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Lv Qilian could be considered a strong Ranker in the Nine Heaven World, but with the arrival of the large amount of shrines, many True G.o.d profound G.o.d s had appeared in the Nine Heaven World.

So she had to rely on Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang had been waiting for her to come up.

"When did you come?" After Chen Xiang entered the room, he very impolitely sat down and picked up the fruits on the table to eat.

Lv Qilian took off the disguise on her face and recovered her beautiful complexion. Seeing this, Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh wickedly.

"You've been here for a long time, and I've heard about your matters. You're still the same as always, tormenting yourself wherever you go." Lv Qilian's tone was laced with reprimand. She did not wish for Chen Xiang to be so high-profile, as it would not be bad for him.

Chen Xiang laughed and caressed Lv Qilian's face: "Big Sister Qilian, thank you for your concern. I'm fine now, okay?"

Lv Qilian sighed: "Let's not talk about that anymore, I didn't think that you would really come here. I heard that there will be a pill G.o.d in the G.o.ddess City, so I came here too, to see if I could contact you."

When Chen Xiang came, it was not for Pill G.o.d.

"Sister Qilian, do you know where her little girl is? They came to the G.o.ds Realm." Chen Xiang had only met Lv Qilian.

Lv Qilian shook his head: "No, but you don't have to worry. At that time, they were together, and it wasn't for long. After a period of time, when they have sufficient strength, they will definitely contact us."

Chen Xiang said: "Feng Yujie is already in the Divine Female Palace. It's definitely very easy for you to enter the Divine Female Palace right now.

Lv Qilian propped up her cheeks and said faintly: "Could it be that you don't understand me? You should be the man who understands me the best."

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's right, with your surname, you should be building your own shrine."

Lv Qilian chuckled: "Actually, Deities Templar is just that kind of a place. I only want to become stronger, and do not need to be afraid of anything. I want to establish an empire in the G.o.ds Realm, and I want to become the emperor of the G.o.ds."

"Such ambition, but I like it …" Hehe, when the time comes, I will be your man, the Emperor. " Chen Xiang laughed.

She had been in the G.o.ds Realm for a long time and she had always felt lonely. Now that she had met Chen Xiang, she was very happy.

"Sister Qilian, is the divine money enough to spend?" Chen Xiang took out the divine money that he had just earned. No matter what, Lv Qilian was still considered half a woman to him, giving some money to his own woman, was a matter that was only natural.

"Keep it for yourself. Are you afraid that I won't make enough money?" Lv Qilian rejected him. She smiled and said to Chen Xiang: "If you have something to say, just say it. Do you and I need to be so formal?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Qilian, I want to practice that technique with you. Alive Slain Method, I want to get some Holy level medicinal herbs, and also test out our current level, to see what it would be like to cultivate that Alive Slain Method. "

Lv Qilian snorted and laughed: "I knew that you would think of this, but I actually also want to try."

Cultivating the Alive Slain Method together meant that they had to kiss. In the bottom of their hearts, they didn't just want to cultivate the Alive Slain Method together, they also wanted to cultivate the deep feelings of love that came with being together.

Chen Xiang was the most proactive. Once Lv Qilian agreed, he would go over and hug Lv Qilian, and make her sit on his lap while he pouted Lv Qilian's lips …

The two of them kissed once, then started to operate the Alive Slain Method, condensing that type of spirit pearl …

After two hours, the two of them separated. Lv Qilian spat out a cherry sized silver pearl from his mouth. It was even larger than the spirit pearls they condensed in the past, and the color was also different.

"This Spiritual Bead should have become a lot more powerful. If only it could condense high quality Holy Medicine quickly." Lv Qilian said: "With my current strength, what you and I need the most should be Shangpin holy Dan."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "That's right, but I heard that there are not many high-grade Holy Medicines, and that refining Shangpin holy Dan requires a pill formula, it is not easy to refine."

"Then let's go look for the intermediate grade Holy Elixir first. How much divine money do you have there?" Lv Qilian didn't keep that Spiritual Bead properly, it was the result of her violently kissing with Chen Xiang. At this moment, she had already acknowledged Chen Xiang, and her feelings for him had grown deeper and deeper.

"Thirty-five thousand, this is the price I got from selling the Dragon Blood Saint Dan …" Chen Xiang told the process of him selling the pellet to Lv Qilian. Lv Qilian's brain worked very quickly.

Lv Qilian leaned into Chen Xiang's embrace, like a docile little kitten, Chen Xiang lovingly caressed her hair.

"Looks like the Lingguang Dan you refined has already reached a very high level. Ye Qin might even take out the three Dragon Blood Pills and show them to her alchemist father." Lv Qilian heard Chen Xiang's heartbeat, and suddenly felt a trace of other strength: "What is this, is it that white dragon?"

Long Xueyi laughed: "Sorry to bother you."

Lv Qilian wanted to struggle free from Chen Xiang's embrace, but she did not succeed. Chen Xiang hugged her tightly, and at the same time, Long Xueyi ran out from the ring. Just as she came out, her delicate body was hugged by Chen Xiang's other hand.

Just like this, Chen Xiang laughed out loud as he hugged the two beauties who wanted to struggle free from his embrace.

Lv Qilian snorted helplessly, she was not unfamiliar with Long Xueyi either, furthermore, Long Xueyi was the famous Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord back then, so she had a good impression of him.

"Sister Qilian, quickly bite this little scoundrel." Long Xueyi laughed.

"The more he bites, the happier he'll be." Lv Qilian used quite a bit of strength, and finally got rid of Chen Xiang's bad hand that was caressing her body.

Lv Qilian rolled his eyes at Chen Xiang, and his voice became serious: "Get to the point."

The current Lv Qilian had the demeanor of a female emperor.

Long Xueyi also quieted down and obediently sat there. She asked in a low voice, "Big Sis Qilian, do you have any ideas to let this little scoundrel earn even more divine money?"

Lv Qilian shook his head: "No, at the moment, what he needs is not divine money, but to refine higher quality divine pellets. However, it's hard to find upper quality divine medicine and medicinal formulas, and it's also hard to find middle quality divine medicine, so he needs a certain amount of divine money to concoct it."

Chen Xiang asked: "Then what are we going to do, are we going to sell Dragon Blood Saint Dan s?"

"When Ye Qin takes your Dragon Blood Saint Dan back, he will definitely know that you refined it, because when you competed in the pill refining compet.i.tion that day, you refined fifteen Dragon Blood Saint Dan with spiritual light at the same time. At that time, the Rosy clouds Dan Saint was also present." Lv Qilian said: "In other words, now that the Divine Female Palace knows that you have come here, it would be best for you to hide your ident.i.ty, even though Feng Yujie's status in the Divine Female Palace is not low."

Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were a little suspicious. It was obvious that Lv Qilian was saying this to guard against the Divine Female Palace.

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