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Lv Qilian said: "This pill formula is already like this, even if you are not happy, but what can you do about it, do you still want to modify this formula?"

Chen Xiang was very clear that the reason why he deliberately lost spirit pellets like that, was because he wanted to make a compromise with the success of the process. He had this thought in his mind, and wanted to change the pill formula a bit, but it was easier said than done, so he could only try to refine more, and familiarize himself with the Shengyuan holy Dan's refining methods.

Before Chen Xiang refined one, he went to the pill furnace sale area and spent a few hundred divine coins to buy the weakest kind.

After returning, he entered a small secret room and started to refine a Shengyuan holy Dan.

Chen Xiang had a solid foundation to refine Lingguang Dan, and now that he had the complete Shengyuan holy Dan's medicinal formula, it was relatively easy for him to refine. He only wasted a few medicinal ingredients and successfully refined a fairly good quality Shengyuan holy Dan.

This took him more than ten days.

Feng Yujie had only given him a hundred sets of ingredients and he could only refine one pellet per pellet, so he could not fail multiple times. Otherwise, he would have to fill in the missing ingredients himself.

After Chen Xiang refined a few pills, he no longer had the mood to continue refining them, because in his opinion, if the rich medicine qi was not lost, at least one pot could have three pills.

He had tried to preserve the medicinal energy and wanted to see how it would turn out. Unexpectedly, after he deviated from the general direction of the pill formula, he started to make serious mistakes and almost blew up the cheap pill furnace he had just bought.

"The Infinite refining and Tai Chi are both useless." Because Chen Xiang wanted to preserve some of the medicinal qi, he had refined a few more of them.

"I can only see if there's any way to make up for this problem in the Heavenly Alchemy." Chen Xiang was not in a hurry to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy at the moment. Instead, he had to first find the reason for his failure so that he could have a direction to go.

After careful a.n.a.lysis, he found the reason for his failure, the main reason was that all sorts of medicinal Qi would need a proper amount of energy to fuse together, otherwise it would explode. Even using Tai Chi to forcefully merge would not be possible, because all of these medicinal Qi were relatively strong.

Previously, Tai Chi could only be used to refine two or three kinds of pellets made from a single medicinal ingredient, but now, not only was there Shangpin holy Dan, there were also several high quality Holy level medicinal ingredients. Thus, the combined power of the pellets had already surpa.s.sed the control range of Tai Chi.

If it was any other method used by the Alchemist, it would be about the same. It would be difficult for them to control the explosive power of the medicine, so they could only weaken the medicine's Qi, and once a certain amount had been gathered, the medicine's Qi would actually be able to fuse together on its own accord.

Chen Xiang followed the pill formulas that Feng Yujie had given him and precisely controlled the amount of different types of medicinal Qi. As long as they reached the standard of the different pill formulas, he would basically be able to succeed.

If he didn't have the pill formula, he would have to try many times in order to get the proper quant.i.ty. He might not even be able to try it out.

Chen Xiang thought about it carefully, and said in his heart: If I can solve this problem, then I just need to know which ingredients to use to concoct the other pills, and I will be able to obtain the recipe.

After solving this major problem, the order and timing of the medicinal herbs entering the furnace were no longer important. This was because this was also a step required to fuse various types of medicinal energies.

Chen Xiang believed that there was definitely a solution within the Heavenly Alchemy, one of the Four Great Taboo magic, which was able to refine all things under the heavens. Previously, when Chen Xiang encountered many difficulties in refining pills, he basically had to comprehend the Heavenly Alchemy and learn a few methods from it.

Chen Xiang who was in deep thought stayed in the secret room for ten days without any results. After he came out from the secret room, he saw Lv Qilian instructing Long Xueyi on something.

"Are you imparting the Alive Slain Method to her?" Chen Xiang chuckled.

"What are you so happy about?" Long Xueyi stuck out her tongue at him. She had learnt it very seriously, and it seemed that she had learnt it pretty well.

Lv Qilian rolled her eyes at him and asked, "How many Shengyuan holy Dan have you refined?"

When he asked about this, Chen Xiang could not laugh, because he did not refine a single pill.

"I didn't concoct any pills. According to the method of concocting that pill, I don't have the slightest motivation. This is really too deceitful." Chen Xiang sighed: "Wait until I think about it carefully, whether or not I can find a new method from the Heavenly Alchemy, when that time comes, I won't be able to sullenly refine pills like this."

If he were to refine according to someone else's recipe and waste so many medicinal ingredients, it would be a very sullen refinement for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang often did not take the normal route of refining pills, and Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi were very clear about this, so they could understand Chen Xiang at this moment.

"I can't help much with alchemy." Lv Qilian sighed, she could only encourage Chen Xiang.

"It's fine, I'm very happy to be with you." Chen Xiang laughed and walked over to pull her over.

"I'm covered in sweat. I'll go take a bath first." Lv Qilian pushed Chen Xiang away.

Chen Xiang smiled evilly and held her tightly, then carried her into the bathroom. Soon after, he heard all sorts of pouting and soft moans from Lv Qilian …

Long Xueyi also wanted to go in and join in on the fun, but she had some sort of worry in her heart, so for all these years, she hadn't been able to cross the final hurdle with Chen Xiang, even though their souls were already filled with joy many times.

After Lv Qilian became the female emperor of the Divine Nations, he had to comprehend a method to refine pills that did not require a pill formula. This was a method that would make Lv Qilian become a female emperor sooner rather than later.

After entering the secret room, Chen Xiang quickly immersed himself within the ocean of the Heavenly Alchemy's chant, quickly deciphering and understanding it, in order to find a solution to the problem that he was currently facing.

The process of comprehending was very long, and Chen Xiang did not notice the pa.s.sage of time either. Very quickly, a month had pa.s.sed.

After using a month of time, Chen Xiang also gained something. He finally discovered from the Heavenly Alchemy that there was a possibility of it being able to solve the problem he was facing.

"The origin is the same, and all the flowers and plants in the world grow by absorbing the essence energy from the world." The origin is the same, and all the flowers and plants in the world grow by absorbing the essence energy from the world.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up, and he rejoiced in his heart: "Which is to say, all of these strange flowers and plants are born from the same root. In this way, it's equivalent to having a blood relation.

Chen Xiang named it the "Original source refining". As long as he successfully found and combined all the s that had the roots of all the medicinal ingredients, it would be able to cause the spiritual energy of other types that were difficult to fuse with to gather.

In this way, he wouldn't have to follow the pill formula.

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