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"Right now, I can only refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan. If I want to refine a hundred of them, I will need some time … You are now the Second Palace Master and also a G.o.d of Pills. Since you have so much divine money, you can just go and buy it. " Chen Xiang replied: "Why do you think it's unnecessary."

Feng Yujie laughed: "Whether you agree or not, if you don't mind, Dan G.o.d Ye has designated that I am the only one to refine a Shangpin holy Dan and I don't even have a pill formula for it. So I can only refine it myself."

Feng Yujie already knew that Chen Xiang had sold three Spirit Soul Dragon Blood Saint Dan here. His progress was extremely fast, so she believed that Chen Xiang had definitely completed the task she had given him.

Chen Xiang calculated in his heart, and in the end, still agreed to it. A pill formula was not something that could be bought with divine money, otherwise the Dan G.o.d Ye would not need Feng Yujie to refine those Shangpin holy Dan.

"Just leave the ingredients to me. I'll refine them within a year." Feng Yujie tossed a Storage bag to Chen Xiang, and then tapped Chen Xiang's forehead with his fingertip: "Now, I'll give you the pill formula. This recipe is for the Pill G.o.d King that was among the Nine Divine Kings back then."

Chen Xiang quickly obtained the pill formula. It seemed to be a little complicated, but it was not difficult for him.

"Sister Feng, doesn't this mean that you have a lot of good pill formulas?" Chen Xiang asked happily.

"Of course, but don't expect me to pa.s.s it on to you, because I promised him that some secret formulas cannot be pa.s.sed on to outsiders." Feng Yujie stuck his tongue out and laughed: "Chen Xiang, if you want to become a Pill G.o.d in the future, you must create your own pill formulas.

The recipe for the Divine Pill must be even more complicated and precious, Chen Xiang felt a headache just thinking about it.

"The Dan G.o.d Ye must have given you a lot of benefits, if not you would not have helped him refine the pills. Now, pa.s.s the hard work to me, the most satisfying of all will be you." Chen Xiang said with a bitter face.

Feng Yujie laughed: "You have gained a lot from this task, if you don't believe me, go and ask about the value of my Shangpin holy Dan s pill formula, if Dan G.o.d Ye wanted me to, I wouldn't even give it to him, unless he used a divine pill formula to exchange for it."

She patted Chen Xiang's bitter face and said to him, "I'm leaving now. If there's nothing important, it's best that we avoid meeting each other. I don't want the Highest Devil G.o.d to know that I have good friends here, I'm worried that it will affect you all."

Lv Qilian nodded. "Be careful."

After Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian sent Feng Yujie out, Chen Xiang immediately took out a piece of paper to list the necessary Holy Medicines for the pill formula.

"Shengyuan holy Dan, after consuming this kind of sacred pill, the main effect is that within two hours, the divine power will be strengthened a lot." Shengyuan holy Dan, after consuming this kind of sacred pill, the main effect is that within two hours, the divine power can be strengthened a lot.

Chen Xiang exclaimed: "This Shengyuan holy Dan is pretty amazing, it can actually increase the strength of my divine power by several times, and there won't be any side effects. No wonder this recipe is so rare, I wonder how many times stronger it will be after I eat it."

"There are two high-grade elixirs, three middle-grade elixirs, and they are all very expensive. The high-grade elixirs are Fire Fang Gra.s.s and Bear Roar Flower, and the middle-grade elixirs are Weirdo Fruit, Berserker Fruit and Berserk Fruit. These three kinds of fruits are also called Three Saint Fruits." Chen Xiang listed the names of the medicinal ingredients.

He naturally did not need to buy them now, because Feng Yujie had already given him a hundred sets of medicinal ingredients.

It did not mean that one would be able to create a Shengyuan holy Dan just by combining these five herbs. The quant.i.ty of the ingredients, the timing of refinement, and the order in which the ingredients were sent to the furnace were all different. This was the most crucial aspect of the pill formula.

If one knew what kind of medicinal herbs one needed, it would take a very long time even if one searched through them himself. In fact, one would never be able to find it.

Only a small number of powerful pill G.o.ds could use their experience and experience to quickly create the best pill formula based on the quality of the ingredients and combinations.

Lv Qilian took out a Spirit Orb, which she condensed when they were kissing. It was not the purple type that was the strongest when they were cultivating in bed last night.

"Let's try this first." Lv Qilian took out a bowl of water and placed the silver pearl inside. The pearl quickly melted and the bowl of clear water immediately turned silver, like a bowl of melted silver, it was extremely thick.

Chen Xiang asked: "Sister Qilian, according to your experience, how much Fire Fang Gra.s.s can this bowl of spirit liquid replicate?"

Lv Qilian shook his head: "I don't know, I don't have any concept of divine medicine, let's give it a try first."

She took out the Flaming Tooth Gra.s.s. It was like a tooth, a fiery red color, like a tooth on fire. She carefully cut the Flaming Tooth Gra.s.s in half and then put it into the bowl of silver water.

The silver energy was completely absorbed by the Fire Fang Gra.s.s. The Fire Fang Gra.s.s that was originally split into two halves had now become two complete Fire Fang Gra.s.s, and the quality was much better than before.

"So powerful." Lv Qilian was a little surprised, that was a high grade Holy Elixir, she and Chen Xiang could casually kiss a congealed Spirit Clan cultivator, and she would be able to make a copy of a high grade Medicinal Pill with just one pill, she was very satisfied with that.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Try that purple one. The purple one is definitely stronger, after all, that's us … "Heh heh."

Lv Qilian snorted, he took out the purple spirit pearl and placed it into the water, which immediately released a purple light, and turned the bowl of water into a dense purple liquid.

"This should be able to change into four." Lv Qilian cut a stalk of Flaming Tooth Gra.s.s into four uniform portions and placed it into the bowl. Not long after, the Purple Light Spirit Liquid disappeared and saw that there were four pieces of Flaming Tooth Gra.s.s inside the bowl.

Lv Qilian laughed: "The effect is really good, in the future when our strength increases, even if we copy some divine medicine, it will be very fast."

"It's a pity that this Shengyuan holy Dan is not suitable for raising my cultivation. It's just that it can instantly release an explosive force. I have to get a pill to quickly increase my strength." Chen Xiang could only complete this task temporarily, only then would he be able to get Feng Yujie to provide him with the pill formulas.

Lv Qilian nodded his head: "I will copy a few pills for you to practice, these pills will not help us much in raising our strength, it will only temporarily increase it's effect, so I will not copy too many of them."

Although he did not have a good pill formula, Chen Xiang was still very happy. "Sister Qilian, I knew that our cooperation is the best, we will have to work together more in the future … "Cough, cough."

Chen Xiang now carefully a.n.a.lyzed the pill formula and memorized the difficult points. He had to avoid them as much as possible when refining it.

"According to this pill formula, you can only refine one medicinal ingredient per set, and you even have to intentionally put away a portion of the medicinal ingredients in order to succeed. The person who created this pill formula is too irresponsible." Chen Xiang was a little unhappy. When refining pills, he would intentionally use up most of the amount of the pills, which would make him feel hurt.

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