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When Chen Xiang walked down, he revealed his appearance. This was because h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and G.o.d of Fortune had long seen through his ident.i.ty, so there was no need for him to hide anything.

"This brat is Chen Xiang. Even the G.o.d of Fortune had lost a lot of money to him."

"To be able to master the Heavenly Alchemy, I wonder how good his alchemy skills are."

"Isn't Heavenly Alchemy mainly used for battles? It might not be able to be used to refine pills, he should be a True G.o.d now, he is not strong enough."

Yao Shuang was also shocked. She did not know that the brat who had entered the arena with her was Chen Xiang, who had a deep grudge with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor.

"I've heard a lot about you." Yao Shuang smiled at Chen Xiang.

"This is not a good name." Chen Xiang laughed helplessly.

The most eye-catching person on the other hand was the old man who walked out from the Wealth Divine Palace area. The white haired old man was calm and collected as he slowly walked into the arena.

However, this old man from the Wealth Divine Palace was a famous Dan Saint t.i.tle, which meant that he was able to refine Shangpin holy Dan.

"The Heavenly Mystery Realm's Pill Saint. He is truly powerful, to be able to make such a Dan Saint t.i.tle follow him at any time."

"Look, the Divine Female Palace is also a Dan Saint t.i.tle. If I'm not wrong, then this should be a Rosy clouds Dan Saint. It's so beautiful, she's a powerful G.o.d herself, and she even knows how to refine divine pills."

"Only the Fire Divine Palace is impressive, sending out two Dan Saint t.i.tle s, and they are also famous Gemini Pill Saints."

The Pill Saints in Fire Divine Palace were a pair of twins. The middle-aged man's appearance put a lot of pressure on them, because right now, they were facing two very powerful Pill Saints.

Chen Xiang looked at the Rosy clouds Dan Saint in the Divine Female Palace. It was one of the most popular Rosy clouds Dan Saint in the Dan Saint t.i.tle, because she was a very beautiful woman.

"Four Dan Saint t.i.tle s have already appeared. This should be a contest between Dan Saint t.i.tle s, what's the matter with the other Alchemist?"

"That's right, previously, when Devil-killing Divine Palace was filled with confidence, he could only send some brats to keep up the show."

"Look at that man in black, he's from h.e.l.l Divine Palace. I heard that he's a weird Pill Saint who uses corpses to concoct pills."

"That's right, this is the Dan Saint t.i.tle of the h.e.l.l Divine Palace. I have heard of him before, I think his name is the h.e.l.l Pill Saint or something."

Dan Saint t.i.tle were existences very close to the G.o.d of Pills, and were the treasure of many shrines.

"I will now announce the rules for the victory. It's good that you all are careful." Penalty Heavenly G.o.d suddenly shouted, causing the ground to tremble.

"Every Alchemist chose to refine a kind of Holy Elixir, one of the lower, middle, or high quality. They have ten sets of medicinal ingredients, and if they can refine a Holy Elixir that has the Holy Elixir's light, they will obtain first place.

This was the first time Chen Xiang had heard of such a thing.

"Excuse me, what is the Holy Elixir Spiritual Light?" Chen Xiang asked, only to hear the many Alchemist around mocking him, and looking at him with contempt.

"You don't even know about the sacred pills, yet you still dare to compete."

"That's right. Even though he hasn't reached this level, he still dares to call himself a Pill Saint."

Penalty Heavenly G.o.d's face darkened as he stared at the mocking Alchemist, then explained: "The Holy Elixir's spiritual light is the Holy Elixir you refined, there is a layer of spiritual light surrounding it, this kind of light is equivalent to the Holy Elixir's soul, it can grant the Holy Elixir a higher quality, a Holy Elixir with spiritual light, it is ten times higher quality than the Holy Elixir with high quality spiritual light."

Chen Xiang never thought that there would actually be a Holy Pellet in this form. He had never refined one before, so he was not confident that he could refine one now.

"In order to refine a Holy Elixir with the Spiritual Light, it is usually done in the process of condensing the elixir. For example, the pill that is about to condense into many pills will be fused together by force." The one who spoke was Divine Female Palace's Rosy clouds Dan Saint.

Chen Xiang nodded and sent a grateful look over. Right now, there was no one teaching him all this, so he only knew a little.

"Even if you knew how to refine it, it's already too late. It's not just a day or two for you to learn how to refine a Holy Pellet with Spiritual Light. Even I, who have a pretty good Inherent Skill, have learned it for almost a thousand years." One of the two pill masters said.

There were more than eight hundred Alchemist s and all of them were alchemists who could refine Holy Pellets. There were three hundred shrines and each shrine could send five Alchemist s in, but there were a few shrines that sent fewer Alchemist s, so there weren't as many as expected.

Chen Xiang received ten batches of Dragon Blood Saint Dan s' medicinal ingredients from an elder in charge of distributing medicinal ingredients. After that, he casually found a seat and took out a pill furnace to sit down.

When all the Alchemist were ready, the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d announced loudly that the compet.i.tion had begun.

"Second brother, it's all your fault. He refused to give him a good pill furnace. Look, the worst pill furnace on the stage is the one he bought for five dollars." w.a.n.g Jinshi scoffed.

"This... If he didn't say so earlier, I could have given him a medium-grade divine furnace. " Yuan Baibing spread his hands.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d swept his eyes across the other Alchemist's pill furnaces, shook his head and sighed, "Indeed, his pill furnace is the worst off.

"Main Heavenly G.o.d, you don't have to worry about him. He has never relied on pill furnaces for his pills." Xiao Chou was very confident in Chen Xiang's pill refining skills, he had witnessed it many times.

Because the pill furnace was weak, Chen Xiang had to be ridiculed by the other Alchemist.

"The appearance of this pill furnace has affected my mood. As a pill saint, I don't even have a decent pill furnace. I wonder if this kid will be able to concoct such a pill."

"Even my grandson used mud to knead the pill furnace better than him, haha..."

Chen Xiang turned a deaf ear to this, he knew that with his own strength, he did not rely on the pill furnace, the pill furnace was only used as support.

Just now, when he noticed that the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said that he was going to refine a Holy Elixir, the famous Dan Saint t.i.tle s all frowned. It could be seen that refining a Holy Elixir with a Holy Elixir with a Holy Elixir wasn't easy either.

Penalty Heavenly G.o.d had also said that the time limit was ten days. For outstanding Pill Saints, refining high quality Holy Pellets required a longer period of time, even ten days was barely enough, let alone refining difficult Lingguang Dan s.

Chen Xiang had placed a set of Blood ginseng s into the furnace from the start, releasing flames and igniting them. When many Alchemist heard about it, they all started to laugh softly.

It was only then that Chen Xiang realized that all the Alchemist s had five portions at once. Furthermore, before they refined it, they would take out a jade plate and simple process of refining the medicinal ingredients outside, such as mashing them, wrapping them up with their divine power, and fusing the five portions into one.

"Refining a Holy Elixir with Spiritual Light requires at least five batches, and in total there are only ten batches of medicinal herbs. In other words, if he failed the first time, there will be a second time. But as for this kid, he wouldn't be able to succeed even if he gave a hundred batches."

Yao Shuang was getting a little anxious and whispered to Chen Xiang, "Where did you learn pill refining?"

"I must have taught myself." Chen Xiang answered honestly. Almost all of the pills at the end of the refining process were fished out by him.

Yao Shuang was speechless. "Work hard. Don't give yourself too much pressure. I'm still holding on."

At this time, in the eyes of many Alchemist, Chen Xiang was just like a little kid who had just started learning pill refining. He did not know anything, messed around and wasted his medicinal ingredients.

"Isn't it just the Lingguang Dan s? Back then, I had refined a pill that had a medicinal glow, and it should be around the same. It should be the sacred pill from the Peak quality. It's just that the sacred pill is different from the other pills."

Chen Xiang was still more relaxed, he did not feel fl.u.s.tered just because he did not know how to refine. To him, this was a very good chance to level up.

"I'll try refining the Lingguang Dan now."

Chen Xiang had refined three Dragon Blood Saint Dan in a single furnace, but many Pill Saints had limit of two. The number of Dragon Blood Saint Dan that came out was very few, so Chen Xiang had to choose, because only pills with a lot of pills would be able to condense spirit light easily.

Without any external interference, Chen Xiang refined the pill very quickly, using Tai Chi.

He was now a True G.o.d, and the True Divine Energy he used was much stronger than the ones before. This Taiji refinement was also much stronger than before.

For example, in the past when he used Tai Chi to refine pills, people would still be able to see the changes inside, but now when he tried to refine pills, the situation inside the furnace would always be very stable. There would be no movements, and it would be hard to feel.

When concocting pills, a lot of G.o.d Power was used up, all of it was for the fire. And after the flames fused with the Medicine aura, it would evaporate a lot of the Medicine aura along with the heat emitted from the furnace.

But now, Chen Xiang had completely overcome this, so his pill furnace was extremely cold, without a trace of heat, as though he had not done anything after throwing the ingredients inside.

With regards to the pill furnace's internal control, he could be said to have reached the acme of perfection. Even the Dan Saint t.i.tle would find it difficult to compare to him, but they still thought that Chen Xiang had not started to burn the furnace to refine pills.

"He started concocting pills." Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d looked doubtful, "But I can't sense any trace of flame Qi at all. What is this brat doing?"

"My master has already entered the best condition for refining pills, just wait for him to surprise all of you." When Xiao Chou saw Chen Xiang's current expression, he knew that Chen Xiang was extremely serious.

Zu Chao frowned: "This is impossible, I specifically train in fire. Furthermore, I have also integrated with fire Rule spiritual bead, I can sense the flames inside every single pill furnace below, only Chen Xiang's flames did not appear."

"If he's really concocting pills and I can't sense his flames, this only means that the flames he's using have broken through the normal laws of fire and are different from normal flames."

Yuan Baibing was a refiner, and was primarily made out of flames, but he had never heard of such a thing.

"Senior brother, what is abnormal flame?" Yuan Baibing asked humbly.

While abnormal flames, on the other hand, are the opposite. Those are not common Fire Laws, nor can they even be considered to be flames. However, they possess the special name of flames.

The Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d said, "They are the ancient Chuangzao fire, Fire of Chaos, fire of life. Although there are a few ways to call them, they are all the same."

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