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Chen Xiang knew that this middle-aged man was a weakling. If he really had the ability, he wouldn't have allowed him to go outside of the city to duel with others.

The big bearded middle aged man was so angry that his face was flushed red, his fists were clenched tightly, he looked very fierce, and although he looked scary, but Chen Xiang was not afraid, the big bearded man did not dare make a move.

"Be quiet." A sudden soft voice made the bearded man's expression soften. This was because this was a woman from the Divine Female Palace, he did not dare be so fierce here.

"What happened?" A girl in blue with delicate features walked over and inquired in a light voice. Seeing her frown, the bearded middle-aged man hid his gaze, no longer having that ferocious and ferocious appearance from before.

The blue clothed lady looked at Chen Xiang because when she walked out of the room earlier, she saw the big bearded man glaring at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Nothing, it's just that the person on the other side wants to invite me out of the city to fight with him."

The blue-clothed woman's face revealed a look of disgust, as if she was extremely disgusted with the idea of fighting and killing.

"Put the pills you need on the table. If I think you can buy it, I will offer a direct price." The blue clothed lady raised her voice. When she appeared, everyone became extremely reserved, with only Chen Xiang smiling mischievously.

This was because Chen Xiang did not know the ident.i.ty of this woman in blue. However, based on Chen Xiang's surname, even if he knew, he would not think much of it.

"Lil 'Bro, you better be polite, don't stare at Miss Ye." The black clad old man sitting beside Chen Xiang whispered to Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang was looking at the "Miss Ye" with a slightly dishonest gaze.

Chen Xiang had already guessed that the ident.i.ty of the blue clothed female was not simple. He asked the black clothed elderly man via sound transmission, "Who is this Miss Ye?

The black clad old man answered: "Her name is Ye Qin, her father is a pill G.o.d and she is also a pill saint. Although she is not Dan Saint t.i.tle yet, but she is already considered to be a pill G.o.d that can refine pills, but there is no proof that she is a pill G.o.d.

"Now that her father has returned, he is currently working as a guest in the Divine Female Palace. The Divine Female Palace doesn't allow men to enter, but the G.o.d of Pills is an exception. Furthermore, Miss Ye has grown up in the Divine Female Palace, and will become an important leader of the Divine Female Palace in the future."

When Chen Xiang heard about Ye Qin's ident.i.ty, he couldn't help but be shocked. He was actually the daughter of the Pill G.o.d, and this made him look at Ye Qin more carefully.

The black clad old man once again transmitted his voice to Chen Xiang: "There is a rumor that Miss Ye is the daughter of the Pill G.o.d and the Divine Female Palace's Palace Master. Although it is only a rumor, it is most likely true. "Be careful not to anger Miss Ye."

Everyone placed their pills on the table. The black clothed elder also placed his black coloured pills on the table.

Chen Xiang took out a jade box. He did not open the box because there were three Lingguang Dan s inside that could blind dogs.

Ye Qin walked around with graceful steps, but only frowned slightly, showing that she did not take a fancy to any pellet.

Chen Xiang also looked at the other pills on the table. Although there were some mid-grade Holy Pellets, some even had Shangpin holy Dan s, but the quality was not very good. For high-end shops like the Divine Female Palace, they would definitely not sell low-grade Holy Pellets.

"Are you here to sell jade boxes?" Ye Qin saw a jade box in front of Chen Xiang, and asked softly.

Although she was the daughter of the Pill G.o.d and her status was honorable, Ye Qin was not such a high and mighty girl. Otherwise, she would not have come to take over this job.

Chen Xiang quickly explained: "The inside of my body is made of Lingguang Dan, although it is only a low rank Holy Pellet, the light is still quite strong, so I won't take it out."

The Lingguang Dan, made the black clad old man beside Chen Xiang stare with his old and wrinkled eyes wide open. The big bearded man who had fought with Chen Xiang just now was also a little surprised and in disbelief.

"You can refine Lingguang Dan, you will be short of money." The black-clothed old man said, "If you have that ability …" You shouldn't rely on selling pills for a living. "

Ye Qin came behind Chen Xiang and picked up the jade box. Opening the box a little, a red light immediately spurted out.

"It's the Dragon Blood Saint Dan." Ye Qin was extremely shocked. As a daughter of the Pill G.o.d, she naturally understood the standards of the Dragon Blood Saint Dan in the jade box. Even the top Dan Saint t.i.tle s would not be able to easily refine one.

"Yeah, how much can I sell it for?" This was what Chen Xiang was most concerned about.

To make Ye Qin have this kind of expression, it meant that the Dragon Blood Saint Dan was not ordinary. However, from how poor Chen Xiang was, it looked like he had not eaten a single meal in hundreds of years, and this Dragon Blood Saint Dan was not created by him.

"Who gave it to you?" Ye Qin asked, she did not believe that this fellow could refine such a pill. If he could concoct this pill, how could he possibly lack money, and even more so know the value of this pill.

This was more than twenty times the price of a normal Dragon Blood Saint Dan, it was worth ten thousand divine coins.

"I... "I picked it up. Do you guys want it? If you don't, I'll switch places and sell it." Chen Xiang originally wanted to say that he refined it himself, but after thinking about it for a while, he decided to forget about it.

"Thirty-five thousand." Ye Qin did not pursue any further and stated his price.

Ordinary Dragon Blood Saint Dan would only cost fifty Spirit Stones per pellet, and Dragon Blood Saint Dan with Spirit Light was twenty times more expensive. Adding all three of them together, this was the price that Chen Xiang wanted.

"Alright." Chen Xiang agreed immediately.

He took the divine money from Ye Qin's hands while grinning. After saying goodbye, he rushed out of the hall.

After leaving the shop, Long Xueyi said: "Didn't Yang Yan give you a letter? He said that his wife is currently in City Lord and can go find her."

"I don't want to go. It's better to rely on myself." Chen Xiang had a small sum of money. He planned to buy a few low quality, middle quality Holy Medicines and then use the Spirit Liquid to refine them.

Chen Xiang walked over to the market that held the stalls, and suddenly saw a familiar secret mark on one of the walls. When he walked over to take a look, he was immediately overjoyed, because the secret mark was left by Lv Qilian.

Lv Qilian had finally come to the G.o.ds Realm.

"The mark was just left." Chen Xiang obtained simple information from the combination of these scrolls. After that, he left the market and arrived at a residential area. There were many small houses constructed here, all of them were the same size, and were mainly used for rental purposes.

"The environment here is not bad, Lv Qilian should have a lot of divine money." Chen Xiang followed the house's house number to where Lv Qilian was.

He knocked on the door of the mansion and soon someone came to open it.

After the door opened, Chen Xiang saw a lady with an ordinary appearance but an extremely impressive figure. He could immediately guess that she was Lv Qilian, only that she had changed her appearance.

"Sister Qilian." Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

The woman nodded. "Come in."

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