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Unknowingly, Chen Xiang had entered the trial grounds and started the Sovereign's trial that was filled with unknown dangers.

Not long after he flew above the black lake, a large group of people suddenly appeared where he and Yue'er were.

These dozens of people had a huge round plate under their feet. This was a Transmission array plate, and it was a very high level one, capable of teleporting.

The people who appeared were the Pill G.o.d, Li Zhonghan and the others.

"Strange, this should be the place, but there's no one around here." An old man with a long beard was on top of the formation plate, gently stroking the snow-white squirrel on the back of his hand, which was squeaking.

"Did your precious Snow Spirit Mouse sense it wrongly?" The Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume said, "It would be fine if we come over, but the other party definitely doesn't know about it."

The bearded elder shook his head. "Carefully sense it. There is still the aura of the Ninedust Deity Fruit remaining here. There can't be any mistake."

So it turned out that when Chen Xiang gave the two Nine Oddities Divine Fruits to Yue'er, the Snow Spirit Mouse that was tens of thousands of kilometers away had sensed them, and a few Pill G.o.ds had brought Li Zhonghan and the others over.

"Could he be hiding in s.p.a.ce?" Dan G.o.d Ye looked at the wasteland in front of him and frowned. "What a strange feeling, is there a hidden s.p.a.ce ahead?

After Chen Xiang entered the black lake, the black lake disappeared from the land and was separated from the s.p.a.ce of the G.o.ds Realm.

"Zhonghan, you two stand guard here. Only you two recognize that guy. You must find him." The Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume said.

"Qin'er, you should stay here as well. Let's first contact the Deity who is familiar with the power of s.p.a.ce and have them come and take a look." Dan G.o.d Ye patted Ye Qin's shoulder.

Ye Qin was a little unwilling, because she did not want to be with Li Zhonghan. This time, the few Pill G.o.ds had allied themselves, and that was why she was together with the disciples and children of the other Pill G.o.ds.

… ….

Ever since Chen Xiang knew that he had entered the trial, he did not dare to wander off, because he was not ready yet.

"That map still has a long way to go. I just walked a short distance before I started the trial." Chen Xiang complained, because it had deviated from his plans.

"Everyone says that you have a great advantage. You are only a True G.o.d now. If you can pa.s.s this first stage, then you will be able to advance one stage. The next stage will be much easier." Yue'er said: "That map is the map of the training grounds. Follow the map to the end, even if you pa.s.s the trial, you will be able to enter the Supreme Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang could only brace himself and charge forward. He had no way out at all.

"Then what do I do now?" Chen Xiang asked: "How can you help me?"

Yue'er made Chen Xiang feel a lot more at ease knowing so much about the trial.

Yue'er said, "I can help you see through some of the traps, or else you will have a headache if you fall into one of these traps. These traps are not dangerous, but they are extremely annoying.

This type of trap was indeed a trap, and if he could avoid it, that would be for the best.

"There aren't many who managed to complete the Sovereign's Trial, and the majority of those who managed to do so are at the peak of the Empyrean G.o.d level. The speed of breaking through is extremely fast, and none of those Empyrean G.o.ds survived the trial." Yue'er replied, "Right now, you cannot be afraid. You must have confidence, or else it will be very difficult to pa.s.s the trial."

Chen Xiang nodded. Right now, he was much more confident than before, and according to the instructions on the map in his mind, he continued to advance forward.

Yue'er flapped her wings and flew behind Chen Xiang, maintaining a distance from him. This was because this kind of trial was extremely dangerous, even if she went near Chen Xiang, she would still be attacked.

"Something has appeared." Just as Yue'er reminded Chen Xiang, a big black hand suddenly reached out from beneath Chen Xiang's feet, and grabbed onto one of his ankles.

Chen Xiang wanted to pull his leg away, but he found it difficult to move. At the same time, a cold killing intent attacked him from behind, he immediately used his spatial energy, but to no avail.

"Hmph." The G.o.d Slaughtering Sword suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's hand. He swung the sword and it rapidly rose into the air, shooting out a sword beam that cut off the black hand that was tightly grabbing onto's ankle.

He could already see what was attacking him. It was actually a head.

This person's hair was pitch-black, his hair was wildly dancing in the wind, his teeth were blood-red, and his eyes were purple. He was extremely terrifying, and at this moment, he opened his mouth full of sharp teeth.

Just as the tongue was about to stab into the throat, Chen Xiang's sword had already struck out, opening up the head and releasing a clear "Dang" sound, the head was actually extremely st.u.r.dy.

Chen Xiang still had some lingering fear in his heart. If he had reacted even a little slower, his throat would have been pierced by that needle-like tongue, and if that mouth had bit down, it would have been able to bite his throat off.

"Yue Er." Chen Xiang shouted, and the head was gone, the black hand grabbing onto his ankle was also gone.

Yue'er was just by his side a moment ago, but she suddenly disappeared, causing Chen Xiang to feel anxious.

Unable to find Yue'er, he could only continue forward, flying above the black colored lake. After flying for a short while, he suddenly sensed that something had appeared.

This time, there were two black arms coming at him from both sides. Their speed was very fast and they instantly grabbed his wrists, preventing him from moving.

After his hands were firmly locked in place, Chen Xiang frowned, he wanted to struggle free, but realised that he no longer had time to think, because two legs had suddenly appeared. One in front and one behind, they were flying towards him.

The attack this time was extremely fast, so Chen Xiang was basically unable to do anything about it. His back and chest were ruthlessly sprung up at the same time, and he felt two extremely berserk energies enter his body from the front and back, and even attack each other. The impact instantly exploded within his body, wreaking havoc within his body and causing his internal energy to be dirty, causing him to be in so much pain that he wished he was dead.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, it hurts." Chen Xiang growled. At this time, the two legs came flying towards him again, trying to attack him the same as before. But this time, he suddenly jumped and avoided the attack, and he even struggled free from the two black hands.

In that instant, Chen Xiang had used the change in strength from the Seven devil-slain kungfu, causing his bones and flesh to become extremely soft, and turning his arms into mush. Only then could he quickly pull them out from those two tightly clawing black hands.

"Fortunately, there is a Supreme G.o.d bone. Otherwise, that strike earlier would have shattered my body." Chen Xiang locked onto the two arms, waved his sword, and his figure flashed as he flew towards the two arms that were just about to disappear.

The change in time and power did not allow the two arms to feel the change in process, and pieces of fragments were already formed from Chen Xiang's Swift Sword.

"This guy is really hard to deal with." Chen Xiang looked at the rapidly reforming pieces of flesh and cursed lowly. With a wave of his palm, a silver flame sprayed out, covering the pieces of meat that were about to be combined.

"I'll burn you to death." Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy and his World Creation Flame to mercilessly burn that pair of arms.

Very quickly, the two arms disappeared into the sea of fire.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to retract the flames, he heard a bone chilling shout, "Give me back my hand."

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