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Chen Xiang deliberately walked very slowly, because this would give himself more time to refine that Divine Deity. Right now, he was at the level of a middle True G.o.d, and here, he would be facing the Upper True G.o.d's devil beast.

He entered the desert, and after a few hundred paces, Moon flew away from him.

Having experienced before, Chen Xiang knew that Yue'er sensed that something was nearing from nearby before she left him. This meant that he was going to fight again, and he had no choice but to stop refining his Divine Deity now.

On the black lake in front of him, what he met were all those Evil Realm beings with limbs that could separate their bodies, and what appeared in the desert, even if they were not those Evil Realm beings, they were definitely more powerful than those Evil Realm beings.

Chen Xiang waited in place for a while, but nothing attacked him. Furthermore, he could also see Yue'er who was flying far away, and if he was attacked by her earlier, he would have been trapped in a special s.p.a.ce until the end of his battle.

"He's coming." Yue'er shouted. Chen Xiang saw a whirlpool appear in the sand in front of him, and a ray of yellow light shot out from it, revealing a man in yellow.

was a little disappointed. If it was some kind of evil demon, it would be easy for him to deal with using the Seven devil-slain kungfu.

The yellow clothed man's eyes were ice-cold. When he saw that Chen Xiang only had the cultivation of a middle True G.o.d, he sneered in disdain.

"Being able to make it to this stage isn't bad. No wonder you sent me here. It's actually a guy like you that is undergoing a trial." The yellow-clothed man sneered and took out a golden spear.

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "You aren't very strong either, you aren't even profound G.o.d, only Upper True G.o.d, I didn't expect you to be inside Supreme Divine Palace, but being sent here, you should be just a small role in Supreme Divine Palace right?"

"Shut up, trash." You should have cultivated for thousands of years, and I am only twenty years old. I have grown up in the Supreme Divine Palace since I was young, and have received the guidance of many Supreme Grand Masters, yet you, an ant, actually dare to look down on me. "

Chen Xiang was indeed shocked, to have such a cultivation level at the age of twenty, it was extremely astonishing, causing him to be even more curious about the Supreme Divine Palace, he felt that there should be many such youths in the Supreme Divine Palace.

"My mission is to send you to your death. You better cooperate. I don't want to waste too much time on you." The yellow clothed man waved the spear in his hands and thrusted it forward, the spear tip coming in contact with the center of Chen Xiang's eyebrows. With a flash of light, it was able to pierce through Chen Xiang's head at any time.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am here for the trial, I want to pa.s.s it smoothly, how about you cooperate with me a bit, you go back, I will continue walking my path, that way we won't waste any time on anyone."

"Humph, I really don't want my spear to be stained with your blood." The yellow clothed man's face was filled with impatience. He activated his divine power and the long spear in his hand fiercely flashed. An extremely strong penetrating force surged out from the tip of the spear. The spearhead also pierced forward at an extremely fast speed.

Previously, the spear tip was only a finger away from Chen Xiang's forehead. The yellow clothed man thought that his attack would definitely succeed, but after he pierced through, he saw that Chen Xiang had gradually faded away.

Chen Xiang had already dodged it long ago, and now he knew that the yellow clothed man was arranged by the Supreme Divine Palace to stop him.

During the trials, there were actually experts from the Supreme Divine Palace coming here. If it was other words from the Heavenly G.o.d level, then that person would be even more powerful. He understood even more clearly how other people from the Heavenly G.o.d level came to partic.i.p.ate in the trials.

"A little trick."

The yellow clothed man quickly confirmed Chen Xiang's hiding spot, with a flash of his body, he was already in front of Chen Xiang, the long spear in his hands had already pierced through, in an instant, it shot out hundreds of times, the longspear that was fiercely thrusting towards him was like an illusion, the sound of it tearing through the air, if it hit him, his body would definitely be filled with holes.

Although Chen Xiang dodged, he was also affected by the force. The profoundwu diamond armour on his body blocked most of the powerful G.o.d Power, but because of this it was damaged and turned into a pile of broken pieces.

Although the yellow clothed man was arrogant, his strength was strong. Chen Xiang did not dare to be careless now either.

"Since this guy is sent by the Supreme Divine Palace, his mission is to stop me from advancing, and he also wants me to die. Since that's the case, if I want to pa.s.s the trial, I can only let him die." Chen Xiang summoned the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword, his expression becoming extremely solemn.

"Even this kind of trash can actually block 90% of my power." The yellow-clothed man looked at the pile of broken armor on the ground and couldn't help but sneer. "Now you know how strong I am. It's better for you to obediently come and die. I promise I won't let you suffer any pain."

Seeing Chen Xiang's face filled with killing intent, the yellow clothed man stopped talking and appeared in front of Chen Xiang in a flash. He thrusted his spear and countless shadows flashed as he charged towards Chen Xiang like a storm radiating golden light.

This attack was extremely fast, even faster than before. Chen Xiang was simply unable to dodge, if not he would not have let his profoundwu diamond armour be destroyed earlier.

Since he could not dodge, Chen Xiang could only block. With a thought, the energy in his body started to circulate, and he used the rigid and soft transformation within the Seven devil-slain kungfu, allowing his own body to become extremely strong and flexible.

And now, he had allowed his body to transform in a soft and rigid manner, preventing the force from piercing into his muscles from entering his body. Only half of it was bounced off.

Even so, he suffered a great deal, but the pain was short-lived and did not harm him.

The yellow-clothed man's attack on Chen Xiang this time, was stronger than before, no matter in terms of speed or strength. Previously, Chen Xiang had the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, but this time, he blocked his attack with his own body.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is really merciless." Chen Xiang's face was expressionless as he activated the Seven devil-slain kungfu. His sword stabbed forward, as this was a change in speed that could change the power of laws of time.

However, the yellow-clothed man had suddenly disappeared in front of him, unexpectedly dodging his attack.

Although he dodged, the yellow-clothed man still had a lingering fear in his heart. He was very clear that if he was a little bit slower, he might have been pierced by Chen Xiang. That strange change in time made it impossible for him to see Chen Xiang's moving trajectory.

The Upper True G.o.d s that came out of the Supreme Divine Palace were indeed extraordinary. If they were from the other divine halls, Chen Xiang's attack just now would have ended the battle.

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