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Right now, he still wanted to help Feng Yujie refine pills, because this way, he would be able to get a large amount of Shangpin holy Dan faster. This was much faster than him and Lv Qilian copying the Shangpin holy Dan with the spirit pearls.

Chen Xiang came out of the secret room, went to take a bath, and lied on the bed in the courtyard to bask in the sun while waiting for Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi to return.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi would go out everyday to find out the latest market conditions for the medicinal pellets, so that they could find a good method to sell the Wild Dragon Saint Dan at the fastest speed.

Chen Xiang didn't have to wait long before they returned. Seeing that Chen Xiang was bathing in the sun and was in an extremely good mood, the two girls knew that Chen Xiang had succeeded and had already refined many Wild Dragon Saint Dan s.

"I have refined 240 pills in total, but I only intend to sell 200 pills." Chen Xiang laughed: "Now I have to test the effects of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan. Although I can successfully refine it, I have yet to eat it."

As he said that, he took one and the effects of the pill quickly came into effect. Even though he was an Inferior True G.o.d, his physical body and divine power were already very strong, but he could still feel that they had more than doubled in strength.

"Sister Qilian, try it." Chen Xiang handed a Wild Dragon Saint Dan over to Lv Qilian. Lv Qilian was a True G.o.d, but his physical body wasn't as powerful as's.

After Lv Qilian ate it, his face was filled with astonishment. Clearly, he was feeling just how great the power this Wild Dragon Saint Dan brought was.

Lv Qilian took a deep breath and said, "It has been strengthened by about six times. If it's the Upper True G.o.d, it should be five times.

Because Chen Xiang was strong in the first place, the increase in his strength was not that great, unless it was a Wild Dragon Saint Dan with spirit energy.

"It shouldn't be a problem to sell it for two hundred thousand yuan for one pill, right?" asked. Shengyuan holy Dan had such a price, but they were famous for it, and his Wild Dragon Saint Dan had just been created. If it was not widely known, no one would believe the effects of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had thought of this problem before, but they already had a solution.

"No problem." Lv Qilian said with complete confidence: "We don't need to rent a shop, and we don't need to sell these pills to the shop. We can handle it ourselves."

Long Xueyi laughed: "When the time comes, we will set up a stall, and your pills are so beautiful, how do you want to advertise then, just leave it to us."

When Chen Xiang saw that Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian were both wearing their mysterious smiles, he knew that they had already prepared for it.

"Take it out and sell it now." Lv Qilian looked at the sky. It was still noon, so it was still early.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then followed them through the bustling streets, arriving at a market, specially reserved for stalls, the market was also very lively, there were a lot of people, there were many of them shouting and yelling, and the scene of people bargaining and bargaining till their faces turned red could be seen everywhere.

When he came over, Chen Xiang took a look around. The market was right beside a bustling street and on both sides of the street, there were powerful shops. Amongst them was the Divine Han shop, which was also the shop opened by the son of the G.o.d.

Setting up a stall in the market also required a lot of money, but Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian had already rented it. When they arrived at the place, they took out a few banners that said "Wild Dragon Saint Dan's medicine".

Chen Xiang watched on the side, because Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi did not plan for him to interfere. He had initially thought that this would not work, but who knew that not long after the two girls came out of the stall, many people came over.

Then, he discovered that all these people had a piece of paper in their hands, which described the effects of the Wild Dragon Saint Dan in detail. It was obvious that Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian had left long ago.

Lv Qilian took out a rectangular transparent crystal chest and placed the two hundred Wild Dragon Saint Dan s inside. This was more than two hundred of them, even some of the larger pill stores would find it hard to guarantee that there were so many of them.

The light blue Wild Dragon Saint Dan looked like a Shengyuan holy Dan, but it was not hard to find. On the smooth surface of the pill was a small red dragon carved with clear carvings.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had already spread the news everywhere over the past few days, so whenever they set up a stall now, most people who pa.s.sed by would come over to take a look.

This kind of high quality pill was usually placed in those shops, and they were all tightly held in a small jade bottle by the shopkeeper. Now that it could be seen from the stall, many people were suspicious and thought that this was not a real Shangpin holy Dan.

"Little miss, is this really a Shangpin holy Dan that was refined by a pill saint? Is there any proof, your background is unknown, I don't dare to buy it." An old man brought his eyes close to the crystal chest and looked at the Wild Dragon Saint Dan inside carefully.

Lv Qilian smiled: "As long as you eat it, its effects are obvious, but this type of pill is usually consumed when you need it, of course, we cannot let you buy it and immediately eat it for inspection, so we have decided, as long as the top ten customers who buy this Wild Dragon Saint Dan, we will gift each one to you."

Just as he finished speaking, the old man shouted, "I want to buy one …"

This old man's attire was very ordinary, but looking at how refreshed he was, he should be relatively wealthy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have casually bought a pill worth 200,000 dollars.

Other people still did not dare to buy it, because the Wild Dragon Saint Dan's origin was unknown, but the old man was not afraid, because he had his own strength, and if someone dared to sell fake goods here, they would not leave the city.

Lv Qilian took the old man's divine money and opened the crystal chest. The pill fragrance instantly gushed out like a gust of light breeze, causing everyone's nose to tremble, the dense pill fragrance was able to cause everyone to tremble. There were a few weaker people here, but they had never eaten a Shangpin holy Dan before, so they secretly believed that they were really selling them.

Long Xueyi took out two pills and handed it over to the old man with a sweet smile.

After the old man received it, he said, "If you dare to sell fake items, don't blame me for being impolite."

Lv Qilian smiled and said: "Old senior, don't worry, we will definitely not lie."

After the old man consumed one pellet, his face changed and he revealed a look of surprise and joy. After that, he praised: "What a good pellet, it is much better than that Shengyuan holy Dan."

"I want another ten pills." The old man quickly took out the divine money and bought another ten pills. This time, he didn't give them to him, and he left very quickly as well, because he had to try them out before the effects of the medicine disappeared.

He got two million in one go, and it was sold pretty quickly. Although the old man verified that it was a genuine Shangpin holy Dan, no one continued to buy it.

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