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Right now, Chen Xiang only wanted to quickly concoct a Divine Pill, and only then would he have enough strength to partic.i.p.ate in the Supreme Divine Palace's trial within ten years.

Lv Qilian said: "The Wild Dragon Saint Dan has just been sold, and its reputation will spread very quickly. As long as we wait patiently for a while, we can let many people know, and at that time, if we sell again, we can raise the price."

Chen Xiang asked: "Sister Qilian, when you buy the shop, help me buy a few more famous Shangpin holy Dan. I want to see if I can find the pill formula from the completed Holy Elixir."

"Alright, I'll do it now. It won't be long before we move into that new store as well." Lv Qilian planned to lay her foundation in the G.o.ddess City. With Chen Xiang's help, she would be able to get started easily.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi left the room. Chen Xiang returned to the secret room and practiced the Seven devil-slain kungfu that he had mastered once.

After finishing his practice, he waited in the hall for the two girls to return.

When it was dark, Long Xueyi came back and laughed: "Sister Qilian has already bought a shop, I will bring you there now."

Divine City s in G.o.ds Realm rarely sold their shops, yet Lv Qilian was able to purchase them so quickly, which made him admire Lv Qilian's speed in handling affairs.

The shop was very big, there were a total of seven stores, each of them extremely s.p.a.cious. There were a total of seven floors, made of stone, and every floor was protected by a divine formation. Lv Qilian was currently on the seventh floor, and the divine formation on this floor was also the strongest.

Lv Qilian had already set up her room. It was extremely s.p.a.cious and the fragrant bed was also very big.

"These are Heaven holy Dan s, ten each." Lv Qilian gave Chen Xiang two jade boxes.

After Chen Xiang received it, he laughed: "Sister Qilian, it's really you. You managed to settle so many things in one day."

Lv Qilian smiled lightly: "Divine money is naturally easy. This is all thanks to you, without you concocting pills, it would be difficult to earn that much in a short period of time."

The power that Chen Xiang had displayed caused Lv Qilian to be extremely satisfied and proud. She kissed's lips and gently said, "You've cultivated, aren't you tired? Wash and sleep."

After saying that, Lv Qilian took off her clothes, quickly revealing her mesmerizing and beautiful jade body, and slowly walked towards the hot bath.

She had other reasons why Long Xueyi was willing to enter Chen Xiang's ring, so she could only avoid it.

Chen Xiang snickered, instantly took off his clothes, and pounced towards Lv Qilian.

After the sun rose, Lv Qilian who was completely sparkling and translucent like jade was hugged onto one arm as she struggled out of Chen Xiang's embrace. She took out a jade box, and saw that there were a lot of purple beads inside, and these were all spirit pearls condensed from the Alive Slain Method that she and Chen Xiang had cultivated together.

Recalling the joy he brought with his cultivation with Chen Xiang, Lv Qilian could not help but let out a sweet smile, his face becoming flushed red. He turned to look at Chen Xiang who still had a naughty smile on his face, then donned his clothes, and did not wake Chen Xiang up.

Long Xueyi also ran out from the ring and left the room with Lv Qilian.

… ….

"Xue Yi, take this divine money. We will separate these great Divine City s later and leave a secret note for them to use in contacting their sisters." Lv Qilian handed over a divine coin to Long Xueyi. Although this divine money was brought over simply, she did not spend it carelessly, as it was used on the right path.

In order to manage a shop, there were not enough people, and Lv Qilian could not always let Chen Xiang refine pills, so she only planned to find another woman first, and only open this shop when there were more people around.

After Chen Xiang woke up, and was unable to find Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi, he could only enter a quiet room and take out the Shangpin holy Dan he had asked Lv Qilian to buy.

"Heaven holy Dan s can strengthen their divine power and unearth the potential of their divine power. That's why it's much easier to sell them." After Chen Xiang ate one pellet, he immediately had a very weak feeling. The divine power had indeed increased, but it was only by a little bit, he felt that he would need to eat more, maybe it was because his own divine power no longer had any potential to develop.

"Chongprofound Dan, this is one of the Four Great Sacred Pills. It's said that one pellet is worth three hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, so right now, it should be even more expensive. Chen Xiang looked at the Chongprofound Dan, and carefully probed its interior with his divine power.

Therefore, it was called a Chongprofound Dan. After eating it, it would be able to continuously stimulate the divine power in one's body, causing the divine power within to circulate miraculously, allowing one's divine soul to receive a type of nourishing profound energy, thereby allowing the interior of the divine soul to cultivate up to the Mysterious power.

The Mysterious power was one of the most obvious features of the profound G.o.d, and was the power that came from the evolution of one's innate ability.

"I have yet to reach profound G.o.d. I wonder if it will be effective after I eat it." The reason why Chen Xiang consumed these pellets was mainly to search for the pellets' formula from within, and then improve it. He would add other pellets to make these pellets even more perfect.

After the Chongprofound Dan was refined, it instantly turned into a miraculous profound energy and rushed into his Divine Sense Sea. It surrounded his divine soul which had turned into a little person and started to nourish his divine soul. He also did not feel anything special about it.

"If you want to become a profound G.o.d, you need a large number of these Chongprofound Dan." Chen Xiang took out another Chongprofound Dan and placed it in the furnace, releasing the flames to burn, he then used his Spirit Essence.

The quality of the Chongprofound Dan that he had chosen was rather poor. This was usually because it was not easy to fuse with, so it was the easiest to see what the origin was.

Very quickly, he had gained something. He saw seven Source Energy from the Chongprofound Dan, one of them was a little messy and blurry, he suspected that it was because he had added in a pill.

"The other six should have three high-tier medicinal herbs and three low-tier medicinal herbs. They have a lot of raw materials." Chen Xiang memorized the shape of the origin, and he still had to familiarize himself with a large number of sacred medicines before he could a.n.a.lyze what kind of ingredients were used.

Next, he tried out the Heaven holy Dan. He discovered that it only used two high quality panacea and one low quality panacea. It used very little raw materials, no wonder it was sold so cheaply.

"Heaven holy Dan s are able to excavate the potential of their divine power. If I add more, I can also excavate the potential of my fleshly body and strengthen my divine soul, then I can definitely sell them better than Heaven holy Dan s." Chen Xiang's heart stirred, he had already decided what kind of divine medicine he would add.

, who sold Heaven holy Dan s, was the son of the Divine Aura, and Chen Xiang hated the Divine Aura, so he planned to fight over the business with the Divine Han store. Although the Divine Han shop was still rather far from here, if his pills were good, he could definitely take away the business of the Divine Han store.

After an idea came to Chen Xiang's mind, he walked out of the secret room and into the room.

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