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Lv Qilian had a serious look on his face. Chen Xiang no longer had that mischievous smile on his face and sat down to listen.

"The Divine Female Palace Palace Mistress has changed someone else …" Lv Qilian told Chen Xiang in detail about the places she found strange.

"Xue Yi once said that you once said that the G.o.d of Fortune was like that. His personality changed drastically." Seeing Chen Xiang frown, Lv Qilian knew that Chen Xiang must have some secret knowledge, she continued: "What do you think about this matter."

Chen Xiang's expression turned serious, he took a deep breath: "We have to call Sister Feng over, then no matter what, we have to get Elder Sister Meng'er and the others to quickly withdraw from Divine Female Palace, if necessary, even Sister Feng can't stay in Divine Female Palace."

Lv Qilian suddenly thought of something, and asked with a low voice: "Is it related to the Highest Old Devil?"

Since the Highest Old Devil was able to appear in the Divine Female Palace and monitor Feng Yujie, she had to connect the dots.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It is not just Highest Old Devil, so we have to contact Sister Feng quickly, and get her to hurry over."

Just as he said that, Lv Qilian disappeared and she went to look for him with her fastest speed.

Although Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian did not really understand the truth, they did not ask either, because this kind of thing was not something that they could control.

did not say anything to her. He only said that he had a very important matter to attend to and that his expression was very heavy.

After arriving at the guest hall, Chen Xiang asked Feng Yujie to lay down a few layers of enchantment, and then indicated to Lv Qilian that she should tell him about her suspicions towards the Divine Female Palace.

After Feng Yujie finished listening, he also frowned slightly. "That's right, there were indeed many mistakes in the later stages of Divine Female Palace, I have also a.n.a.lyzed these matters before, I asked about the Palace Mistress, she said that it was because the later stages were too busy training, so the elders took care of the Divine Female Palace, thus such a thing happened."

Lv Qilian said: "This is not believable, no matter how foolish she is, she would not do this, if there were one or two mistakes, it would still make sense, at most, an attempt would fail and the method would be used, but the mistake would continue for tens of thousands of years. No matter how busy the hall master of Divine Female Palace is, after all these years, she should be able to come up with a plan."

Also, what about the elders who left the Divine Female Palace? Many of the famous female G.o.d G.o.ds are from the Divine Female Palace, their powers are strong, and they have very deep feelings for the Divine Female Palace, they definitely wouldn't leave for no reason. There must be a reason behind it, I think Sister Feng should go and find these elders and ask them why.

Feng Yujie's face became gloomy, and after drinking a mouthful of tea, he remained silent for a long time. Everyone did not say anything, and could tell that Feng Yujie was thinking about something.

After a long while, Feng Yujie sighed, and said: "I once secretly went to look for those elders, but could not find a single one. Finally, I asked about the Dan G.o.d Ye, and found out that a few of the elders had already died, and the whereabouts of the others were unknown."

Chen Xiang said: "This is already very obvious, there's something wrong with that hall master, if not Highest Old Devil would not have found you so easily. Now that she has let you take over as the hall master, she definitely has ill intentions.

Feng Yujie was the successor to the Nine Divine Kings, and the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess of the Nine Heaven World. Her most important duty was to protect the Nine Heavens.

And the disappearance of the Nine Divine Kings all those years ago was related to that power in the Highest Old Devil.

Feng Yujie said: "I will have Meng Er and the others leave Divine Female Palace as soon as possible, I will stay in Divine Female Palace temporarily, if Hallmaster really has any problems, at the moment, she does not dare to do anything to me, and if I leave too suddenly, it will make her suspicious."

Lv Qilian said: "You must be careful, I'm worried that you will be like the hall master of the Divine Female Palace, used to some extent, and will become a completely different person."

Chen Xiang knew what kind of method it was. It was just like the Younger Nine Girl, where it was not a person at all but a subst.i.tute, and it was also very powerful.

"Can't the Dan G.o.d Ye see it? I heard that he has a good relationship with the Palace Master." Long Xueyi said: "Why don't you go and ask him."

Lv Qilian shook his head: "It's best not to do this, if Dan G.o.d Ye and Hall Master are in the same group, then it would be troublesome, and it's best if we go out and scout first."

Feng Yujie nodded: "I will go right now. I am more at ease with Dan G.o.d Ye, because her daughter, Ye Qin, is a good person. If her father has problems, as her daughter, she will definitely find out."

After saying these important things, Feng Yujie remembered to greet Hua Xiangyue, and quickly left.

Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian had already gotten the experience that Chen Xiang had imparted to them from the Heavenly Alchemy, which was how Chen Xiang had used his soul to communicate to them. As such, Wu Qianqian and Wu Qianqian had a deep feeling about this, they wanted to try to use Chen Xiang's method to refine the pill.

When Chen Xiang cultivated together with the two of them, he also had a rough understanding of their specific strength. Their flames were very good, which was enough for him to use those mystical refining techniques.

"Copy a few of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan's medicinal ingredients and help them train." Chen Xiang said: "We can also get some Dragon Blood Saint Dan s. When the time comes, we can let them try to refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan s with Spiritual Lights."

Chen Xiang believed that both Wu Qianqian and Wu Qianqian would definitely be able to refine it. Even if it wasn't as good as his, it wouldn't be too far off.

If Hua Xiangyue and Hua Xiangyue could successfully master the pill refining skills that Chen Xiang had imparted to them, they would be the pillar of this shop from today onwards. Lv Qilian knew very well that Chen Xiang would not stay here for long.

It was already very good for a shop to have two outstanding Alchemist s. If the girls who studied pill refining were to join in, then this shop would be able to earn a lot of money from selling these sacred pills.

Chen Xiang also helped to copy it. Not long after, a deafening roar could be heard, and Long Xueyi jumped up when he heard it.

"It's that old turtle Black Turtle's voice. He's here." Long Xueyi shouted in shock: "Listening to him, he has probably changed into his original body, and is even fighting."

Chen Xiang hurriedly put down the work at hand. "Qilian, stay here and look at Qianqian and Xiangyue. Xue Yi and I will go take a look."

In the past, among the Four Sacred Beasts, aside from the Profound realm, Chen Xiang had seen other types, and this Profound realm was very strong, especially in terms of defense. Long Xueyi had a good relationship with him, in her eyes, he was a very weird old man.

"Mm, be careful." Lv Qilian nodded, she was not very strong now, even if she went there, it would be useless.

Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang left the shop through the quick pa.s.sage, and rushed towards the direction of the roar, at the same time, a lot of people were also rushing there, to watch the show.

"Black Turtle should have arrived at the G.o.ds Realm a long time ago. If nothing unexpected happens, his strength might be the same as the green dragon. It seems like he's fighting outside the city." Chen Xiang said, although he could clearly hear the roars, but there were no aftershocks from the battle in G.o.ddess City.

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