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As long as one stepped into the ancient forest in front of them, it would mean that they would face extremely terrifying dangers. However, Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was a person who liked to take risks.

"Be careful, use your own spatial energy to protect yourself. Don't let yourself be discovered, otherwise it'll be hard for you to escape." Yue'er instructed Chen Xiang as she flew back and sat on Chen Xiang's shoulder.

As Chen Xiang entered the forest, he immediately felt a trace of a weak and peculiar energy floating in the air. He guessed that this kind of energy could produce a spiritual sense, and the moment something appeared in the forest, it would alarm the master of the forest.

"Little Cat, just how strong are the guys in this forest?" Chen Xiang asked softly. He had the s.p.a.ce Domain, so his voice wouldn't spread outside the Domain.

"Very powerful. He is very famous among you humans a long time ago, so you should quickly call him Wind scared beast. I was chased by this guy for the sake of breaking into this place earlier on." Yue'er also knew that the s.p.a.ce Domain could be isolated from the outside world, but she still spoke in a very soft voice.

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi had encountered the Wind scared beast before, and Ye Qin's group along with the large group of Special G.o.d beast were being chased by the Wind scared beast.

"So it can turn into a cloud, have you seen what the original body of this Wind scared beast is?"

Chen Xiang increased his pace and walked straight ahead. Occasionally, he would hear the sound of wind whistling past him, and the glowing vines within the forest would sway back and forth like ribbons of light. It was extremely beautiful.

"I've seen it before. His main body is just a bunch of things. Last time, he only blew a gust of wind to chase me. If it was his main body that attacked me, I'm afraid I would have been in danger." Yue'er's small voice was filled with fear, "The wind he blows is the same as his main body, it still has a strong attacking power."

Deep into the night, Chen Xiang carefully snuck forward. The wind in the forest seemed to be getting stronger and stronger, Chen Xiang didn't feel it from the s.p.a.ce Domain, but he could see the leaves of the huge trees swaying, the glowing gra.s.s and the fluorescent flowers on the ground were all blown to the side.

"When that guy moves, the Wind scared beast is usually quiet. As long as it moves, it can create wind. Judging from the degree of this wind, it's probably because those G.o.ds from before made him feel threatened."

Just as Yue'er finished speaking, a roar came from above.


The deafening howl pierced through Chen Xiang's body, almost scattering his s.p.a.ce Domain. Violent gales swept through the forest, and the rocky ground was blown out from the depths, sweeping away all the flowers that were emitting light. Some of the giant trees' branches and leaves were snapped.

Chen Xiang stabilized his s.p.a.ce Domain, but was not blown away. However, he was still shocked, because he was right inside the forest, very close to the Wind scared beast.

"What a terrifying fellow, my s.p.a.ce Domain was almost destroyed." Chen Xiang took a deep breath and continued to release spatial energy to strengthen the s.p.a.ce Domain, in case the Wind scared beast continued to go crazy.

Yue'er said: "Looks like the Wind scared beast really got angry this time, he rarely roars in this forest, those few G.o.d G.o.ds should be close to his lair."

Not long after, the Wind scared beast's earth-shaking roars came out again. Chen Xiang was already prepared, so he wasn't like last time, where the energy in his domain was almost dispersed.

Chen Xiang began to teleport. Yue'er had told him that it was very likely that the Wind scared beast was fighting with Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume and the others. Therefore, he had to quickly get closer to the Divine Book to pluck the divine fruit.

Li Zhonghan, Ye Qin and the others had followed along to pick the divine fruit. If they went too late, the divine tree would probably be gone.

"Relax, we will be able to get them soon, the Wind scared beast is not only ourselves, the group of brats might not be able to get their hands on them immediately. You need to stay calm and not panic, only then can you control your spatial energy well and take away those divine medicines." When Yue'er saw Chen Xiang desperately trying to teleport forward, she warned him.

Chen Xiang did not panic. He was rushing towards the divine tree to ensure safety because he did not want to make this trip for nothing.

As he approached, he could see a wave of purple light in front of him. It illuminated the forest along with the green light coming from the giant tree, making it even more beautiful.

"It's right in front." Chen Xiang could already see the huge tree emitting purple light, as though it was a king standing in the middle of the forest.

Just like what Yue'er said, there were only a few divine fruits here. This divine tree only bore divine fruits once every many years, and the quant.i.ty was extremely few.

"Only four." Chen Xiang had already seen the divine fruits if there were four purple stars hanging above the big tree.

The Wind scared beast had already left the tree to deal with the few Pill G.o.ds, while the Wind scared beast's men stayed there to fend off Li Zhonghan and the others.

After locking onto the four divine fruits, Chen Xiang used his spatial energy to grab them in the air and placed them into the Serene Dragon Ring.

It was also at this time that the Wind scared beast let out a thunderous cry, as if it had already sensed that the divine fruit had been taken away.

"Hurry up and leave." Yue Er anxiously shouted.

Just as Chen Xiang took the divine fruit, he saw Li Zhonghan and the rest rushing towards him, they knew that the divine fruit on the tree had been taken away, causing their eyes to turn red. They waved the divine weapons in their hands and roared as they rushed towards Chen Xiang.

In just a moment, Chen Xiang had disappeared from in front of them, but the Wind scared beast seemed to have gone mad as it roared nonstop.

Chen Xiang quickly distanced himself from the divine tree, and the few Pill G.o.ds were furious when they found out that the divine fruit had been taken first. They didn't even know who had come to take it away, yet they were making them take the blame.

"Withdraw." The divine fruit was no longer there, and the few Pill G.o.ds did not continue to fight with the Wind scared beast. They had not been able to defeat it for so long, which meant that the Wind scared beast was very strong.

Li Zhonghan and the others retreated with hatred. They had come all the way here and had been hunted down by Special G.o.d beast all the way, hence they had consumed a lot of medicinal pills. However, in the end, they suffered an infuriating result.

Chen Xiang had already distanced himself from the forest, but he could still hear the heaven shocking roars that resounded in the sky.

"Hurry up, let's leave this place and talk later. Those G.o.ds can't leave even if they want to right now. It's no joke to completely enrage the Wind scared beast." Yue'er urged Chen Xiang not to stop, in case he met with any unnecessary trouble.

Chen Xiang ran frantically towards her trial grounds, Yue'er did not say anything, she just needed to stay far away from the forest that frightened her.

Five days later, Chen Xiang stopped because in front of him was a huge pool of water. It wasn't like an ocean, and it was extremely calm as well. The calm water surface looked very dark, so dark that it made one's heart tremble, as if they would be engulfed by an endless darkness if they were to jump in.

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