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Lv Qilian saw that Long Xueyi and Chen Xiang were confused as to why she said that, and explained, "The main point of it is not to guard against the Divine Female Palace, but against the Pill G.o.d who is in the Divine Female Palace. If you practice the Heavenly Alchemy, as long as he wants to, you have to be wary of him."

Chen Xiang nodded: "Before I find out what kind of person the Pill G.o.d is, it would be best if I don't expose myself, so I can't interact with Feng Yujie right now, right?"

Lv Qilian shook his head: "No, you have to think of a way to secretly contact Feng Yujie, only she knows the exact location of the Pill G.o.d, I think that it's a little strange for the Pill G.o.d to suddenly appear here, because I heard that the Pill G.o.d has already left his daughter here for many years, he hasn't visited her many times."

Chen Xiang didn't know much about this Pill G.o.d, he only knew that Ye Qin was his daughter, and that this Pill G.o.d and the Divine Female Palace's hall master seemed to have an ambiguous relationship.

"Will Ye Qin be the daughter of the Pill G.o.d and the Divine Female Palace's Palace Master?" Chen Xiang only heard what the black-robed old man said.

"No, Divine Female Palace's Hall Master cannot have children and partners, so it is impossible. Previously, Feng Yujie had told me about some of Divine Female Palace's matters, so it was just a rumor, but I suspect that the relationship between this Pill G.o.d and Divine Female Palace's Hall Master is not shallow.

Because Feng Yujie wanted to invite Lv Qilian to join the Divine Female Palace earlier, Lv Qilian took the opportunity to ask him a lot of things about the Divine Female Palace, so he understood more about these things.

Lv Qilian said: "Leave the matter of contacting Feng Yujie to me, you and Xue Yi will go find the cheap, middle-ranked and high-ranked divine medicine."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi nodded their heads. They left the house and split into two, going to the medicine stores to inquire about the market price by themselves, to see if there were any cheap mid-grade Holy Medicines.

The Spirit Orbs that Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian cultivated together could make quality inferior medicinal herbs become very good, so it could save them a lot of money.

"Divine Han Pill Shop, this is a pill shop, right? It seems like business is not bad. So many people are inside." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed by a shop that was decorated elegantly. It was a few storeys high and had a very good seat, one look was enough to tell that it was not opened by an ordinary person.

The moment Chen Xiang entered, he saw a banner hanging on the wall, with the words "Exclusive Secret Method's Special Price of Shangpin holy Dan" written on it.

The fact that the shop had Shangpin holy Dan s for sale showed that the shop had a good alchemy saint, which meant that the shop was very powerful, especially the Shangpin holy Dan, which required unique secret pill formulas, and to obtain these pill formulas was not easy, one would have to pay a lot of money.

These pill formulas were not allowed to be spread around as well. Once found, there would even be a punishment from the Pill G.o.d, so in order to obtain the Shangpin holy Dan's pill formulas, one would have to ask the Pill G.o.d for them.

"The Heaven holy Dan s that we concoct with our family's secret recipe are acknowledged by many saints and G.o.ds. After eating it, they can strengthen their divine powers, and even profound G.o.d would have a good effect if they were to eat them."

Chen Xiang asked an old man what this unique Shangpin holy Dan was and he got such an answer.

The Shangpin holy Dan s had quite a few names, but this was because there were too many pill formulas, and many of them were similar, only the difference in their effects were different. If the Shangpin holy Dan s had outstanding effects, most of them would be very famous, and Chen Xiang had heard of several of them.

The famous Shangpin holy Dan s' pill formulas were all developed over the years by some Pill G.o.ds. Thus, not only were they precious, they were also extremely difficult to obtain.

"This Heaven holy Dan has yet to be sold. We've already sold a few batches before, and there are a lot of people fighting over each batch. So right now it's just a promotional campaign, let everyone prepare some divine money." The old man said again.

Chen Xiang left the Divine Han store and went outside to ask around. He found out that the Heaven holy Dan was not bad, after eating it, his divine power had become stronger, especially the ones that had weaker divine power, the effect was even more obvious.

Heaven holy Dan was not meant to increase one's cultivation or reserves of divine power, it was only meant to increase one's divine power, which was why it was very popular.

Following that, Chen Xiang also inquired about the origins of the Divine Han store. He never thought that it would actually be related to the eldest disciple of the G.o.d of Fortune.

This disciple was someone Chen Xiang was very familiar with, it was the Feng Shen, and the one who opened the shop was the son of Feng Shen, his name was Li Zhonghan.

After that, he also found out about an interesting thing, that was that Li Zhonghan had come all the way here to open a shop, and his main goal was actually to woo the Pill G.o.d's daughter, Ye Qin.

Li Zhonghan was very strong, he was a profound G.o.d and did not know how to refine pills, but he had called over two Dan Saint t.i.tle s to take care of his shop, so other than the Divine Female Palace, his shop had the best business and earned the most money.

"A single Heaven holy Dan costs a hundred thousand, and each time, he would sell a batch for a hundred, but he would earn ten million." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, it was indeed easy to earn money from selling high ranked Holy Pellets, "If I sold mid ranked Lingguang Dan, it would probably only be twenty or thirty thousand pellets. It would be extremely difficult to refine, and it wouldn't take much out of the pellet."

It was not easy to refine a mid-grade saint pill. Even though it didn't require that type of secret recipe, it required a variety of mid-grade saint medicines. Refining it all together was extremely difficult.

Refining a Medial Grade Holy Elixir was as difficult as refining a Shangpin holy Dan. The reason why Shangpin holy Dan s were a stage higher than Medial Grade, was because Shangpin holy Dan s required a secret recipe and some high-grade Holy Medicines.

Chen Xiang went to a few of the pill shops and found that all of the mid-grade divine medicines were relatively more expensive. Ordinary ones would cost more than five thousand, while the rare ones cost more than ten thousand.

At night, he and Long Xueyi both returned to Lv Qilian's house and reported the price to him.

"The price of the pills have risen a lot. Maybe it's because the h.e.l.l Divine Palace fell." Long Xueyi said: "I have asked a few people, and they say that they have risen a lot recently."

Chen Xiang asked: "Why does it have to do with the fall of h.e.l.l Divine Palace, there's no reason."

Long Xueyi stuck his tongue out: "How do I know? In short, all these merchants have good reasons to increase the price, no matter what it is, because the price of the pills have been too low for many years, and the pill business people right now also have large amounts of pills, so they have colluded with each other to increase the price."

Lv Qilian shook his head: "It shouldn't be like that. In the past, my Hundreds of Flowers Palace would need to slow down their sales because of certain circ.u.mstances, and in order to ensure a certain number of pills for sale, we would raise their prices by a large amount. For example, we are facing a huge war and need to consume a large amount of pills ourselves.

Chen Xiang frowned: "Could it be that during this period of time, all of the pill sellers in the shrine are in urgent need of their own consumption of medicinal pellets? What the h.e.l.l is going on here?"

Lv Qilian said: "I have already contacted Feng Yujie, she might come to my place tomorrow, I think she should be clear about what happened."

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