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Chen Xiang and Yue'er stared blankly at the black lake for a while, before realizing that they should be distributing the gains from before.

The divine medicine taken from that forest was a type of fruit, which could be eaten directly or refined into pills. It was just as Yue'er had said, it was a Zhongpin medicine, and was also one of the most precious divine medicine that required 100,000 years to mature.

Previously, Feng Yujie had imparted a large amount of knowledge to Chen Xiang on medicinal pellets, so he was very familiar with the purple divine fruit, it was called the Nine Strange Divine Fruit. It contained nine different kinds of abilities, which could only be revealed after combining them with other kinds of divine medicines, and required a recipe to refine nine different kinds of strange divine pellets from the Nine Strange Divine Fruits.

"I'll take the two of you. We agreed on that." Chen Xiang placed the fist-sized Nine Qi Divine Fruits on the ground. Yue'er, this little white cat, didn't seem to be as big as these two fruits. She excitedly fluttered her wings and hovered around the two fruits.

Looking at her character, she resembled a greedy little dragon like Long Xueyi.

Yue'er smiled charmingly and said, "Let's have a happy cooperation."

Chen Xiang nodded to her and asked: "Are you going to eat these two fruits now?"

Yue'er shook her little head. "Of course not. I want to eat again when I break through."

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to ask her how to hide these two fruits, a silver collar suddenly appeared on her neck. Yue'er meowed twice, and the two Nine Qi Divine Fruits disappeared in a flash.

The silver ring that suddenly appeared on her neck was clearly a Storage magic treasure, and it could even be considered invisible; Chen Xiang didn't even notice it before.

Chen Xiang and this little white cat worked together very happily. This little white cat was also a very good divine beast, as long as he was together with her, he might be able to find good divine medicines. This made him suddenly not want to be separated from the little white cat.

"Yue Er, you should be lonely wandering alone. Do you want to be with me?" Chen Xiang asked.

Yue'er flew around Chen Xiang a few times, thought for a while, and answered: "Alright, but don't put me in the ring on your finger, I can't stay in that place, I'll die."

Chen Xiang laughed. If Yue'er could follow him, it would be fine, but he was still curious. "Why would you die inside the Storage magic treasure?"

Yue'er lay on top of Chen Xiang's head, and said: "My physique is rather special, if I enter this kind of refined Storage magic treasure, the s.p.a.ce inside would collapse, and I would also collapse with someone, to death, unless it's a divine object birthed from heaven and earth, otherwise I wouldn't go in."

Chen Xiang looked at the endless black water body, floated up and said: "Yue'er, I should be fine underwater right? Do you know what kind of place this water body is?"

"I don't know. At the moment, I don't feel any danger. Just keep moving forward." Yue'er had been wandering solitarily for many years now, and she was quite satisfied with the rare encounter with someone like Chen Xiang, who wasn't considered too bad a human either. Therefore, she also wanted to be together with Chen Xiang right now.

After obtaining the two Nine-ranked Divine Fruits, Chen Xiang made Long Xueyi eat one of them. Long Xueyi, who possessed the ability to live through sleep, went to sleep after eating them, and didn't know when she would wake up. This was after she had eaten an entire middle ranked Divine Fruit.

"Where are you going? Are you wandering aimlessly?" Yue'er could see that Chen Xiang seemed to be heading towards something.

Chen Xiang did not immediately reply. He was considering whether or not he should tell Yue'er; he was worried that Yue'er would be scared off after knowing about Supreme Divine Palace's trial.

"Speak." Yue Er raised her voice, but no matter how high her voice was, it was still soft and delicate.

"Let me tell you the truth, I want to partic.i.p.ate in the Supreme Divine Palace's Trial, it will be more dangerous. But before the Trial begins, I will let you leave first." Chen Xiang had already teleported countless of times, so he could not see the sh.o.r.e. He and Yue'er were both floating above the black colored lake, and looking down, the deep black lake looked like a gigantic bottomless pit.

When Yue'er heard this, she immediately mewled, "You, why didn't you say so earlier?"

Chen Xiang sighed: "You've indeed heard of the Supreme Divine Palace's trial. Forget it, I won't force you, after all, that's a place that's very dangerous."

Yue'er scoffed: "You make me sound like I'm afraid of death. To others, the Supreme Divine Palace's trial is indeed very dangerous, but I am not afraid, and furthermore, I understand the trials of the Supreme Divine Palace very well. If you had told me earlier, I might have helped you prepare so that you could pa.s.s this trial more easily."

"You're pretty bold, profound G.o.d isn't even strong enough and you dared to undergo this trial."

Chen Xiang didn't quite understand her words, and asked: "It's not too late for me to tell you now, you can still help me prepare, and I don't plan on going to the trial right now, I plan to stay near the trial grounds to cultivate for a while longer."

Yue'er flew from her left shoulder to her right shoulder, saying, "It's too late. You have already entered the trial ground, so this should be the first stage of your trial ground. After you step in, the lake will disappear, which means you have already entered the trial s.p.a.ce."

"What?" Chen Xiang cried out. He didn't want to enter the lake so early, he now understood why this lake was so strange. He didn't expect it to be a training grounds.

"The trials set up by the Supreme Divine Palace are very mysterious. The trials are filled with all sorts of strange things, so even if you ask those who have pa.s.sed the trials, the experience gained would be useless to you." Yue'er used her little claws to scratch Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "Don't worry, although your strength is weak, this trial is based on your own strength, you have a huge advantage even if you come so early."

Chen Xiang suddenly became curious, "Yue'er, how do you know so much about this trial?"

Yue'er snorted. "Don't ask. This is my problem. You only need to know that I will help you."

Chen Xiang felt that this kitten was probably the one that came out of Supreme Divine Palace, it could be one of the Supreme G.o.d's pets.

"Why do I have such a great advantage when I'm weak? Before I entered, many people said that I was too weak and that there was no way I could pa.s.s the trial. That's because those very powerful Empyrean G.o.ds had all died in the trial." Chen Xiang heard from the mouths of the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d s that their disciples and sons were all extremely outstanding. Their strength was around the same as theirs and some of them were even stronger than theirs.

Yue'er said, "What do they know? It's not like they've personally trained before. Of course, those that have entered this trial are the kind of people that are unable to break through bottlenecks. It's also because of this that they haven't been able to return, so for all these years, there have been very few people that have pa.s.sed the trial.

"In fact, the key point of the exam is to keep on breaking through during the exam, for example, your first trial is to match your current strength, so you need to break through at the first trial, because the next trial's content is to match your strength after you break through. If you can't break through in the first trial, even if you can withstand the next trial, you won't be able to pa.s.s the third and fourth trials."

Now, Chen Xiang understood that if it was really as Yue'er had said, it would be extremely difficult for those at the peak of the G.o.d Realm to break through.

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