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On one hand, he could earn some divine money, and on the other hand, he had to pursue Ye Qin. This also obtained the support of his father, who was the Pill G.o.d's daughter after all, so it would be good if he could catch her.

However, this month, his shop's business was a little bleak. This was because after Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had distributed those advertising sheets, the people who wanted to buy Heaven holy Dan were all waiting for the Bati Dan to start selling. If it was really as good as the promotions made, they would definitely not choose the Heaven holy Dan.

The Heaven holy Dan s were the only sacred pills that Divine Han's shop could produce, and they had been selling very well over the years. The sacred medicines to be refined were also very cheap, so Li Zhonghan earned a lot from them.

However, the appearance of the Bati Dan was equivalent to cutting off his road to riches. Although his father was a little G.o.d of wealth who knew how to make divine money, he was still quite unhappy when he met with this kind of thing. This was not just a matter of earning money or not earning it, but rather, it caused his heart to be stifled.

Chen Xiang told Lv Qilian through sound transmission that he was here.

Previously, they had predicted that this Li Zhonghan might come because the Bati Dan was modified from the Heaven holy Dan s.

"Isn't this Li Zhonghan from the Divine Han store? This Bati Dan is simply a business for robbing Heaven holy Dan. He has come here to watch a good show."

"This Bati Dan is really very similar to the Heaven holy Dan, especially when it's strengthening its divine power. It's exactly the same as the Heaven holy Dan, but a bit stronger."

"I wonder who refined this Bati Dan. It seems like it was modified according to the Heaven holy Dan."

When Li Zhonghan arrived, everyone whispered to each other.

Dan G.o.d Ye brought Ye Qin and the other two and left the crowd. They did not leave, they wanted to see what would happen.

Li Zhonghan looked relatively calm, he did not look angry at all, but anyone could tell that he was here to cause trouble.

"Bati Dan, I have never heard of such a sacred pill. Which pill G.o.d created this."

Li Zhonghan stood in front of the Bati Dan's crystal box. The originally crowded store was now much more spa.r.s.e, and many people had retreated to the streets, worried that the fighting would affect them.

Lv Qilian said with a smile: "This is indeed made from a new pill formula. The person who created the pill formula is not some pill G.o.d, but only a pill saint. He is still far from reaching the realm of a pill G.o.d."

Once Lv Qilian said this, everyone began to discuss in surprise, especially the few Pill G.o.ds who were hidden here, they found it hard to believe. If the Bati Dan really was created, then the Wild Dragon Saint Dan from before, as well as the Purple profound Dan that could produce purple qi, would all come from the hands of the Pill Saint.

If a pill saint was able to do it, then what would happen if he became a pill G.o.d in the future?

Li Zhonghan smirked and looked coldly at Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi: "Aren't you guys being too modest? I keep having the feeling that your Bati Dan is just plagiarizing our Heaven holy Dan.

Hearing Li Zhonghan's words, everyone nodded their heads, even though they had accidentally obtained a pill formula, if they did not get the approval of the owner of the formula, and casually sold the pills made by the formula, the consequences would be dire.

Lv Qilian maintained her beautiful and enchanting smile: "That's right, but anyone who has eaten Bati Dan should be able to deeply feel that the difference between a Bati Dan and a Heaven holy Dan is very deep. Even though it contains all of the effects of a Heaven holy Dan, as long as there's nothing wrong with your brain, you would know, these two pills are not the same.

Long Xueyi continued to speak: "There are a lot of sacred pills, and there are also a lot of pills that have the same effects. Everyone knows, that it is normal for Bati Dan and Bati Dan to have something in common, moreover there is an additional effect of strengthening the body, there is no such pill formula to steal from Heaven holy Dan."

"Boss Li, your doubts are reasonable. If you do not believe me, I will give you a piece of Bati Dan to taste. You are also a sensible person." Lv Qilian pa.s.sed a Bati Dan over to Li Zhonghan with a smile.

Li Zhonghan took it and ate it. After sensing the difference between it and the Heaven holy Dan, he had no choice but to take out one hundred and fifty thousand spirit coins and hand it over.

Even though he couldn't allow the matter to end like this, an elder walked up to him from behind. His face didn't look too good, and he looked to be in a bad mood.

"I have eaten the Bati Dan before, according to my experience, I can discern the sacred medicine that the Heaven holy Dan used, so this is the pill formula for stealing the Heaven holy Dan. I will inform my master about this matter, he is a pill G.o.d, the Heaven holy Dan was created by him."

Lv Qilian walked out from the counter and smiled: "Old sir, you are so amazing, to be able to eat all the medicinal ingredients directly from the Holy Pellet, I am truly impressed, but even so, Heaven holy Dan s are still Heaven holy Dan s, Bati Dan s are still still Holy Pellets that are different."

The other middle-aged man said harshly: "You stole the Heaven holy Dan's pill formula, don't say such flowery words."

With that, the middle-aged man shouted to the people outside: "Everyone here, I know that there are many Alchemist s, and the pill refiners have the ability to see through the pill formulas. If we do not stop them now, the pill formulas you guys are proficient in will be the ones that will suffer in the future."

"It's very obvious now, Purple profound Dan are the ones who plagiarize Chongprofound Dan and Bati Dan are the ones who plagiarize our Heaven holy Dan. Today, we must take care of them, otherwise, they will become a great disaster for the Pill Dao."

Her voice was no longer as polite as before. "If you don't want to buy the Holy Pellet, then please leave. We still have to continue our business, so if you cause any more trouble, don't blame us for being impolite."

Li Zhonghan laughed coldly: "You're welcome. What else can you do? Stealing our Heaven holy Dan s would break a big taboo in the dao of pills. Today, we must capture all of you and send you to all divine palaces for trial."

Chen Xiang could no longer hold it in, he squeezed through the crowd slowly and headed towards the shop.

Feng Yujie had been paying attention to his movements the entire time, and upon seeing that he was about to take action, he anxiously shouted out: "Chen Xiang, what are you doing? Don't worry, I promise I won't let them do anything rash here, you must restrain yourself, and don't cause any trouble here. If Qilian and the others want to develop here in the future, they must pa.s.s through this obstacle.

Chen Xiang really wanted to go over and fight with Li Zhonghan. It was not only because of the current situation, but also because of the great hatred Feng Shen had for Dan Emperor.

"Although the Heaven holy Dan is a pretty good Holy Pellet, it's not perfect enough, far from the Bati Dan. Not to mention, the Bati Dan stole your pill formulas, if you steal it, then the effect should be weaker than the Heaven holy Dan. The Bati Dan was created by this little girl, so my words should be able to prove it."

Wu Qianqian walked down the stairs with an elegant posture and although her voice was gentle, it carried a faint power. However, her every movement and smile carried warmth and gentleness, making people feel that she was just a weak girl, who suddenly gave off a very mysterious feeling.

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