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This group of people did not come from the Divine Female Palace, because the people inside the Divine Female Palace were all women and their clothes were special as well. Furthermore, most of the people in front of them were men, and there were only around a dozen women, but they were not Divine Female Palace disciples.

"This Ye Qin should be coming out by herself. What is she doing?" Chen Xiang was curious in his heart. He waited for more than an hour, but nothing happened as he walked in the direction of the trial grounds.

Ever since he had dripped his blood on the Supreme Divine Palace's trial tablet, there was a map in his mind that would guide him to the trial grounds. Right now, he only had one direction, and he did not know where the trial grounds were located.

Chen Xiang ran wildly around the wasteland for a few days but still didn't encounter anything. This place made him feel like a dead land, although it had a decent amount of divine energy, it did not have any signs of life. It was either a desert, a wasteland, or a bare rock mountain.

Just as he was feeling bored, he suddenly heard a burst of running noises coming from behind him, like the stampede of ten thousand beasts.

He immediately looked behind him, and just as he had expected, there were a large number of vicious beasts roaring and rushing at him at the same time. A billowing cloud of smoke and dust swept towards him like a sandstorm.

"These are Special G.o.d beast, these kind of Special G.o.d beast cannot change their shape, but they possess power as strong as a True G.o.d or profound G.o.d. The group of Special G.o.d beast you are looking at right now, their strength should only be at the level of a Lesser True G.o.d." Long Xueyi said. There were still quite a lot of memories within the incomplete G.o.d Soul that she had awakened.

"There are over a thousand of them, and they are all of different species. I don't think they're migrating." Chen Xiang looked at the surging dust and suddenly saw several figures flying out.

This surprised him, because of this group of people, there were two that he was more familiar with, Ye Qin and that Li Zhonghan was inside.

At that time, he was still curious about what they were doing, but now, he seemed to have realized that they were waiting for this group of Special G.o.d beast.

"No, they are not hunting Special G.o.d beast, they are …" Chen Xiang realized that there were only a few tens of people who rushed out of the sand, and even a few profound G.o.d s were missing.

"They're on the run."

Chen Xiang immediately understood that this group of strange beasts and Ye Qin were being chased by something powerful and terrifying.

"Quick, hide first." Long Xueyi said: "The Special G.o.d beast are extremely sharp, even if they sense danger approaching, they would flee ahead of time. For such a large scale escape, it looks like there really is some kind of terrifying person chasing after them."

Chen Xiang activated Seventy-two changes and turned into a small rock as he hid far away, quietly waiting for the group of Special G.o.d beast, Ye Qin and the others to leave.


An extremely shocked beast's roar suddenly came over, it shook the ground till the stones jumped up, causing Chen Xiang to be even more shocked.

"What's this?" Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"This... They seem to be Wind scared beast s, but they are also one of the strange beasts. Their strength is like G.o.ds, and their shape is like the wind. Long Xueyi's voice was filled with fear: "Facing him with caution, do not let this guy discover you. No wonder Ye Qin and the others ran."

With so many profound G.o.d dead, forget about profound G.o.d, even if it was a lower heavenly G.o.d, he would probably have no choice but to run. This kind of Wind scared beast was too powerful.

Chen Xiang saw a thick cloud quickly drifting past in the sky. It was the Wind scared beast, and when it drifted past, it would occasionally let out a roar.

Only after more than an hour had pa.s.sed did Chen Xiang return to his human form, and he took a deep breath: "This place is already very far from the G.o.ddess City, what exactly are Ye Qin and that Li Zhonghan running out for?"

They should be here to hunt Special G.o.d beast. The blood of the Special G.o.d beast's beast should be able to be used to refine divine pellets, Ye Qin's father is the Pill G.o.d, and Li Zhonghan also needs to gather the materials for the Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume. There should be a lot of people here with Ye Qin, but they were all called here by the Dan G.o.d Ye, not the Divine Female Palace's.

Chen Xiang nodded, and continued to head towards the trial grounds. He was not really planning to head there for the trial, he just wanted to get closer to that place, and then cultivate there to become a profound G.o.d before going there.

The direction he was heading towards was different from the direction Ye Qin and the others were running in, so he was not worried about running into Wind scared beast s.

Chen Xiang ran for nearly an hour before he suddenly realised that something was following him. If it wasn't for him releasing his Spatial Detection Domain, he wouldn't have noticed it at all.

"Xue Yi, have you noticed that something is following me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I didn't find anything. I'll use the Heaven tour method to go take a look." After Long Xueyi had awakened the remnant soul, his consciousness was still extremely strong, a bit stronger than Chen Xiang's. However, if he met someone with a strong concealment ability, it would be hard to detect.

Chen Xiang slowed down her pace, and before long, Long Xueyi realized that something was following him as well. It was just that she did not see it clearly, because if the spirit she released wanted to approach him, it would somehow dissipate.

"This guy isn't strong. I don't know why he chose to follow you, but he doesn't seem like a human." Long Xueyi said.

Although he was currently of no threat to Chen Xiang, being followed by something made Chen Xiang feel extremely unhappy.

At night, Chen Xiang entered a forest. He finally left the desert, and arrived at a place with mountains and water.

The stars in the sky were very bright, making the forest not very dark. Moreover, there were many flowers and plants that could release a red glow at night, causing the forest to be colorful and colorful.

"It's time." Chen Xiang locked onto the thing that had been following him for an entire day, and suddenly teleported over.

When Chen Xiang went over, he only saw a white light suddenly shooting out, jumping towards a big tree.

Surprised that this thing could predict his path, he looked at the branch of the tree and finally saw what it was.

It was actually a very cute little white cat, with a pair of snow-white wings.

"Miaomiao." The little white cat cried out a few times, flapped its wings and flew around the big tree a few times, then stopped on top of the tree branch.

"What the h.e.l.l is this? Although his strength isn't great, his life-saving methods are quite good." Chen Xiang then saw a layer of sparkling and translucent white light appear on the little white cat's wings. It was very beautiful, upon closer inspection, he discovered that the white light was slowly entering the feathers of the wings.

"These rays of starlight, this little thing is currently absorbing starlight." Chen Xiang was surprised, the G.o.ds Realm's starlight was special, it was not easy to absorb, and even if he absorbed it, it would be very difficult to refine out the power of the stars.

Long Xueyi said: "It really is this kind of thing. This little thing should be called a Star and crescent beast, and it has a very mysterious connection with the star moon. It can easily absorb the power of the star moon, but I don't know about anything else, in short, it's not very strong."

"Little Thing, come here." Chen Xiang took out an low grade Holy Fruit, this Holy Fruit was called the Star Spirit Saint Fruit, it only grow after absorbing a large amount of starlight, to Chen Xiang, it was just a kind of delicious fruit.

After Chen Xiang took out the Star Spirit Holy Fruit, the little white cat meowed and flew over with its normal beautiful white wings. It landed on Chen Xiang's wrist and bit the Star Spirit Holy Fruit.

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