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Seeing Wu Qianqian appearing, Chen Xiang also suppressed the impulse in his heart, if not, just with Feng Yujie's words alone would not be enough to suppress the fighting intent in his heart.

However, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi were the ones who had been found out by someone else, after all. Standing at the side and watching his beloved girl being surrounded by such a crowd, he was extremely furious. If he was a Upper True G.o.d, he would probably go all out to kill them.

Lv Qilian replied. "No need to come over, leave this place to us. We can control the situation, you can watch from the side."

Lv Qilian had some understanding of Chen Xiang's temper, if not Chen Xiang would not create so many troubles and get rid of so many famous people.

Hearing Wu Qianqian's casual words, the hidden Alchemist did not believe that the one who initiated the Bati Dan was actually a woman.

Forget about Purple profound Dan, even if it was the ingenuity contained within the Wild Dragon Saint Dan, it would still take many years to reach there. It was far from what a Pill Saint could achieve, let alone a Purple profound Dan that could produce purple qi.

"You finally admitted it, everyone look, the Bati Dan is stealing our Heaven holy Dan." Li Zhonghan shouted to everyone.

Wu Qianqian smiled: "I have not admitted it, Boss Li, do not slander me like this, if you do not believe me, I can compete with these two seniors here, you guys can refine Heaven holy Dan, I will refine Bati Dan."

"Don't even think about concocting a sacred pill for the pill formula. You might as well do it in front of so many people." That Pill Saint shouted.

"You can't, I can." Wu Qianqian said: "Why don't you tell us what we can do to make you satisfied and give you our pill formulas?"

Li Zhonghan and the two Pill Saints were speechless.

Wu Qianqian continued: "You all don't even dare to compete in pill refining, but dare to say that we stole your Heaven holy Dan's pill formulas.

"Bati Dan's effects strengthen the body and G.o.d's power, but Heaven holy Dan only have the ability to strengthen the G.o.d's power, which is obviously only half of the Bati Dan's power. Your Alchemist isn't talented, so they can only see through a portion of the Bati Dan's pill formulas, so they can only refine Heaven holy Dan."

Someone in the crowd chimed in: "That's right, stealing the Heaven holy Dan's pill formulas, how can it be even better than that? Moreover, it's not just a little better, it's a whole level higher, even if there's the shadow of the Heaven holy Dan, but having this level is still very rare, it's completely unrelated to the Heaven holy Dan."

"That's right. According to what you see, Heaven holy Dan should be plagiarizing Bati Dan, and their effects are only half effective."

The situation had turned around, Li Zhonghan did not expect that the other party, who was only a few women, would be so powerful, and now they were being bitten back at.

"If you're a man, then compete with others. If you don't even dare to compete, then come here and claim that someone else stole your pill formulas. You're shameless! If you don't want to buy pills, then hurry up and leave. We still have to buy more."

There were many men here, and seeing Lv Qilian and the other girls being bullied by him, they could not stand to watch.

Now that Lv Qilian and the others were on the right side, no matter how they looked at it, Li Zhonghan was the one who came to cause trouble on purpose.

"You all..." Li Zhonghan was a little angry, just now they were almost able to instigate the Alchemist here, but who knew that Wu Qianqian who suddenly appeared would change the situation with just a few words.

Li Zhonghan shouted: "Alright, we will compete on the spot. If you use all of the Heaven holy Dan's medicinal ingredients, then we will consider it as you stealing the Heaven holy Dan's pill formulas."

Wu Qianqian laughed: "The world is big, do you not allow coincidences to happen? Furthermore, I suspect that your Heaven holy Dan stole the Bati Dan's medicinal formula."

"Heaven holy Dan was a pill formula I created three thousand years ago, and it's not really a good pill formula, but it's indeed unique. There are at least three Pill G.o.ds who can bear witness to it, and I can confirm that the Heaven holy Dan's pill formula was before yours, and the main ingredient to create the Heaven holy Dan, the Congealed Holy Flower, is also because of the Heaven holy Dan that it appeared on the market, and there wasn't a Congealed Holy Flower before."

The sudden voice made Li Zhonghan's heart tremble, he was ecstatic, because he knew that they were the G.o.d of Elixirs.

The Pill G.o.d was the Wealth Divine Palace's Pill G.o.d and also the master of the two Pill Saints from before.

"This is the Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume." Feng Yujie whispered to Chen Xiang.

After hearing the voice, everyone looked around to search for the Pill G.o.d, but the Pill G.o.d was already inside the shop and was even standing in front of Li Zhonghan. He was a middle-aged man dressed in blue, with an ordinary appearance, but he had an extraordinary temperament and a faint pill fragrance.

"It's the Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume from the Wealth Divine Palace." Someone whispered.

Wu Qianqian said: "As expected of the Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume, unrestrainedly speaking out one of the Heaven holy Dan's main medicinal ingredients."

Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume said lightly: "This is nothing to be afraid of. with just a little bit of ability can more or less understand some things from these sacred pills, and then improve them. This is not something shameful, so they said that stealing Heaven holy Dan s' pill formulas, is too unreasonable."

Lv Qilian smiled slightly: "Since Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume is someone who knows his limits, then let's end it here and now. We still need to open our doors for business."

Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume laughed blandly: "That won't do, just now this little miss said that my Heaven holy Dan stole your Bati Dan's pill formulas, I am not convinced."

Wu Qianqian laughed: "I hope that Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume can forgive this. This little girl admits that the Bati Dan did indeed receive some inspiration from senior's Heaven holy Dan."

Dan G.o.d in Blue Costume had already taken out his pill furnace: "Your words are useless. The other people here will not believe you, but they will think that little miss only gave in because she was afraid of me, so no matter what, you have to compete with me today. Let everyone see if there are any similarities between the two.

He was just curious to see if that Bati Dan was really created by Wu Qianqian. If it could refine a Bati Dan, then the Purple profound Dan could also be refined by Wu Qianqian, and it wouldn't even reach the level of the Pill G.o.d if it could, he was very curious who this great disciple of his was.

Purple profound Dan could be called the king of sacred pills, and the pill saint who could refine Purple profound Dan was undoubtedly also the king among alchemists.

Dan G.o.d Ye and the other two Pill G.o.ds who were hiding here wanted to see it too, because they could perhaps see through Wu Qianqian's master's method of refining pills.

"Then this little girl will be making a fool of herself." Wu Qianqian also took out her pill furnace. She actually wanted to compete with the Pill G.o.d in concocting pills.

Chen Xiang had thought that Wu Qianqian would push it away, because he would need to take out medicinal ingredients to refine the Bati Dan. At that time, everyone would be able to see that there were three types of medicinal ingredients that were exactly the same as the Heaven holy Dan.

He knew that Wu Qianqian was clear about this situation and would not make such a mistake, so he could only continue to watch.

"Looks like I can't steal other people's pill recipes for the saint pills I concoct in the future. There are too many troubles, but fortunately, I met a reasonable alchemist." Chen Xiang secretly made a decision in his heart that when he created the pill formulas in the future, he would have to have his own unique characteristics.

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