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After all, he was an old friend that she hadn't seen for many years, and he was very strong right now.

Initially, there were still some roars, but when Chen Xiang and his group reached the city gate, no more roars could be heard.

As they walked out of the city gate, they saw many people running in that direction.

Generally speaking, Divine Beasts no longer existed in the vicinity of Divine City. Divine Beasts were extremely afraid of hunters, and the Divine Beasts around Great Divine City like G.o.ddess City had all been killed long ago.

Thus, the True G.o.ds with a bit of strength in the Divine City immediately rushed out of the city when they heard the beasts' roars.

Those with experience would immediately know that this was a strong divine beast, if not the sound would not be so far away, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi would have followed behind this group of people and sprinted towards the direction of the sound.

The speed of the others weren't slow at all. It was as if there was a treasure over there. They chased each other as they rushed over.

"Quick, stop him! This is a rarely seen Xuanwu Divine Beast!" Everyone heard an urgent shout, and they were all ready to fight.

When a few profound G.o.d s heard that it was a Xuanwu turtle, they couldn't help but become excited, because this type of beast was very rare. If they could catch it, they would definitely sell it for a lot of money.

Chen Xiang released the Spatial Perception Domain, and very quickly, he sensed that something had entered his Spatial Perception comprehension. The speed was extremely fast, to the point that he could not catch it.

"Just you bunch of weeds want to catch me?" A sneer sounded and then the earth shook. A monstrous flood appeared in all directions and in a blink of an eye, it turned a vast wasteland into a land ma.s.s. The scariest thing was the strong suction force coming from the water bodies, drowning many people.

"It really is this strange old man." Long Xueyi had already been dragged through s.p.a.ce by Chen Xiang, so he was not submerged by the water.

The Black Tortoise didn't even show its figure before it released a large amount of water to drown the group of True G.o.d profound G.o.d who wanted to capture him, allowing him to enter G.o.ddess City smoothly.

Chen Xiang had always thought that the Black Tortoise only had a strong defense. He never expected that its speed and attack power was not the slightest bit weaker than the Azure Dragon.

Chen Xiang travelled through the s.p.a.ce with Long Xueyi and in the blink of an eye, they arrived near the city gate and entered the G.o.ddess City.

It could be seen that Black Turtle had entered the G.o.ddess City to avoid conflict. He could fight on the outside, but not in the city.

If it was in the past, Chen Xiang felt that the Black Tortoise would be safe, but after knowing that the Divine Female Palace's Palace Master had a problem, he couldn't help but become worried.

After Black Turtle entered the city, he did not continue running. Instead, with a face full of danger, he slowly tidied up the slightly wrinkled clothes on his body.

Black Turtle was a somewhat strange looking old man. His hair was a mix of black and white, messily tied up at random, and his eyebrows were very thick. His eyebrows were raised upwards, and he looked very domineering.

He stared through the ma.s.sive city gates at the wildly surging waters in the distance, then laughed loudly. "You idiots deserve it."

After Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi entered the city, they aroused Black Turtle's vigilance, Long Xueyi also anxiously released his Qi, causing Black Turtle to be shocked, then his face revealed a look of pleasant surprise, just as he was about to speak, Long Xueyi stuck out his tongue, and sent a sound transmission to him.

At this moment, a middle-aged man dressed in black walked into the city. His face was filled with anger, "You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I let you escape once. But don't be proud. Don't think that you can sleep peacefully in this G.o.ddess City."

You are a G.o.d, and I am only a DemiG.o.d. After so many years, you still have no way of catching me, and you don't have the face to boast so much nonsense. This time, you let me escape. "

Seeing the middle-aged man's anger, Black Turtle laughed and said: "Come, quickly come and hit me. Haha, you don't dare. "Coward."

The corners of the black-clothed middle-aged man's eyes twitched as he angrily said, "Just you wait."

Black Turtle was already an Empyrean G.o.d. Even though he was being hunted down, it seemed that he was living a carefree life.

"Follow me." Xuan Wu laughed and said to Long Xueyi, and then swaggered along the streets, towards a seemingly elegant and big stone building.

It was a hotel, and the Black Tortoise led Chen Xiang and the others into the hotel with familiarity, and even asked for a very good room.

"Little girl, I didn't expect you to still be alive. This old man thought you were dead, so he cried for days and nights." Black Turtle laughed and ordered a lot of good dishes. He knew that Long Xueyi liked to eat them.

Long Xueyi scoffed, "Strange old man, you definitely didn't shed a single tear, you only know how to lie to me." With that, she began to eat and drink to her heart's content.

Xuan Wu looked at Chen Xiang and laughed: "This is your husband."

Long Xueyi told Chen Xiang to come over, and he knew that their relationship was not ordinary, which was why Black Turtle asked.

"I am Chen Xiang. Greetings, Senior Xuanwu." Chen Xiang said politely.

"Oh, you're Chen Xiang, what a guy." After being in the G.o.ds Realm for a long time, of course he knew about Chen Xiang's situation.

Long Xueyi said, "Strange old man, do you know what happened to Old Ice and the Azure Dragon?"

Black Turtle snorted, "Of course I know. Old Bing is being ridden like a horse by the G.o.d of Fortune right now, and the old cyan bug is in even worse shape. After being sent to the Divine Prison, I don't know how long it will take before he can come out."

"Little girl, you don't seem to be in a good mood right now. Dan Emperor that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was killed by Feng Shen, and the big white cat that b.a.s.t.a.r.d is enjoying himself happily with the Vermillion Bird. It seems like I can only take revenge for now."

Long Xueyi immediately put down the plate that he had just picked up and said with some anger: "Who said I'm unlucky? Wait until I recover my memories and recover my previous bravery and invincibility, I can even cripple you with a shake of my tail."

Black Turtle suddenly laughed, "Little girl, I didn't expect that you would also awaken those d.a.m.n memories, but it seems like you didn't awaken them completely."

Long Xueyi puffed his cheeks and said, "You strange old man, you've also awakened those memories."

Black Turtle laughed heartily. "I've long since awakened and it's very thorough. Otherwise, I might end up like Old Bing and get captured by that old s.l.u.t of the Water G.o.d Hall and become a horse to ride."

Chen Xiang asked: "And that black clothed middle aged man from before, who is he?

Black Turtle smiled and said, "This guy is the little brother of Feng Shen. He wants to capture me and give me to the G.o.d of Fortune so he can ride me and Old Ice. This guy has been trying to capture me for a long time and has failed every time."

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