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Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi thought about it and felt that it made sense. Chen Xiang had already started to create his own pill formulas, but they did not know whether he would succeed or not.

Feng Yujie waited for less than an hour, but Chen Xiang did not come out. Thus, she had no choice but to leave, she could not go out for long in order to not be discovered by the Highest Devil G.o.d.

Chen Xiang only opened the door of the private room at night, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi were patiently waiting outside. Seeing Chen Xiang's tired state, they hurried over to help him.

"I'm fine, it's not like I can't walk." Chen Xiang laughed, although he said so, but with the two girls being so considerate, it made his heart feel warm.

After Chen Xiang sat down, he drank a cup of the sweet and hot tea that Lv Qilian gave him and asked: "Has Sister Feng come yet."

"He came this morning and has already left." Long Xueyi laughed: "Your results have truly frightened her to death."

Lv Qilian said: "I've asked around, this Shengyuan holy Dan can be sold for one hundred and fifty thousand divine money, and it's a relatively low price, even more popular than the Heaven holy Dan sold by the son of a G.o.d, Li Zhonghan. It's just that they are rarely sold on the market."

"However, that Dan G.o.d Ye knows that only Sister Feng knows how to refine pills, so once you sell this pill, it will expose your relationship with her."

Chen Xiang smiled lightly: "If I were to sell Wild Dragon Saint Dan, then there won't be a problem."

Long Xueyi said in surprise: "Wild Dragon Saint Dan, you just created it."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "Shangpin holy Dan s that can simultaneously raise the strength and divine power of their physical body by several times have an additional effect, so I think that even if they are sold for two hundred thousand gold coins, there will still be people who want it."

Lv Qilian did not expect Chen Xiang to finish it so quickly, and to create an innovative pill formula was extremely difficult in her eyes, at least ten years, or even tens of thousands of years, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Yet Chen Xiang had completed it in one day, and was actually doing it so easily in Chen Xiang's eyes.

Chen Xiang took out a light blue pill. On top of the pill was a dragon carved from a red Spirit grain, it looked to be of a very high grade.

"Qilian, do you think that it would be more worthwhile if we just directly buy the ingredients for the Blood ginseng and us to duplicate them?" Chen Xiang asked: "We currently have too little divine money, we should earn more to settle down, at least let's talk about the grandeur of the house."

Lv Qilian thought for a moment, then said: "If it was the past, then of course it would be more worthwhile to directly purchase them, but now, the price of the medicinal ingredients are increasing every day, and it is becoming less and less, I have already heard that there are more than ten divine pills competing, and just five years later, when they compete to refine divine pellets, they will need a lot of different types of divine pellets as supplementary materials, so in these five years, whether it is the medicinal ingredients or the divine pellets, they will all increase."

Chen Xiang nodded: "To refine a divine pellet, it requires a lot of support, I didn't have any concept of that before, but after this time, I have some understanding of it, and this is to make up for the lack of materials for the G.o.d level, so I need to use a sacred pellet to make up for it."

"I still have sixty sets of Shengyuan holy Dan's medicinal herbs. Qilian, you copy sixty Blood ginseng's medicinal herbs first." Chen Xiang said: "I am preparing to refine a lot of Wild Dragon Saint Dan, now is the perfect time."

It was simply too easy to replicate a Blood ginseng. The spirit liquid that Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had condensed in the past few days was enough, they didn't need to use those purple spirit pearls at all.

Lv Qilian herself also had Blood ginseng, which was what Chen Xiang had given her back then. She and Long Xueyi had immediately carried it out.

"I need some time to refine this Wild Dragon Saint Dan. During this time, you should go and see where it is selling, and if the price is too expensive, you should all sell these two Spirit Shengyuan holy Dan. You should be careful when selling them, it would be best to go somewhere else." After Chen Xiang finished explaining the situation, he entered the secret room to refine pills.

Back then, Lv Qilian was in charge of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace and was very experienced with such matters. Even if Chen Xiang didn't remind her, she knew what she should do.

… ….

"Father, even though I am able to refine a Spirit Soul Dragon Blood Saint Dan, I am unable to reach this level. This Chen Xiang is indeed a rare pill genius." Ye Qin came out of the pill refining room, looked at the Dragon Blood Saint Dan he had just refined and sighed softly.

Although the Dragon Blood Saint Dan that she had refined also possessed a spirit light, the spirit light that it emitted was slightly weaker than the one that Chen Xiang had refined. Although it was only a little, Ye Qin had refined more than ten batches, but still could not reach Chen Xiang's level.

Qin'er, your strength is already very high, you are on par with the multicolored light, and are on par with many famous Dan Saint t.i.tle. As for Chen Xiang, he is a different species, you don't need to compare him with you, he has the Heavenly Alchemy. Dan G.o.d Ye lovingly patted Ye Qin's head.

The Dan G.o.d Ye had sharp eyebrows and a handsome face. He looked very young, and he was currently in Divine Female Palace.

Ye Qin pursed his lips and said: "But I can't accept this, I've been learning alchemy with my father for many years already, but Chen Xiang doesn't have any pointers from the Pill G.o.d, and he also cultivates his own Heavenly Alchemy, so he hasn't been in the path of alchemy for as long as I have. He has to hide and avoid all the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor s for all these years."

Dan G.o.d Ye laughed: "You will surpa.s.s him sooner or later because he doesn't have a pill formula now, unless he can find a master. But now, no pill G.o.d dares to take him in as a disciple.

"Qin'er, if you have the time right now, please help me refine some Shangpin holy Dan s. Although there are still five years left, I want to make sufficient preparations. When the ten great pill G.o.ds meet up, they will definitely compete.

Just as Dan G.o.d Ye finished speaking, Ye Qin stuck out his tongue lightly and pouted: "No, since you have so many disciples, just let them refine it, I want to learn how to refine divine pellets."

"Little girl, you even dare to refuse daddy's request." Dan G.o.d Ye laughed and scolded him.

"That Feng Shen's son has really troubled me. As long as I can concoct a divine pill, I'll see if he still dares to pester me." Ye Qin laughed lightly, "Father, don't be so harsh on me. I must let this fellow, Li Zhonghan, see just how powerful I am."

… ….

The Dan G.o.d Ye determined that Chen Xiang did not have the pill formulas, so it was difficult for him to improve. But right now, Chen Xiang could already improve based on the methods of others, and create a better and more useful Shangpin holy Dan.

In just over ten days, Chen Xiang, who had been able to steadily refine four batches of pellets every day, had already refined all sixty batches of pellets. Every furnace would produce four pellets, and in total, there would be two hundred and forty pellets of Wild Dragon Saint Dan.

"I'll sell it for two hundred pills, keep forty of them. Two hundred thousand for one pill, that would be forty million gold coins." Chen Xiang was a little excited just thinking about it.

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