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Just as Chen Xiang had expected, when he used the Original source refining, he was able to easily fuse the s and the Heaven holy Dan's original medicinal ingredients together, and successfully formed four pellets.

"Bati Dan, if the effect of this kind of pill is as I expected, then it can at least be sold for one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, or even two hundred thousand gold coins." When Chen Xiang finished refining the pill, he took the four pellets and walked out of the secret room.

Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian were cultivating their Alive Slain Method in their room, refining the spirit liquid, at the same time they were waiting for Chen Xiang to come out, because sometimes Chen Xiang needed them to do something.

Hearing the sound of the secret room's stone door opening, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi immediately started cultivating, while Chen Xiang had already arrived beside the bed and pa.s.sed over two Bati Dan, smiling: "This is called Bati Dan, let's see how its effect is."

Lv Qilian took it and looked at it carefully. This Bati Dan looked like a milky white jade pearl, it did not have any light on its surface, unlike how the Wild Dragon Saint Dan released beautiful blue light.

Lv Qilian swallowed the Bati Dan, and immediately felt the medicinal power in her body quickly spreading out, she anxiously used the cultivation technique she was training in to guide the medicinal power to circulate in her body, fusing it with her flesh and blood.

The Bati Dan's medicinal power was split into two parts, one part was the Divine Sense Sea that rushed into her, causing the divine power in her Divine Sense Sea to change, and increase by a little, while the other part was spread out evenly throughout her body following her cultivation technique, nourishing her muscles and bones, strengthening them somewhat.

"Not bad, its effect is much better than the Heaven holy Dan." After Lv Qilian finished his cultivation, he opened his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face: "I didn't expect that the higher ups of the G.o.d Power would be more powerful than the Heaven holy Dan."

After Long Xueyi ate it, she did not sense any great changes to her body. That was because her physical body was very strong to begin with, and her soul was also very special.

"Alright, then I will start the large-scale refining. You guys go and buy the White Profound Holy Lotus. The White Profound Holy Lotus is used to refine the White Profound Holy Pellet, after I finish refining the Bati Dan, I need to start connecting the Chongprofound Dan." Chen Xiang instructed as he rushed into the secret room and continued refining the Bati Dan.

He had already successfully improved the Heaven holy Dan and changed it to have an even better effect, allowing the Bati Dan to be successfully refined as well. The following Chongprofound Dan also needed to be improved, and this was also the most difficult part, because the Chongprofound Dan were already very complicated to refine and still needed to add a medium-grade White Profound Holy Pellet.

When Upper True G.o.d wanted to become a profound G.o.d, he could also transform it into a Mysterious power based on his cultivation method and absorb the divine spirit energy. However, it would take a very long time before he could obtain enough Mysterious power to break through into the next realm.

If one ate a few Chongprofound Dan, they would be able to greatly increase their speed, quickly acquire Mysterious power, and then break through the bottleneck.

Therefore, if Chen Xiang wanted to improve the Chongprofound Dan now, he had to start from here and add the sacred medicine that could give birth to Mysterious power s, allowing the Chongprofound Dan to produce more Mysterious power s.

Chongprofound Dan was one of the Four Great Sacred Pills, and only a few Pill G.o.ds had this pill formula. Although some of these Pill G.o.ds had already pa.s.sed it down to their disciples, there were not many of these pills, and the effects of the Chongprofound Dan were already very strong.

Chen Xiang could directly create the Chongprofound Dan, but he needed to prove his ident.i.ty when selling it. If he could not tell them the origins of the Chongprofound Dan s pill formula, then he would be deemed as stealing the pill formula. The consequences would be severe, and he would be punished by the pill G.o.ds who owned the formula.

Of course he could let these pill G.o.ds know that he had the ability to decipher the pill formulas, so he had to improve. What he refined were not Chongprofound Dan s, but rather, the effects of the Chongprofound Dan s.

If I add them again, I can only add the Jade Origin Sacred Fruit and the Profound Sky Sacred Leaf, these two are both relatively rare high-grade divine medicines, and they are also of the mild-mannered type. If I use the Original source refining to refine them, I will definitely be able to fuse them into the Chongprofound Dan s.

Chen Xiang was a little worried, but he felt that if the effect was twice that of the Chongprofound Dan, then there would definitely be people who would buy it, since there were not many Chongprofound Dan left.

This was not a good time for those who wanted to buy the Holy Elixir because the price would skyrocket in the Pill G.o.d's Tournament. However, there was nothing they could do about it. When they needed it, they could only buy it.

For Alchemist who made money from refining pills, this was a good time, because the pills in his hands could be sold at a very high price at this time.

Therefore, Chen Xiang wanted to make a huge profit by refining the Holy Elixir at this stage. After the compet.i.tion with the other pill G.o.ds over, the price of the Holy Elixir would drop again.

Chen Xiang, who was in the midst of refining pills, had his soul float out and send a sound transmission to Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian, telling them to use up their last bit of divine money just to buy the Jade Origin Holy Fruit and the Profound Sky Sacred Leaf.

"The Profound Sky Sacred Leaf can directly grow into a Heavenly Sacred Tree. The leaves are all the same big, but the leaves are useful. When the time comes, I'll need a lot of Spiritual Beads to make this tree grow." Chen Xiang told Lv Qilian all of these so that she could buy it and not copy it using the same method she did before, and so that its leaves could take root and grow into trees.

The Heavenly Profound Tree wouldn't grow very big. It could be grown indoors when it was fully matured, but it would take a long time for it to grow from a leaf to a tree. If the Spiritual Bead was used as fertilizer, it could quickly grow to maturity.

Chen Xiang continued to refine Bati Dan. If they had a shop, they wouldn't be able to sell only one type of pill, so he would have to refine a few good ones and make these holy pills famous.

Ten days later, Chen Xiang finished refining all the ingredients, he had obtained a total of two hundred Bati Dan pills. He opened the stone door and walked out of the secret room, but saw two people that he had missed for many years.

Wu Qianqian and Hua Xiangyue were actually here, Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised.

When he came back from Divine Prison, he had not seen them, and it had been a long time since they had parted ways with Chen Xiang. It was because Chen Xiang had lost five thousand years of time, and they had not.

Hua Xiangyue was still as charming and charming as before, and her entire body emitted an enchanting aura which could captivate one's soul. Yet despite being together with Wu Qianqian for so many years, she was still able to maintain that kind of elegant and simple temperament, which was completely different from Hua Xiangyue's.

The two of them wore light purple cheongsam, and although they had smiles on their faces, their beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

Chen Xiang immediately dashed over and hugged the two girls tightly. He breathed in the familiar scent of their bodies and tightly hugged onto their soft and warm bodies, conveying the yearning he had for them from the depths of his heart.

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