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Chen Xiang was secretly excited, although there were only a few, but since they dared to come, they must have a very good chance of winning.

"Senior Sister is here too …" Only a few of the ten warG.o.ds have come, the rest are coming. Chen Xiang could not help but think in a bad direction.

"Ren Tianyong, Yuan Baibing, Fifth Elder, Senior Sister and Tenth Elder, are there only the five of them?"

Chen Xiang had already seen the five War G.o.ds land on the altar. He had even released a fire and burned the disciples who were in a miserable state to ashes.

"For so many years, the Old Demon Destroyer has been extremely cautious and confident. In the end, he also suffered a huge blow, haha …" The piercing laughter was accompanied by a chilly wind. The previously restless group of demons had now all quieted down.

At first, Chen Xiang had thought that the one who had spoken was the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l, but after careful consideration, he didn't think so. He had come into contact with the Demon Emperor before, and no matter if it was his voice or his aura, he didn't sound like the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l.

"Evil G.o.d, the reason why you were able to be reborn was because the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l was secretly helping you. The Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l, as a member of the Pantheon Monastery, had actually released an evil being like you, who is a threat to the G.o.ds Realm. He will definitely be punished by the Pantheon Monastery." Ren Tianyong's voice was ice-cold. This time, so many of his companions and fellow disciples had died.

An Evil G.o.d had appeared out of nowhere. Furthermore, it had been killed by a Devil Slayer G.o.d. It must have been sent to h.e.l.l. Now that it had revived, it was clear that it had something to do with the Devil Emperor of h.e.l.l.

"Now, who knows that I've come out. Furthermore, you're just a bunch of corpses. I'll send you all to meet the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l." The Evil G.o.d laughed wildly, "You guys are not my match at all. Even if the other five fellows are still alive, you guys still won't even be able to harm my fur."

While the Evil G.o.d was laughing maniacally, Ren Tianyong took out a sword and was already prepared to fight with his life on the line.

The ground suddenly shook. It was not the Evil G.o.d who made a move, nor Ren Tianyong nor the rest of the five.

"It's Master." w.a.n.g Jinshi shouted in surprise.

"Evil G.o.d, I was unable to purify your divine soul last time. This time, I definitely won't let you off." Upon learning that five of his disciples had died, the Devil Slayer was enraged.

Rays of golden light shot down from the sky that had been filled with evil energy. The giant golden palm pa.s.sed through the black cloud and smashed apart the Demon Yang Valley's divine array.

In that moment, the seal on s.p.a.ce was removed, Chen Xiang was extremely happy, he anxiously used his strongest spatial energy and locked onto the demons around him.

"Come here."

Chen Xiang moved extremely quickly, taking away more than a hundred thousand black crystals in an instant, and a large number of demons fell down in an instant.

"Who did it?" An angry voice sounded. This was the voice of the Evil G.o.d. The other hundred thousand plus demons suddenly turned into a black wind and disappeared. It was obvious that the Evil G.o.d was protecting these demons.

This group of demons came from the back, and were even stronger than when Chen Xiang met them. Although they were considered treasures to the Evil G.o.d, to be able to kill more than a hundred thousand in an instant, made him extremely angry.

Right now, only Chen Xiang was still standing there. Although he had turned into a monster, but with a thought, he knew that Chen Xiang had done it. That Evil G.o.d knew very clearly that the monster in front of him was not one that he had created.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you killed so many of my treasures. Die!" The Evil G.o.d was on the verge of going crazy, his voice carried incomparable hatred.

In that instant, Chen Xiang was locked onto by an extremely terrifying evil energy.

"The one who died was you." The Devil Slayer let out a loud shout and completely destroyed the divine formation. The golden light illuminated the entire Demon Yang Valley, purifying all the demon corpses on the ground. All of the evil aura in the valley disappeared in an instant.

Right now, it had been unleashed to its limit. It was like a blazing sun in the dark night, and even in the incomparably vast Demonic Sun Forest, all the demons and monsters were purified, turning into a white mist and dissipating.

This kind of shocking power clashed head-on, causing Chen Xiang's heart to thump wildly. He finally experienced how terrifying the G.o.ds of this ancient Divine Palace were.

Before the Devil Slayer G.o.d's Demon Slaying Palm had even landed, the Evil G.o.d had already let out a painful cry. A black figure had appeared in the sky, it was the Evil G.o.d who was about to flee, he was extremely tall, but Chen Xiang and the others could clearly see the Evil G.o.d melting bit by bit.

"I will get even with the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l."

This time, the Evil G.o.d's divine soul could not escape; even the powerful Divine Deity were completely destroyed.

The remaining palm power was still very terrifying, but the Devil Slayer G.o.d was able to immediately retract it. This bit of control was admirable to Chen Xiang, at least he couldn't do it, it would be extremely difficult to retract the attack, and if he couldn't control it well, he would still be injured.

The silver moonlight scattered down and the cool breeze returned to its previous calm state. The Devil Slayer G.o.d slowly descended from the sky, and while he was dressed in plain clothes, he had a long, white hair and was standing straight up. Although he was currently feeling very sad and angry, he did not give off a strict feeling, which showed that he was normally very benevolent.

Originally, he would not have given others a very aged feeling, but after knowing that he had lost so many disciples and five beloved disciples due to his negligence, he had become much older.

"Master..." Ren Tianyong called out softly.

The Devil Slayer closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. However, the moment he opened his eyes, it was as if he had become a completely different person. His eyes, which were originally filled with grief, suddenly became extremely sharp as they flickered with a threatening glint, as though an incomparably sharp sword had been unsheathed.

"Go back and rest for three months. Three months later, at sunrise, we will gather at the entrance of the Temple of h.e.l.l." The voice of the FiendG.o.d was filled with killing intent.

Chen Xiang had now changed back to his original appearance. The Devil Slayer G.o.d looked at him, "Will you come when the time comes?"

The one who killed more than a hundred thousand demons in one go was actually Chen Xiang. The five of them could never have imagined that it was this brat who had not even learned the Devil Slayer Divine Art. Even if it was them, they probably couldn't have killed those demons that quickly just now.

"Of course. I'm also a member of the Devil Slayer Temple." Chen Xiang said, "Moreover, I also have a grudge with the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l. In the past, he always came to deal with me, but now I have the chance to attack him."

Three months of time to prepare was still a bit urgent for Chen Xiang, but when the time came, with the Devil Slayer G.o.d to suppress the Infernal Demon Emperor, he didn't have to worry about anything else.

"Mm." The FiendG.o.d nodded, then flew into the air and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Go back and prepare. This time, it's different. We are finally going to attack the h.e.l.lshrine." Ren Tianyong clenched his fists.

Chen Xiang opened up a spatial pa.s.sageway, saying, "Leave from my place, you can leave Demon Sun Valley as soon as possible."

At this moment, everyone was feeling very heavy. One reason was because they wanted to fight the h.e.l.l's Shrine, while the other reason was that so many of their comrades had died.

Ren Tianyong and the others left through Chen Xiang's spatial tunnel and arrived at the forest outside. Through the communication of the jade tablet, they quickly gathered together.

After the Devil Slayer left Devil Sun Valley, he had already told this matter to the disciples outside. Thus, everyone was in the same mood.

Without a word, everyone returned to the Devil Slayer Temple in grief.

On the other hand, Chen Xiang and the others had returned to the Villa and arrived at Xiao Chou's residence. The Tai Qiang's residence had already been destroyed by Chen Xiang and was in the process of being rebuilt.

"Master, what's going on inside?" Xiao Chou asked after he came back with a sigh.

This was also what Tai Qiang wanted to know.

Chen Xiang roughly explained the Evil G.o.d's matter, "Anyway, our Devil Slayer Divine Hall has suffered severe losses this time. Main Heavenly G.o.d is also blaming himself, so he has made the decision to start a war with the h.e.l.l G.o.d's Hall."

"The two of them are fighting. I wonder if the other halls will stop them. This usually violates the rules of the other halls." Xiao Chou rubbed his bald head. He was going to have a big fight in three months. Even though he loved fighting, he was still looking forward to it.

"No, if the Devil Slayer G.o.d Palace declares war on the h.e.l.l's Temple and the h.e.l.l's G.o.d Hall accepts the battle, then there will be no violation of the rules. It's just that at that time, the other halls and Divine City will not be implicated." Tai Qiang understood these rules very well.

Chen Xiang asked, "What if the h.e.l.l G.o.d Hall doesn't agree to battle?"

Tai Qiang poured a bowl of wine for Chen Xiang and replied: "If you don't accept the challenge, then continue to declare war. If the opponent doesn't accept the challenge after declaring three times in a row, then attacking would not be a violation of the rules."

"Of course, declaring war requires five hundred million G.o.d coins, so if our Devil Slayer Temple wants to attack the Temple without being punished by the other halls, we need to spend 1.5 billion G.o.d coins."

For a powerhouse like the Devil Slayer Temple that didn't have any industry, this 1.5 billion was no small amount.

"How can we do that? Aren't we supposed to be led astray by the nose by the Deities Templar? It's obvious that they want us to declare war on them, but we're not willing to spend money." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said.

At this time, w.a.n.g Jinshi pushed open the door and entered the room, saying, "Our Devil Slayer Divine Hall doesn't need to spend money, because the Evil G.o.d was released by the Demon Emperor. According to the agreement, as long as the Evil G.o.d appeared in G.o.ds Realm, it would be the fault of the Evil G.o.d.

"The Temple of h.e.l.l will definitely choose the latter. If they are attacked by all the other Temples, even two of them might not be able to survive."

Tai Qiang and Xiao Chou quickly bowed to w.a.n.g Jinshi. After all, he was their senior.

"Ninth Martial Uncle, what was the Evil G.o.d all those years ago? Very few people seem to have talked about it in this period of history." Taiqiang loved to collect stories like this.

"Because the Evil G.o.d and the G.o.d of Fortune are brothers … In short, this matter is extremely complicated, and I am not too clear about the specifics. Back then, it was because Master was wary of the G.o.d of Fortune that we did not completely eradicate the Evil G.o.d. " w.a.n.g Jinshi whispered.

Chen Xiang and the other two were very surprised that such a thing had happened.

w.a.n.g Jinshi sighed, "Back then, the G.o.d of Fortune was not like that. My master suspects that he has been controlled for many years. Maybe the G.o.d of Fortune is no longer the G.o.d of Fortune now."

This suddenly made Chen Xiang think of the matters of the Mei Emperor. Back then, the Mei Emperor was also controlled by an extremely ingenious method.

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