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Long Xueyi did not know much about Star and crescent beast s, he only knew that it was a very unique divine beast with very weak power, but it had other abilities.

"Little thing, why are you following me? Aren't you afraid that I'll stew you?" Chen Xiang patted the little white cat's head and laughed.

The little white cat meowed a few times as if it was angry, because it heard that Chen Xiang wanted to stew her.

"You're not allowed to eat me, I'm not tasty." The little white cat actually spoke, its voice was very soft, like a little girl's voice. She was really worried that Chen Xiang would eat her, so she quickly jumped onto the tree.

"Come down, I won't eat you. Why are you following me?" Chen Xiang laughed and shouted.

The little white cat flew over and laid on Chen Xiang's big hands. She said with her thin voice, "I want to work together with you."

"Cooperate with what?" Long Xueyi also ran out, but the little white cat was not scared, she seemed to have long known of Long Xueyi's existence.

"I can find the divine medicine, but it will be very dangerous along the way. It will be difficult for me to get to that place myself, but you can, I'll guide you there. When the time comes, we'll split the loot evenly, and then you guys have to bring me to a safe place." The little white cat had already jumped into Long Xueyi's embrace.

Long Xueyi hugged the cute little white cat, fondled it lovingly and said to Chen Xiang: "This could be her special ability that allows her to find G.o.dly medicines or something similar."

The little white cat said, "Star told me. That's why I know Star also told me that there was a big monster chasing after me. However, I dodged it and found you, so I followed you."

Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang suddenly realized that the Wind scared beast that was chasing after Ye Qin was attracted by this little thing.

"Where is the divine medicine you were talking about?" Chen Xiang asked: "You trust me that much."

"Of course not, that's why we have to make a Star Contract." The little white cat lifted Little Claw up and a Spirit grain array appeared.

"Give me your hand." The little white cat called out softly.

After Chen Xiang stretched out his hand, he made a star contract of some sort with the little thing.

"Take me with you to that place as soon as possible." Chen Xiang was in a hurry to go to the trial grounds.

"Mm, but that place is very dangerous. Don't blame me if you die." The little white cat squatted on Chen Xiang's shoulder.

Chen Xiang tried to let the little white cat enter into the ring, but she refused to go in no matter what. In the end, she could only stay outside, and her spirit sense was extremely strong, even stronger than Chen Xiang's spatial sensing domain.

"Little thing, do you have a name?" Long Xueyi asked. She wanted to give him that kind of long and unpleasant name again.

"Of course, I'm Yue'er." The little white cat's words made Long Xueyi think of a few names that would die from childbirth.

Chen Xiang carried Yue'er and the little kitten, and continuously teleported through the forest at an extremely fast speed.

According to Yue'er's guidance, Chen Xiang took her and ran very far away from their original path, but he didn't care about that for the sake of the divine medicine.

"It's not as dangerous as you say. It's been a few days, and I'm safe." Chen Xiang sat on top of a rock and looked around at the rubble. There had obviously been a great battle here, and all the rocks of various sizes had flown over from the rock mountain in the distance.

Yue'er flapped her wings, circling above Chen Xiang, and said: "Only that place is dangerous, and all along the road, it's very safe. But since you control the power of s.p.a.ce, it'll be very easy to obtain that divine medicine, so you don't have to worry about this, and this is also the reason why I chose to cooperate with you."

Chen Xiang was currently resting. Normally, he would only need to rest once after exhausting thirty percent of his energy.

In the past few days, Chen Xiang had seen Yue'er's unique ability. First of all, it had an extremely strong sensing ability, and she could clearly sense it from far away.

Then at night, she could quickly absorb the power of the moon and stars to cultivate. However, she couldn't let herself have a strong power and could only enhance her own special ability.

In addition, her speed was extremely fast. It wouldn't be easy for even Empyrean G.o.ds to catch her, because she had an extremely strange ability that allowed her to predict what would happen next. It seemed as though this was the power of the Law of Time.

As long as she had enough time, she would be able to use that terrifying speed to escape. This was also the reason why she dared to run around.

"Yue'er, what kind of divine medicine are you holding there? If it's an ordinary divine medicine, you should be able to deal with it yourself, right?" In the days that Chen Xiang and the little white cat had been together, he already knew that this little thing looked cute, but it had lived for a long time and possessed a very high intelligence.

"Using the method you humans use, that is a Zhongpin medicine, a tree with four flowers on it. I don't know what you humans call it, but it is very useful." Yue'er replied, "And the tree's circ.u.mference is extremely dangerous."

Chen Xiang required four hours every time she rested in order to ensure that she had sufficient energy and was in her best condition.

He closed his eyes and sat cross-legged on top of a giant boulder to rest. Suddenly, he heard Yue Er's panicked yell, "Quickly hide, someone is approaching."

Chen Xiang immediately carried Yue'er and hid under a large boulder.

A few rays of light flew past in the air at a very fast speed, but Chen Xiang still caught the figure of a person.

"Don't go out, there's more coming from behind." Yue'er had just finished speaking when dozens of shadows appeared behind her. They flew past her like a gust of wind and were much slower than the others.

After a while, Yue'er said, "Sorry for the trouble. These guys are heading towards the location of the divine medicine. Those fruits are about to mature. Could it be that the tree was discovered a long time ago?"

Chen Xiang frowned: "The ones flying at the very front should be Pill G.o.ds, and one of them is the Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume, they are all extremely powerful."

Amongst the few tens of people that flew past, he saw Ye Qin and Li Zhonghan.

"We still have some hope. These fellows won't be able to obtain that divine medicine that easily. Let's hurry up and hurry up." Yue'er shouted, "Although your speed is slower than those in front of you, they will still need some time to open up a path. There's still time."

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er with him and sprinted forward. However, he said that the direction he was going in was different from those few Pill G.o.ds, so Yue'er wanted him to take a detour around it.

At night, the starlight was rather dim, but Yue'er seemed extremely excited.

"It's right in front." In front of her was an ancient forest full of giant trees. Each of the trees was a hundred feet tall, their trunks thick and stiff. Countless treetops covered the earth, covering the sky and covering the earth. There were a large number of rattan vines in the forest, and they emitted a faint green glow.

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