Sea World would undergo a metamorphosis. The power within the Divine Sense Sea would be sublimated, and their divine soul and divine soul would be strengthened by leaps and bounds.

BOOM! Chen Xiang saw that the blue sky above Divine Sense Sea World had been split open by his condensed Six Realms' Power and golden light leaked out from the cracks.

"I'm going to succeed." Chen Xiang was extremely excited in his heart. As long as he continued to use the Six Realms' Power to attack it, he would be able to break out of this layer of 'coc.o.o.n' and undergo a brand-new transformation and evolution.


He once again activated the Six Realms' Power in the Divine Sense Sea, exploding in the sky above the Divine Sense Sea World, causing even more cracks to appear. He had to destroy the entire sky above the Divine Sense Sea World, in order to break through.

With every step Chen Xiang took, a burst of golden colored aura gushed out of his body. Each step signified that he was using the Six Realms' Power to break through a bottleneck.

The distance to the small house in front of them was getting closer and closer. From afar, it looked like a palace and walking into it, one could see that it was only an ordinary small house.

"If you really think that you can pa.s.s the trial by coming to this palace, then you are wrong. Fortunately, you did not run here crazily, otherwise you would have definitely fallen into those traps." Yue'er lay on Chen Xiang's shoulder, and they could clearly feel how much effort he put in by using the Six Realms' Power to breakthrough the bottleneck time and time again.

There was still a distance of over three thousand feet before he reached the small house. The small house did not move as it had before.

Golden light radiated from Chen Xiang's body and the sky above Divine Sense Sea was already shattered as a large amount of golden light poured into his Divine Sense Sea World, fusing together with everything within his Divine Sense Sea World.

His Divine Sense Sea was filled with golden light, and in that moment he returned to his original appearance. The world once again appeared, and he looked no different than before, but the power in his Divine Sense Sea had already turned into a stronger Six Realms' Power.

"A Mysterious power of this level should be at the level of a middle profound G.o.d. After breaking through, he actually pa.s.sed through a stage." One must know that it required a lot of time and effort to advance from the lower profound G.o.d s to the middle profound G.o.d s. However, after Chen Xiang broke through, he immediately reached the middle profound G.o.d s.

Although Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea had a large number of Six Realms' Power s, his body was currently leaking out waves after waves of divine profound energy.

Just as the Profound Spirit Qi was released, it was immediately absorbed by him, and the gold light around his body had disappeared as well. Right now he was completely filled with confidence as he walked towards the small hut in front of him.

He was no longer as slow as he was before. With a single step, he teleported to the front door of the small house.

Dong, dong, dong.

Chen Xiang knocked on the door a few times, then a burst of powerful Qi rushed out from the gap in the door, he anxiously retreated a few steps, he was already prepared to fight.

After the door was opened, a young man appeared. This man was dressed in a golden-red robe. On the clothes, there were many shining Spirit grain s. It was extremely strange.

The man looked at the cat on Chen Xiang's shoulder, a hint of surprise flashed past his eyes that were ice-cold. He said coldly: "It's not bad to be able to walk this far, but regretfully, you must die here."

Chen Xiang had already made his preparations. In this trial, other than countless traps, there were only these kind of fellows who blocked his way.

In his map, this was the destination. In other words, as long as he could defeat the person in front of him, he would pa.s.s the trial.

"Then let's begin." Chen Xiang said indifferently, he did not reveal any fear, as though he was looking forward to this battle.

"Come with me. Fighting in this place will only affect my mood." The man turned and walked through the door.

Chen Xiang followed behind him, and saw a small word written on the clothes on his back: Supreme Sword Hall, Song Peng.

Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "This is a very powerful Supreme Divine Palace disciple. His clothes and the sword in his hand all indicate that he has a pretty good position within the Supreme Divine Palace, and Sword Hall is even ranked among the top."

Chen Xiang followed behind Song Peng as they pa.s.sed through a long pa.s.sage and arrived at a huge hall. There were young people lined up neatly all around the hall, men and women alike, all of them lined up very neatly.

And right in front of this huge hall, was a huge word "sword". Seeing this vigorous and powerful "sword" word, Chen Xiang did not know why, but the G.o.d-killing sword in his body seemed to want to shoot out, and the word in front of his eyes made him feel a sense of respect.

The person who had written these words had clearly injected a dense sword intent into the brush. He had used the brush as a sword, causing this word to have an extremely profound aura of the path of the sword.

Chen Xiang realized that he was inside the Supreme Divine Palace, and it was even that Sword Hall.

"I'll give you one hour." Song Peng said towards the word sword. His current voice was not as cold and disdainful as before, but instead carried an incomparable reverence. Within this Sword Hall, when facing that word, he simply could not be arrogant at all.

The other disciples of the Sword Hall were all very quiet. They did not whisper to each other, but stood up straight, and lined up in an orderly manner. Chen Xiang counted, there were around a thousand disciples, and all of them were in the profound G.o.d realm.

"These disciples did not pa.s.s the trials, they were all born and raised in the Supreme Divine Palace. They have never left the Supreme Divine Palace, and should be a group of youngsters. This Sword Hall should be the profound G.o.d, so they are all profound G.o.d's disciples." Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "Maybe the person who will be competing with you is the hall master of this place."

Chen Xiang looked around, and sent a sound transmission to Yue'er: "It shouldn't be hall master, look over there, there's a chair, that's where the hall master sits, but the smell of that chair is different from the one on that guy's body."

Yue'er was a little shocked. "Smell, I can't even smell it, how can you smell it?"

"I'm not too sure either. It just feels like it." Chen Xiang also realized that he had a strange feeling all of a sudden. That feeling didn't come from smelling it with his nose, but instead, he felt it.

"Welcome, hall master." A burst of powerful shouts suddenly exploded in the hall, startling Chen Xiang. He and Yue'er immediately looked towards the chair, because the hall master had suddenly appeared on top of it.

Just as Chen Xiang had said, Song Peng was not the hall master. The hall master who had just appeared was a relatively short youth, but no one would think that he was very short and weak. The cold expression on his handsome face gave people a lot of pressure.

The profound G.o.d s in the hall were all this kind of young man. Chen Xiang couldn't help but think about the yellow clothed man he killed earlier, he was already a Upper True G.o.d young man and the young disciples in the hall, might even be around twenty or thirty years old.

"Song Peng, are you confident that you can defeat him? If not, I will choose another one." That hall master asked.

"I am confident that I will definitely defeat him." Song Peng still had his back facing Chen Xiang, facing that word "sword".

The hall master smiled slightly: "Song Peng, don't disappoint me, leave this matter to us 19 halls to handle, we cannot screw it up, he is the only one who can come here since the start of the trial."

Chen Xiang and Yue'er were both a little surprised that no one had really pa.s.sed this trial.

After Song Peng made Chen Xiang prepare for an hour, Chen Xiang actually felt that Song Peng wanted him to prepare for himself, this would definitely give him a lot of pressure.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was quite relaxed. Along the way, he had faced so many trainings, and not to mention the previous trials, just the experiences of him, a small fry who had struggled until now, were not something this brat could compare with.

"You don't seem worried at all about losing. You should know that the moment you lose, you will die." Seeing Chen Xiang's relaxed expression, the hall master frowned and asked.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Since you've come, then you should rest in peace. If you were like me, and have experienced countless hardships to come here, you wouldn't feel afraid at all. I have experienced many life and death situations along the way."

The Head Saint nodded, "That's right. In that case, you should have already taken life and death lightly."

Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed: "Of course not, I am very afraid of death, it is because I do not want to die that I have to live, if I were to take my life lightly, I would not have come to this place."

"Since you are afraid of death, then you should be afraid. We are different from the strong enemies you met outside." In his eyes, the people outside the Supreme Divine Palace should be afraid of them.

Chen Xiang laughed: "But all of you are enough to make me fear, I do not understand anything about you, why don't you tell me why you are so afraid."

Song Peng suddenly turned around, and said indifferently: "Seems like you are already prepared. Let's fight, defeat me, and you can finish the trial."

Chen Xiang had been impatient since a long time ago. He seemed a little excited and laughed: "Why don't you say so, if I defeat you, I can complete the trial. You probably never thought that you would die, you probably aren't afraid of death."

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