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Yang Yan had told the owner of this hotel that as long as someone came to find him, he would be treated well. At this moment, Chen Xiang enjoyed bathing in the hotel.

He waited for a long time before Yang Yan returned to the hotel. A waiter came to notify him.

Arriving at the hall where Yang Yan was entertaining guests, when Chen Xiang saw Yang Yan, he immediately used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Yang Yan: "Big brother Yang, this is Chen Xiang."

Yang Yan nodded his head, and laughed heartily: "I knew you would come, let's talk inside."

Chen Xiang and Yang Yan arrived at a secret room, and Yang Yan sighed emotionally: "The last time you were in the Divine Prison, I knew that you would definitely have some accomplishments in the future. I didn't think that it would be so quick to verify what I was thinking."

During the last meeting with the all divine palaces, the strength Chen Xiang had displayed had left a deep impression on him.

"Big brother Yang, you're not bad too. You've hidden your strength well enough, I still can't tell what kind of strength you have." Chen Xiang laughed.

When Devil-killing Divine Palace defeated h.e.l.l Divine Palace, he no longer had a shrine, and he even brought out some evidence, asking Penalty Heavenly G.o.d to punish h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. Now that h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had already ran away, all of his subordinates were taken away by Penalty Heavenly G.o.d.

Although he lacked the threat from the h.e.l.l Divine Palace, Chen Xiang was still very careful.

The last time Chen Xiang came to look for Yang Yan, was to ask him to help her buy some Holy level medicinal herbs, or look for a way to buy them. Chen Xiang had to start refining the middle grade Holy level pills and the high grade pellets.

Many shops that specialize in producing Holy Elixirs are out of stock. If you need a good price to buy a lot of them, I suggest that you go to the G.o.ddess City and have a look around. The women there grow these types of plants and flowers are very extraordinary. Yang Yan took out an envelope and handed it over to Chen Xiang: "If you encounter any inconvenience when you are at that place, you can pa.s.s this to the City Lord of the G.o.ddess City. She is my wife and after I finish all the work here, I will also go to the G.o.ddess City."

Chen Xiang took it, and said with some surprise: "Big Brother Yang, you're quite impressive, the City Lord of the G.o.ddess City is actually your wife."

Yang Yan shook his head and laughed: "It's all because of my father."

Chen Xiang currently did not have divine money, so even though he had some Divine Deity s, he was not willing to sell them.

"I need to get some good money." This gave Chen Xiang a headache. Fortunately, he had grasped the method to refine Lingguang Dan s earlier, and could refine quite a bit. As long as he sold it, he would be able to get a lot of divine money in a short period of time.

Divine Maiden City was a city that was built by the Divine Female Palace, and there were a lot of people within the city. Chen Xiang felt that this place was much more lively after coming here from the Brilliant Divine City, he had heard that a lot of men came here to try their luck, to see if he could marry a Divine Maiden …

Just as Chen Xiang arrived at the G.o.ddess City, he heard an astonishing piece of news.

Feng Yujie had actually come to the G.o.ds Realm, and was even the Second Palace Master of the Divine Female Palace at that. It is said that she will be the one in charge of the Divine Female Palace in the future.

"For Feng Yujie to be able to reach such a position, it seems that she has already been restored to her peak strength. At the very least, she should be a G.o.d." Chen Xiang thought.

Since Feng Yujie was the Second Palace Master of the Divine Female Palace, Chen Xiang felt that he would be able to borrow some medicinal ingredients from the Divine Female Palace even if he didn't have divine money.

Long Xueyi said: "Since Feng Yujie is here, Meng'er and Xianxian should be following him."

Back then, all the women had separated and gone about their own business. Only Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian, Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing.

Chen Xiang was already impatient to go to Divine Female Palace, so his walking speed became much faster.

Arriving in front of the Divine Female Palace, Chen Xiang secretly despised the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d. The main hall of the Divine Female Palace was much more imposing than the Devil-killing Divine Palace, it was tall and big, square-shaped, like a pillar that supported the heavens, it was so tall that one couldn't see the top.

"How do we get in?" When Chen Xiang saw the valiant G.o.ddess wearing the War G.o.d Armor, he did not dare to act recklessly.

He still walked over, and when he got through the grand doors of the Divine Female Palace, he was stopped in his tracks.

"Men stop." A female gatekeeper shouted coldly.

"I am looking for your Second Palace Master. Could you help me pa.s.s on the message?" Chen Xiang anxiously said.

"No, please go back."

Chen Xiang still wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, he turned around and left. If he wanted to see Feng Yujie, he could only reveal his ident.i.ty, but he was worried that it would affect Feng Yujie.

"It's still better to wait for a chance to meet Feng Yujie alone in the future. After all, she is the Second Palace Master … Devil-killing Divine Palace's Palace Masters normally do not appear much in public. "

After using his meagre amount of money to rent a room, Chen Xiang took out two Blood ginseng s. He had already eaten all of the Dragon Blood Saint Dan s that he had refined with Divine Light.

"It should be able to refine three Lingguang Dan s. I wonder how much they will sell for then." Chen Xiang took out a pill furnace with cracks on it. This was the divine furnace that Yuan Baibing had gifted him, and because he had refined fifteen Lingguang Dan last time, it cracked three times.

"The Divine Stove has to be changed too. I wonder how Elder Sister Meng'er and the rest are currently forging." Chen Xiang was still thinking about his Divine Ship.

After a few hours, the house that Chen Xiang rented suddenly shook, and a large amount of dust fell, causing the Divine Stove to shatter into pieces and crumble.

The Divine Stove that Yuan Baibing had given him was indeed not a good thing, and it broke just like that.

"Fortunately, I succeeded. I should be able to sell him for quite a bit of money." Chen Xiang looked at the three Dragon Blood Saint Dan that had a burst of spiritual light and felt a lot more comfortable in his heart.

If he wanted to sell the sacred pills, he would have to wait outside the pill shop. As long as it was cheaper than the pill shop, he could sell it to the pill shop here. However, the price was very low.

Inside the G.o.ddess City, the best medicine shop was obviously opened by the Divine Female Palace. Chen Xiang casually asked around and found it.

When he arrived at the entrance of the shop, he saw many people surrounding them. From the conversations of these people, he found out that the Rosy clouds Dan Saint was inside the shop. It was said that there would be a chance to see her concocting pills in the next few days.

had already sparred with the Rosy clouds Dan Saint before, and this Rosy clouds Dan Saint was quite powerful as well. Chen Xiang also squeezed into the crowd to join in on the fun.

"Feng Yujie is also an alchemist, I wonder which is stronger between her and this Rosy clouds Dan Saint." Chen Xiang pondered in his heart. He had hidden his strength well, and now that he possessed the strength of a Heavenly G.o.d, he might be able to refine some divine pellets.

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