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This desert was getting more and more dangerous, with traps everywhere. There were a few times when Chen Xiang almost stepped into these traps, and it was only Yue'er who reminded him in time that he could avoid these traps.

He suddenly realized that this trial was basically impossible to pa.s.s because it was simply too difficult. If it wasn't for Yue Er's help, he didn't know what would have happened to him.

"I wonder how Xiao Chou is doing, sigh." Chen Xiang also wanted to partic.i.p.ate in this kind of trial. Xiao Chou didn't have Yue'er's help, so it would definitely be much more difficult than his.

Chen Xiang had absorbed a large amount of Six Realms' Power from the Six Realms mirrors for cultivation. His G.o.d Power was already very strong in the Divine Sense Sea, so he only needed a bit of Six Realms' Power to transform it.

"Looks like the Six Realms' Power is not something that can be absorbed at any time. It's getting smaller and smaller." Chen Xiang had already stopped chanting. He had been cultivating the Six Realms magic kungfu for more than a month.

Yue'er replied: "Of course, Six Realms mirrors also need to rest. They will be fine after a while."

His inability to continue cultivating disappointed Chen Xiang a little, but he was using the Heavenly Alchemy to temper the Six Realms' Power in his Divine Sense Sea, to make it stronger and purer.

"I wonder if I can absorb the six divine powers directly to concoct pills." Chen Xiang suddenly had a whim, he then rummaged through the Heavenly Alchemy, seeing if there was any method to condense the Six Realms' Power into a pill.

If the Six Realms' Power was refined into a pill, then the quality would increase by many times, and it was much better than directly consuming it.

"Looks like I'll need a few more years to travel through this desert." Chen Xiang was already numb to it, the desert seemed to be endless.

"This should be to give you more time to improve, if not this trial will have no meaning at all. Although very few people have pa.s.sed this trial, the ones that have pa.s.sed are all very outstanding, much more powerful than those that are born in the Supreme Divine Palace." Yue'er replied, "Maybe there will be preferential treatment."

This time, he did not directly use it to cultivate. Instead, he absorbed it and sealed it in his palm.

As he walked, he released the Magic method furnace and placed the Six Realms' Power into the Magic method furnace. Then, he used the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy specifically to refine the Six Realms' Power.

Chen Xiang discovered that all four great Taboo magic s were related, because he could find out the method to refine Six Realms' Power from the Heavenly Alchemy, and the Heavenly Alchemy could also a.s.sist in the cultivation of the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques as well as the Heaven's Body. Now, he could even refine six divine powers to cultivate the Six Realms magic kungfu.

"Can it really be used to refine pills? I have heard of the power of Heavenly Alchemy, but I only know that it is usually used for battles. There are very few legends that can be used to refine pills." Yue Er said.

"The Heavenly Alchemy can be used in battle, but it should be very powerful as well. It's just that I did not go and research in this direction." It would already be hard for Chen Xiang to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy's method of pill refinement, but he would use other techniques to fight.

Of course, he had fought using the Heavenly Alchemy before, so just training people in it was really impressive.

Refining the Six Realms' Power wasn't difficult, because he used the Six Realms magic kungfu. According to the Six Realms magic kungfu's methods, he could make the Six Realms' Power more docile, so that it would be much easier to refine.

This was the first time Yue Er saw someone using Heavenly Alchemy to refine pills. She squatted on Chen Xiang's shoulder and opened her eyes wide, looking at them without blinking, extremely carefully.

The Six Realms' Power was transparent and could not be seen, but after Chen Xiang gathered it all together, it had actually become light yellow. Under the incineration of the flames, its color continued to deepen and gradually became golden.

"It should work." Chen Xiang smiled slightly. Right now, he had refined the Six Realms' Power that could only be formed after a month of refining a Six Realms mirrors.

Because he wasn't absorbing the Six Realms' Power into his body to cultivate now, he could absorb all of the Six Realms' Power into the Magic method furnace to refine.

"This should be called the Six Daos Divine Pellet, it can be considered a Xiaping Dan." Chen Xiang snickered.

As he traversed the mountains, it was not easy for him to refine pills at the same time. Fortunately, he was very familiar with using Magic method furnace s to refine pills, so he was able to refine pills as he walked.

The light within the Magic method furnace became stronger and stronger. A large amount of Six Realms' Power had undergone a large change under Chen Xiang's refinement, so as long as they were compressed into a pill, they could be eaten.

It was not easy to condense such a huge lump of Six Realms' Power into a pellet. It took Chen Xiang half a day to condense such a huge pellet, but it was still considered a pellet, only that it was too small.

"It's just this little, is it effective?" Yue'er looked at the golden grain of rice in Chen Xiang's palm, feeling a little puzzled.

"Of course it's effective. It's at least several times better than the Six Realms' Power that I directly absorbed." After Chen Xiang swallowed it, he immediately activated the Six Realms magic kungfu. Because he was cultivating while walking, he needed a lot of time to refine the low grade Six Daos Divine Pellet.

He would be able to refine a single Six Daos Divine Pill in one day, but he would need to wait for a month for the Six Realms mirrors to condense enough Six Realms' Power to refine it.

Chen Xiang was already mentally prepared for a prolonged battle. This was not to fight with a strong opponent, but patience, because this road was very long. He didn't know how long he would have to walk, but if his mental pressure was too great, it would also affect him.

Just like this, several years pa.s.sed, and he finally saw a piece of green land. It was a large gra.s.sland, and this was the best place he had ever seen in this trial ground.

"Eight years." Chen Xiang was obviously excited, at the moment his entire body was dirty and his hair was messy, he looked like a beggar by the roadside. Although it was a gra.s.sland in front, he did not immediately rush over, worried that there might be a trap.

He had been very careful during his eight years in the trial grounds. He could not afford to make any mistakes at this very last moment.

He had yet to become a profound G.o.d, so although cultivating the Six Realms' Power allowed him to control six different types of powers, there was one drawback to it, and that was that he had levelled up very slowly.

"It's the last one. Let's break through after entering this gra.s.sland." Chen Xiang looked at the larger Six-Daos Divine Pill in his hand.

He had used Six Realms mirrors for so many years, and the Six Realms' Power s they condensed every other month were also increasing in number. So the six divine pellets that he refined were also getting bigger.

After consuming this Six Daos Divine Pill, he followed Littlemoon's guidance, bypa.s.sing an invisible trap, and entered the dark green prairie.

After Chen Xiang entered the gra.s.slands, a faint golden light leaked out of his body. He felt that he would break through very soon, and as long as he refined this Six Daos Divine Pill, he would be able to advance into the realm of profound G.o.d.

After stepping into the prairie, the desert behind him disappeared, and behind him was pitch-black darkness. Not only that, there was a palace in the distance.

"That should be the end. This trial really isn't easy." Yue'er sighed with emotion.

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