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Chen Xiang also never thought that he would be able to concoct Purple Qi Holy Pellets, this unexpected harvest made him extremely happy, and he then pa.s.sed his experience of refining Chongprofound Dan and Purple profound Dan to Hua Xiangyue one by one through the soul.

During the following month, Chen Xiang and a few other girls were busy refining pills. Usually, they would refine pills during the day and rest at night, and when they were resting, Chen Xiang would dual cultivate Alive Slain Method and condense the purple pearls with them.

Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er now knew the true usage of the Alive Slain Method, and also knew the relationship between Lv Qilian and Chen Xiang.

"I've finally managed to refine a lot of pills. It will open for business tomorrow morning." Chen Xiang lied on the bed while Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian snuggled up to his sides. They looked a little tired, obviously just having been happy.

Chen Xiang held the two girls in his arms and caressed their smooth skin. Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er occasionally pinched him.

"Little Scoundrel, are you preparing to leave us?" Liu Meng'er asked in a low voice.

"I don't know yet. I still have a lot of things to do." Chen Xiang sighed, and kissed Liu Meng'er's forehead: "Don't worry, I will stay here for a while, at least I will make you all profound G.o.d."

Thinking that Chen Xiang would leave, Xue Xianxian immediately climbed onto his body and smiled tenderly: "Elder Sister Meng'er, this little scoundrel is leaving. At that time, we don't know when we will be able to see him again. "Heh heh."

"That's exactly what I want..." Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

… ….

Before the sky brightened, Chen Xiang was pulled by Liu Meng'er and thrown into the bath by them.

"I opened my shop today and got up early." Chen Xiang choked on a few mouthfuls of water, but after he woke up, he only heard Hua Xiangyue giggling and Hua Xiangyue and the others were also bathing.

Last night, Chen Xiang was tossed into the middle of the night by Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er, and then, he was dragged over by Hua Xiangyue, and together with Wu Qianqian, they squeezed him out for two hours.

Lv Qilian sat at the side of the pool, wearing very few clothes. The thin white gauze stuck to her beautiful body, causing the water droplets that flew out to wet Lv Qilian's clothes, causing her attractive and beautiful body to become faintly discernible. It was extremely tempting, causing flames to rise up from Chen Xiang's lower abdomen.

Although Lv Qilian's entire body was drenched, she had a serious expression on her face as if she was considering something. Her face was serious, her snow-white legs looked cold and threatening, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to hold on, a hand was placed on Lv Qilian's big white legs.

Lv Qilian had clearly just finished running her bath, washed away the fatigue she had felt for the past month, and then, she had sat by the side of the pond, thinking about the things that she had to pay attention to when opening the shop today.

"Little Scoundrel, what are you doing?" Just as Lv Qilian shouted out, she was dragged into the bath by Chen Xiang, and after that, she let out a soft cry and continuously scolded. She did not expect Chen Xiang to be here, and to even be with her in front of so many women … Her curses did not last long.

The sky slowly brightened as Lv Qilian had already changed into a n.o.ble purple cheongsam. This time, she did not change her appearance, and allowed her incomparably beautiful face to be seen. It was only that there was a blush on her face, and it was all because of the lingering charm Chen Xiang had left behind when he was in the bath with her.

Long Xueyi chuckled. "Sister Qilian, you should've joined Sister Xiangyue and the others last night. That way, this little scoundrel wouldn't have had so much energy to spare this morning."

Lv Qilian let out a light snort, "I must make him look good the next time, he actually came in front of so many people …"

Lv Qilian's face flushed red again. Although Liu Meng'er and the others already knew about the relationship between her and Chen Xiang, she never thought that she would have to brazenly tell them about it.

"We are only opening a small scale store. Five hundred Wild Dragon Saint Dan, five hundred Bati Dan, two hundred Purple profound Dan. If we can sell them all today, we will get a large amount of working capital."

They just opened a shop. There were three cabinets, all of them transparent. If the pills inside had a rosy glow, it would have been even more beautiful to see through the layer of crystal.

Two of the smaller cabinets held Wild Dragon Saint Dan s with dragon tattoos carved on them, and the other cabinet was filled with milky white jade beads like Bati Dan s.

The Wild Dragon Saint Dan emitted a blue light, so it looked very beautiful.

Of course, within the cabinet hung above, there were a few Purple profound Dan that were the most eye-catching.

Chen Xiang did not appear. He was only outside the shop, and when the time came, he would blend into the crowd, and would come to take care of things. Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian, on the other hand, continued to refine pills on the top floor.

Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian, on the other hand, were concocting pill furnaces, because they wanted to concoct a type of pill that could automatically concoct Holy Pellets, and it was not completely automatic, it was just that under the control of someone, they could complete most of the process automatically, and that would require Wu Qianqian and to provide some ideas, although they did not know if it would succeed, they had already planned to work hard in this area.

Just like before, ten days before the auction, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi were already giving out orders everywhere. The previous sales of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan had a pretty good reaction, and their reputation was quickly established, because when many people went out to hunt divine beasts, they would be able to instantly release a very strong power after consuming this pill.

For example, in a large group of tens of people, if one of them ate a Wild Dragon Saint Dan and fought against a divine beast, the effects could be seen by the entire team. Once they asked around, they would know that it was the effects of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan.

That was why when they heard that the Wild Dragon Saint Dan was being sold, many people came over. Other than the Wild Dragon Saint Dan, there were also Bati Dan s and Purple profound Dan, the effects were written very clearly on the notice list.

… ….

In a small hall in Divine Female Palace, Ye Qin was reading a notice form and frowned.

Rosy clouds Dan Saint and Feng Yujie were also here, and they had the notice in their hands.

Of course there were Dan G.o.d Ye as well. His face was full of doubt: "Just who is this, for even the Purple Qi Holy Pellet to appear, this can't be real, the effects of this Purple profound Dan is really too similar to that of Chongprofound Dan, and according to its description, its effects are three to four times stronger."

Ye Qin said: "Daddy, this Bati Dan also looks very similar to the Heaven holy Dan that Li Zhonghan is selling. Li Zhonghan's Heaven holy Dan can only increase his divine power, but the Tyrant Body Pill is a matter of taking into account the body."

The Rosy clouds Dan Saint said: "If this Purple profound Dan is truly related to the Chongprofound Dan, I wonder what the Fire Divine Palace's Pill G.o.d would be like. He had stolen the Chongprofound Dan's business, and the origins of this pill recipe are unknown."

"We'll know after we go take a look. We'll be changing our appearances this time. Don't let them know our ident.i.ties." The Dan G.o.d Ye said, "Otherwise, we will only make their reputation even bigger. After all, they are our compet.i.tors."

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