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Chen Xiang turned his head, and saw the head that was about to pierce his throat with its tongue, but it had a complete body, and only two of its arms were missing.

This person was very tall, taller than Chen Xiang by two heads. His entire body was black, with sinister muscles, his black hair was wildly dancing, his sunken eyes emitted two clumps of purple light, his extremely sharp tongue had already turned soft, licking his pitch black lips.

"Still no return, but I can make you the same as your arm." Chen Xiang kept his G.o.d Slaughtering Sword. The Evil Realm being in front of him could separate his body and live, furthermore, he moved it very freely. Even if he was chopped into pieces, he could quickly recover.

It was impossible to deal with him with normal methods.

Chen Xiang activated his Divine Power and his body shone with light. A Taiji array appeared under his feet and started to spin slowly, creating a suction force.

"Come in and die." Chen Xiang roared, the Taiji array flames beneath his feet suddenly erupted, causing the suction force to become even stronger, and the evil being that was suspended in the air was instantly pulled in by the suction force.

The Taiji array started to spin quickly, silver white flames with a sacred light enveloping Chen Xiang and the evil person.

"Tai Chi."

Chen Xiang and the Creation Flames were frantically burning the evil being until he completely disappeared.

After exterminating the evil being, Chen Xiang exhaled, he had finally seen Yue'er, during the battle just now, she had suddenly entered a dimension.

"That guy just now wasn't very powerful, but his speed and strength is extremely terrifying." Yue'er said, "You sure have quite a few tricks up your sleeves. You've really broadened my horizons."

Chen Xiang realized that his strength was still not enough. If he was given a little more time, it would not be so difficult to master a little more Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

"What should I do to pa.s.s the first stage?" Chen Xiang asked. From the map, he could see that there were still many ways to go.

"I'm not too sure either. In short, you'll follow the route on the map and pa.s.s once you reach the end. So, you have to be careful on the road." Yue'er landed on Chen Xiang's head.

Chen Xiang said: "I'm not going. Can I cultivate first?"

Yue Er shook her head. "No. If you stay here for too long, the previous item will appear again. It will return to the time when you entered this place, and everything will return to how it was before."

This gave Chen Xiang a headache, he could not stay here any longer, he did not know when he would be at the end of the road, and he would have to continuously break through bottlenecks.

Yue'er replied, "I have an idea. You can slow down and walk on it step by step. As long as you don't stop, time will not start anew. However, is it helpful to you?"

Chen Xiang nodded: "Yes."

He took out a Divine Deity, swallowed it and a.s.similated it into his own Divine Sense Sea. Then, he used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine this Divine Deity within his own body and absorbed a large amount of divine power from it.

If the situation wasn't so tense, he wouldn't have used Divine Deity this way. He had planned to refine Divine Deity into a pill, as it would be much easier to absorb.

The Divine Deity he devoured was the Divine Deity of a True G.o.d, and the divine power contained inside was refined by him using the Heavenly Alchemy and was quickly absorbed by him, causing the ocean of divine power to churn violently within the Divine Sense Sea World.

Divine Sense Sea s expanded continuously, and their divine soul were then nourished by more and more divine powers, allowing them to absorb a large amount of the essence energy emitted by divine powers. This way, it would be easier to mobilize a large amount of divine powers, allowing them to circulate their divine soul as they wished.

Chen Xiang walked one step at a time. He walked forward very slowly because he wanted to cultivate. After engulfing that Divine Deity, it only took him a few days to step into the realm of G.o.ds. That Divine Deity still had many divine powers that he had yet to refine out.

Chen Xiang stopped cultivating because Yue'er had said before that before even pa.s.sing a stage, the matching trial's power would increase. If he raised his cultivation too quickly now, it would be troublesome later on when he couldn't break through his bottleneck.

On the road, he met two more evil people like before, and each of them was stronger than the last, especially the last one, one that almost killed him in the process.

"I've finally pa.s.sed this trial."

Yue'er looked at the desert before her and said, "So an environment is considered a hurdle. It's getting harder and harder to continue."

Chen Xiang nodded, and took the recovery pellet, walking forward slowly to recover from his injuries.

"Continue your training." After Chen Xiang walked for a while, his injuries had more or less recovered. They were all flesh wounds, and they could quickly recover.

He had not finished refining the Divine Deity he had devoured, but he knew clearly that the Divine Deity that he had yet to finish refining would absolutely not help him break through his current realm.

"Hey, why aren't you leaving?" Yue'er saw that Chen Xiang had stopped and was extremely puzzled.

Chen Xiang had already completely refined the Divine Deity of the True G.o.d, but he had not made a breakthrough yet.

"I still have the Divine Deity of a True G.o.d. After I absorb it, I should be able to advance to Upper True G.o.d, but it will take some time, so I can't keep going." Chen Xiang said: "Even if I have to look back at it from the beginning, it would only return to the surface of the lake. The things there are not considered too powerful."

Chen Xiang thought that if he was able to stop here and break through, even if he had to turn back and go back to the lake to fight the three Evil Realm beings, he would not feel any pressure at all.

Yue'er curled her lips: "Idiot, if you make a breakthrough and return to the lake, then the power of the trial will be compatible with your Upper True G.o.d. In other words, if you pa.s.s the trial of the lake and come to this desert, the power of the trial will be on the level of profound G.o.d. Don't be too naive, the Sovereign's Trial doesn't have such a big loophole."

This caused Chen Xiang to suddenly stand up, feeling troubled in his heart. He suddenly felt that, even if he had made preparations before, the pressure he was facing now would be the same.

Yue'er said: "You need to have confidence in yourself, the fellow inside this desert should have the strength of the Upper True G.o.d. Even though you are now a True G.o.d, you have a lot of means and skills, and you can definitely deal with it. And after walking out of this desert, you need to hurry up and become a profound G.o.d, otherwise the next trial will be dangerous."

At most, he would only be able to endure through the second stage, and the third stage would definitely be his death, because the second stage would be the strength of the Great G.o.d level, and the third stage would definitely be much stronger than the second stage. It should be the second stage of the Primordial G.o.d Realm.

He still took out the true G.o.d's Divine Deity and swallowed it. He did not know how big this desert was, he could only try his best to step into the profound G.o.d Realm the moment he walked out of this desert. Otherwise, it would be extremely dangerous for him.

This was the Zhi Zun Trial, if one wanted to enter the Supreme Divine Palace, they had to endure this kind of severe trial.

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