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Chen Xiang immediately took out a portion of Shengyuan holy Dan s' medicinal ingredients. He rested for a while to recover his spirit to its peak state, then he threw those medicinal ingredients into the furnace.

This was the method for Original source refining. According to the recipe, he would first need to place in the Fire Fang Gra.s.s, refine it until it was about done, and then add in the other ingredients.

In order to use the Original source refining, one had to burn the medicinal ingredients to a certain degree at the same time, in order to be able to find the same "Spirit blood" within the medicinal ingredients. Logically speaking, all of the medicinal ingredients had the same number of Spirit blood s, and could very easily fuse together.

The difficulty was finding the Spirit blood, as well as pulling out its roots and fusing them together.

If Chen Xiang did not have the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy, and only knew of this principle, he might not be able to do it even if he used his entire life. This was also why the Heavenly Alchemy was so powerful.

Chen Xiang did not allow the five Holy Medicines to fuse together, he only smelted the five Holy Medicines inside the pill furnace, and also used his divine power to separate them one by one.

In order to find the Spirit blood, he had to smelt it to a certain degree.

"I should be able to cultivate it now." Chen Xiang followed the chants and channeled his spirit power, then released it into the furnace. The divine power turned into spirit pupils, which were specially used to search for Spirit blood s.

This meant that he did not see any Spirit blood, and needed to continue burning the herbs. At this moment, he had weakened the fire, and if he burned too much, he would also burn the Spirit blood.

However, this was the first time he had used it to look for a Spirit blood. If he was familiar with these herbs and knew how strong the burn would be, he only needed to burn them for a short period of time in the future.

Half a day later, what was originally a pitch-black source spirit eye, suddenly saw a flickering flame, like teeth.

"It's the Spirit blood of the Flaming Tooth Gra.s.s." He immediately stopped burning the Flametooth Gra.s.s and remembered to say the extent to which it needed to be burned.

The next thing that appeared was a ripple-like light formed by the mist. This was the Spirit blood of the Bear Roar Flower, it was very easy to distinguish, and was somewhat related to the shape of these strange flowers and plants.

The two high-grade divine medicine, Spirit blood, appeared, and it was the first to appear. And the next three white silk things that appeared were the Strange Fruit, the Brute Force Fruit, and the Wild Fruit, these three Saint Fruit Spirit blood.

He had already solved the difficult problem of finding Spirit blood. What he needed to do next was carefully mix the five divine medicine's Spirit blood together. This required a very strong and very precise control.

Chen Xiang was the best at this aspect. At this moment, he released his divine power and carefully touched the five Spirit blood s, using the Heavenly Alchemy's mental cultivation method to change his divine power so that his divine power would have the same special properties as the Spirit blood s. This way, he wouldn't be met with any resistance.

Through his Source Spirit Eyes, he could see the two large hands formed by his G.o.d Power carefully push and knead the five Spirit blood s together. This process did not take a long time, and in just a moment, it was completed.

"It's done." Chen Xiang closed his Spirit Essence, but there was no change to the interior of the furnace. The Spirit blood could not be seen or felt, it was a very mysterious existence.

He put away the divine powers that were separated by five Medicine aura. The originally extremely repulsive five Medicine aura fiercely collided together. There was no need to think about converging them together, as they were automatically and perfectly fused together.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang was extremely excited, because he had succeeded, all he needed to do was to use a normal method of refining the pill.

"Right now, I can use the Tai Chi Refining and Infinite refining to condense a core. I never thought that using the Original source refining would have such a good effect, and after fusing with it, it would even produce so many Medicine aura, I originally thought that I would only be able to condense three Shengyuan holy Dan, but now it seems like there is still one more."

The following steps were the same as refining other pills. He divided the large cyclone into four parts, and then used the Infinite refining to quickly condense the pills.

He was very satisfied with the results of refining four pellets per pot. He felt that it should not be difficult to refine a Shengyuan holy Dan with Spiritual Light now.

This was an extremely difficult task for many Dan Saint t.i.tle. Even if they were to refine the Pill G.o.d, it would take a long time and would even fail. However, to Chen Xiang, this was as simple as refining a Dragon Blood Saint Dan.

Other than that, there was another requirement to be able to refine a Shangpin holy Dan. The more powerful Dan Saint t.i.tle was able to refine a middle-ranked Holy Pellet with Spiritual Lights, and they would have to refine a Shangpin holy Dan at the limit.

Generally speaking, this meant that one could refine a divine pill. As long as one had the divine pill formula, they could begin to break through into the realm of the alchemy G.o.d.

"A hundred Shengyuan holy Dan s is way too easy for me right now." Chen Xiang laughed heartily. After he refined a hundred pills, there were still a portion of the medicinal ingredients remaining.

With his previous successful experience, the later stages would become very easy. He didn't need to think about it too much as he could refine five batches a day. In a few days time, a hundred Shengyuan holy Dan would suffice.

Feng Yujie had given him a year's time, and he had already finished it long ago.

"All of these are mine. I have to deal with Feng Yujie frequently in the future, they can only do this since it's quite profitable." Before, Chen Xiang thought that this was a quest that was difficult to complete, but now, he had tasted the sweetest part.

"I wonder how is the Spirit Soul Shengyuan holy Dan?" Chen Xiang had already completed his mission, he planned to use the extra medicinal ingredients to refine high grade Lingguang Dan.

Shangpin holy Dan with Spirit Light was a few times more effective than normal Spirit Dan, not twenty times more effective, but the effect was still pretty good, especially against Spirit Dan like the Spirit Dan, which could instantly increase one's strength.

If it was a Spirit Soul Shengyuan holy Dan, even if the Super profound G.o.d ate it, it would still have a pretty good effect. Its power would definitely increase by one or two times, so it would definitely be expensive.

Shengyuan holy Dan were originally only effective towards lower and middle profound G.o.d s, but if they had spirit light, then even Super profound G.o.d s would be able to eat them, and it could even increase the strength of their divine power by one to two folds within two hours. It was extremely useful, especially when hunting powerful divine beasts.

And after the lower and middle profound G.o.d s ate it, the increase in power would also be a little higher than that of the normal ones.

"This Shengyuan holy Dan only works for two hours, and we have to eat it at a distance of twelve hours before it's effective. Otherwise, it would be too heaven defying. If I were to sell this, I will definitely make a huge profit." Chen Xiang had already seen the divine money rolling towards him.

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