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w.a.n.g Jinshi wanted to use the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques to get revenge on the two profound G.o.d s, which made Chen Xiang a little worried. It was not because she was worried that w.a.n.g Jinshi couldn't win, but rather, she was worried about the consequences of exposing the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques.

It could be seen that w.a.n.g Jinshi was already full of rage, causing her to no longer care about this.

Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "Senior Sister, this isn't so good right?"

w.a.n.g Jinshi kept his Smoke sword and snorted lightly: "Whatever, let's not get rid of these two fellows here, we won't have another chance in the future. You saw it earlier, these two fellows have a killing intent towards us, their moves are so ruthless."

Chen Xiang only knew that the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques could not be used casually, but he did not know what the serious consequences would be after it was exposed. He asked, "Senior Sister, what will happen if the news of you using the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques were to be leaked?"

w.a.n.g Jinshi pondered for a while, and said sternly: "I don't know, but the G.o.d of Fortune …. Even more powerful people would appear, force me to hand over the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, and cause great trouble for Devil-killing Divine Palace, so I want to kill them in one strike. "

w.a.n.g Jinshi patted Chen Xiang's head and asked: "You brat, why were the powers on you different just now? It's very strange, they don't seem to be yours at all.

"This..." Chen Xiang's eyes moved swiftly, and he was speechless. He did not expect w.a.n.g Jinshi to notice this in such a critical situation.

Long Xueyi suddenly came out, and laughed: "It's me … … I lent him my power. "

When w.a.n.g Jinshi saw Long Xueyi last time, she knew that he was Chen Xiang's wife. She did not expect that he was actually hiding inside Chen Xiang's Storage magic treasure.

"Brat, you actually brought your wife with you … Did she know my secret? " Seeing how beautiful Long Xueyi was, w.a.n.g Jinshi could not help but chuckle.

"I'm sorry, I didn't hear it on purpose. I definitely won't leak it." Long Xueyi lowered his head and whispered.

Chen Xiang didn't expect Long Xueyi to actually admit it, so he promptly explained: "Senior Sister, it's all my fault. I didn't mention this to you in advance;

Seeing how anxious Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi were, w.a.n.g Jinshi laughed and said: "Alright, I believe you two, but in order to be fair, I also want to know a few secrets that you two cannot divulge."

Long Xueyi rolled the ends of his hair and moved his eyeb.a.l.l.s, thinking about what kind of secret he should tell w.a.n.g Jinshi.

Chen Xiang said: "Let me say it first, I have the Supreme G.o.d bone, this is a very powerful thing, and this is my secret. I have told all of you now, even Xue Yi doesn't know about it."

Chen Xiang originally thought that Long Xueyi and w.a.n.g Jinshi did not know about the Supreme G.o.d bone, because Feng Yujie had told him before that only the Nine Divine Kings knew about the Supreme G.o.d bone.

Now that they saw w.a.n.g Jinshi and Long Xueyi's expressions, Chen Xiang knew that they had heard of this matter before.

w.a.n.g Jinshi asked anxiously: "Supreme G.o.d bone, this is a bone that only the strongest flesh body has, even G.o.d does not have it, how did you get it?"

"I got it unexpectedly." What Chen Xiang had said was also the truth. Back then, he did not know how this Supreme G.o.d bone fused into his body.

"With the Supreme G.o.d bone, I can enter the Supreme Divine Palace." Long Xueyi said in an excited voice, "I heard that many deities of the divine hall have gone to great lengths to not be able to enter the Supreme Divine Palace."

Chen Xiang was even more curious now, how did Long Xueyi know about these things? "Xue Yi, why have I never heard of it?"

w.a.n.g Jinshi also felt that it was a little strange, "Xue Yi, didn't you just arrive in the G.o.ds Realm? How do you know about the Supreme Divine Palace? Master only told me about it by chance. I heard that the people in the Supreme Divine Palace are all very powerful ancient fellows.

If even the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d did not have the qualifications, then probably no G.o.d in the entire G.o.ds Realm would be able to enter.

Long Xueyi continued to speak: "Supreme Divine Palace only accepts Supreme G.o.ds, or rather, they possess Supreme G.o.d bone s, so even powerful Empyrean G.o.ds cannot enter."

w.a.n.g Jinshi helped smoothen through Long Xueyi's messy hair for a while, and asked curiously: "Xue Yi, how did you know about these things? Tell me your secret as well, only then can we be considered equal."

Seeing Long Xueyi stick out her tongue cutely, w.a.n.g Jinshi couldn't help but stroke Long Xueyi's pretty face and say with a sweet smile: "Xue Yi, don't you feel bored staying in Junior Brother's Storage magic treasure all day. How pitiful, you can stay at my place from now on.

Long Xueyi nodded and smiled, "Mn, when this little scoundrel didn't bring me out with you, I was together with you. Now I will tell you my secret, in fact, I am a dragon from the Primordial G.o.d period, but my memories are incomplete, they are all vague and intermittent."

"Really." w.a.n.g Jinshi was in a state of disbelief. She had thought that Long Xueyi was just a little girl, but she hadn't thought that he was actually a dragon, and a dragon at that.

Long Xueyi sighed lightly, "To be more precise, I died during the Primordial G.o.d period. The Nine Divine Kings used a strand of my incomplete divine soul to revive me, and I have only now awakened a tiny bit of my memories. My remaining divine souls are still all over the G.o.ds Realm, so I need to gather these divine souls in order to be able to recover to my original self."

w.a.n.g Jinshi nodded his head, "I also heard that many powerful beasts died during the Primordial Era, but I am not clear about the details. Especially back then, there were many dragons, and even though there are some now, they would usually hide themselves, because once they appeared, they would be captured and used as mounts, such as the G.o.d of Fortune's ice dragon …"

's face was immediately filled with grief and indignation when he mentioned the ice dragon.

Long Xueyi lowered his head and sighed, "He's my good friend, he should also be from the Primordial G.o.d period, I wonder if he has any memories."

w.a.n.g Jinshi looked at Chen Xiang, she did not expect Chen Xiang's wife to have such a great background, it could be seen that Chen Xiang also had a heavy responsibility.

Chen Xiang lightly patted Long Xueyi's back, and then asked: "Back then in the Primordial Era, was it because the beasts were too strong, and that's why they were exterminated?"

w.a.n.g Jinshi answered his question, "On the contrary, because beasts are too weak and do not obey the control of certain fellows, they resist on a large scale. Afterwards, they implicate powerful beasts and in the end, some powerful totem beasts were all killed.

w.a.n.g Jinshi caressed Long Xueyi's face, and asked with a smile: "Xue Yi, do you need my help?"

Long Xueyi replied with a "En" and laughed, "If I need Senior Sister's help, you don't have to refuse."

"Alright." w.a.n.g Jinshi seemed to like Long Xueyi a lot and even kissed her on the cheek.

Chen Xiang said, "It looks like we have a lot of things to do next. We need to save the Azure Dragon, Ice Dragon, and senior sister's Sword G.o.d father to help Xue Yi find her remnant soul."

He himself still had to find the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, delve into the Heavenly Alchemy, and practice alchemy. Although he had a lot of things to do, it gave him a sense of fullness.

w.a.n.g Jinshi and Long Xueyi sat together as they leaned against each other. Long Xueyi also liked w.a.n.g Jinshi a lot, so she took out her treasured holy fruit and some delicious meat. She made Chen Xiang start a fire, then relied on fish and various types of beast meat.

When it came to eating, w.a.n.g Jinshi had better not think about it. He took out the good things he brought along and shared them with Long Xueyi.

w.a.n.g Jinshi laughed: "After a full meal, go and kill Huo Liao and Huo Lie, the two of them. Their Divine Deity must be worth a lot of money, after I kill them, I will go back into closed door cultivation and attempt to break through the bottleneck of the G.o.d of Heaven. When you see me again, I will be a G.o.d."

At this moment, w.a.n.g Jinshi was extremely confident. Thinking about how Huo Liao and Huo Lie could die under her sword, she felt extremely pained in her heart, even though she hadn't went to look for them yet.

After eating most of it, Long Xueyi entered the Serene Jade Ring, and Chen Xiang and w.a.n.g Jinshi went to look for Huo Liao and Huo Lie.

Chen Xiang sat on the flying discs, looked around and said: "How do I find these two fellows?"

At this moment, w.a.n.g Jinshi was releasing his own cold G.o.d Power: "They probably haven't left yet, it is most likely that they are waiting for us at the stone forest, because that is where we appeared. If we want to return, we have to go to that stone forest."

The stone forest was a safe zone. After finding the bead, all one had to do was go to the stone forest and wait. When the time came, it would automatically be sent out.

w.a.n.g Jinshi controlled her flying discs and flew quickly towards the stone forest. She was constantly releasing divine power, if her perception was strong, she would be able to sense things from afar.

Time was running out and they were about to leave. This made w.a.n.g Jinshi even more anxious, she and Chen Xiang were circling around the stone forest everyday.

Suddenly, w.a.n.g Jinshi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "Quickly hide, they are here. As expected, they are waiting for us in the forest."

They were outside the stone forest, but Huo Liao's Ice Magic Power had already been sensed by Huo Liao and Huo Lie, so they quickly rushed over.

Chen Xiang used the Seventy-two changes and released a s.p.a.ce Domain to hide at the same time. He turned into a bird and flew towards a forest far away.

w.a.n.g Jinshi kept her flying discs and looked at the two b.a.l.l.s of flame that were shooting towards her. She did not expect that at the last moment, Huo Liao and Huo Lie would actually appear by themselves.

"Little girl, you've recovered quite well. From the looks of it, you have come to find me for revenge. Where is that brat?" Huo Liao laughed disdainfully: "That brat couldn't possibly be unable to defend against my Flame power, right?

w.a.n.g Jinshi took out the Smoke sword, his face darkened, his divine sword shook, the terrifying sword concept suddenly appeared.

Last time, Huo Liao and Huo Lie felt it too, but in the end, they still stopped w.a.n.g Jinshi and did not let her carry out her final attack.

Chen Xiang carefully observed w.a.n.g Jinshi from afar. He wanted to see how the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques looked like in the end.

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