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Chen Xiang walked along the way as he obtained some black crystals of some demons and monsters.

"In front of us is the place where Yuan Baibing fought." Chen Xiang saw a pitch black scorching scar in front of him. The ground was burned down to a layer of crater, and there was still a scorching aura left.

The burnt ground was very wide, Chen Xiang guessed that Yuan Baibing used it to kill demons just now.

"The black crystals of these monsters are very hard to melt and they contain very turbid and violent energy. They are not suitable for refining pills, and they are different from the crystals of the monsters from before." Chen Xiang had tried it out on the way here.

Having been in Demon Yang Valley for such a long time, Chen Xiang had yet to encounter any strong demons. Even if he met them, he wouldn't be attacked because he had disguised himself well and was able to easily weave through the horde of demon beasts.

After pa.s.sing through that burnt area, Chen Xiang once again sensed Yuan Baibing's flame aura, and discovered that it wasn't too far away from him.

"This guy can quickly obtain the black crystal even after burning all the monsters. This way, I will have a hard time meeting any monsters on the way. It seems like I shouldn't go in his direction." Chen Xiang had originally planned to take a look at Yuan Baibing, but now he guessed that Yuan Baibing was quickly killing demons in order to obtain a large amount of black crystals. Previously, he had learnt from w.a.n.g Jinshi that Yuan Baibing was very short on money during this period.

Changing directions, Chen Xiang very quickly encountered a group of demons, and after using his spatial energy, he took out the black crystal in the monsters' bodies.

"I wonder where Senior Sister is? Ren Tianyong's group has already lost more than ten people." Chen Xiang used his Heaven Tour and released a few threads of his divine soul to fly in every direction to search for w.a.n.g Jinshi.

"Five thousand jin. It seems it won't be too hard to get thirty thousand jin." It had only been half a day since Chen Xiang arrived here, yet he had easily obtained five thousand kilograms of that kind of black crystal.

Just as he took away the black crystal of a group of demons, a black wind suddenly blew over, enveloping the entire Demon Yang Valley within. The divine soul he released to look for w.a.n.g Jinshi had been corroded by the black wind and dissipated.

"What a powerful demonic storm. It seems that some powerful demonic beasts have taken action. Could it be the G.o.ds of h.e.l.l?" Chen Xiang thought, and walked towards the direction of the gust of wind.

This black wind did not last long before stopping. What made Chen Xiang incredible was that right after this black wind disappeared, a large number of demons appeared around him. These demons were actually blown by this gust of wind.

"Could it be that he was cultivating a devil just now? How on earth did he do it?" Chen Xiang looked around at the dense demons and monsters in shock. These demons looked much stronger than the ones before, and the armor on their bodies were very st.u.r.dy, so much so that normal Divine Weapons would not be able to pierce through them.

Chen Xiang used the Chaos Divine Eye to observe, and saw that the black crystals of the demons were still hidden in his thighs. Furthermore, he had disguised himself as one of the demons and had not been discovered, so he used the power of s.p.a.ce to easily take out a batch of the black crystals.

"How did these demons come into being? If not for the strength of a True G.o.d, even a demiG.o.d would find it hard to deal with these demons." Chen Xiang was shocked. If the Demon Emperor were to place these demons in the Nine Heaven World, the consequences would be severe.

Chen Xiang suspected that the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l had this plan all along. Only if even more people died, would he be able to obtain a large number of dead souls, and then level up even faster.

Worried that the Demon Emperor of h.e.l.l would do such a thing, Chen Xiang took the black crystal from the bodies of the demons even more mercilessly.

The demons did not have black crystals. Although they could still live, they would gradually die if they were unable to absorb energy and store it in their bodies.

One day pa.s.sed. It had only been one day since the start of the operation, but many things had already happened.

"Eldest Brother, what's going on inside? Why haven't they come out yet?" Tai Qiang looked at the mouth of the valley with a worried expression.

It was now night, and the moon hung in the sky was a bit red. From time to time, demonic winds would blow out from the Demon Sun Valley, making eerie whistling sounds.

After Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang came out, they also found the man at night.

"I don't know, I can't enter the Demon Sun Valley now, and the people inside won't be able to come out either. Master told me to do this, and at night, the entire Demon Sun Valley will become even more terrifying. Not only our squad, but the other martial uncle's squad will suffer heavy losses."

The big man's face was filled with grief because his companions who had gone through life and death with him were all inside. Moreover, more than ten of them had already died.

"What, why is it like this? When we came, didn't we say that there would be a second group of disciples coming to deal with the h.e.l.l G.o.d Hall?" Xiao Chou hurriedly asked.

"No, the demons in this Demon Yang Valley are not just born from the Temple of h.e.l.l …" The big man clenched his fist. "Master said so. Anyways, we're screwed this time. The monsters inside will only get more and more terrifying."

"Maybe the demons that attacked the city might appear inside as well. If they did not have the power of G.o.d, they would be in great danger. Now, we can only see if the Main Heavenly G.o.d will appear."

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang were not very worried about Chen Xiang, because Chen Xiang possessed that strong spatial energy.

At night, Chen Xiang also felt that something was wrong. Right now, the black crystal he had obtained was already more than two thousand kilograms, he was very satisfied because there were still a lot of demons here. On the way, all the demons he met would not be able to escape his hands.

"The s.p.a.ce has been sealed." Chen Xiang encountered a group of demons, but he was unable to use his spatial power. This made his heart jump, which meant that he was unable to open the spatial pa.s.sageway to leave this place quickly.

"What happened? Everything was fine before." Chen Xiang was currently in a group of demons. He had just found a group of demons, and just as he was about to attack them, the spatial energy was ineffective.

A low and deep bird's cry suddenly sounded out in the valley, it sounded a little similar to a goshawk, but it was very heavy, and when Chen Xiang heard the sound, the demons around suddenly started to walk quickly.

These demons were all in human form. However, they looked like gorillas with barbed armor on their bodies. They looked very c.u.mbersome, but at this moment, they were running agilely.

Chen Xiang wanted to find out what was going on, so he snuck into the group of demons and started running with them.

In front of them was a tower-shaped tower that looked like an altar. This altar was extremely large, and there were many spikes on it. A few b.l.o.o.d.y corpses were stabbed on the spikes just like that, and under the light red moonlight, it was extremely eerie.

"They are all disciples of the Devil Slayer Temple."

Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat again. Out of those small teams, there were actually more than a hundred who died, and they were all part of the War G.o.d's squad.

More and more demons gathered here. There were more than 200,000 of them. These demons suddenly began to loudly howl. That terrifying roar shook the ground, and after echoing in the valley, the sound became even more strange.

"This is …" Chen Xiang suddenly sensed a few strong auras, one of them belonged to Yuan Baibing and the other one was approaching quickly.

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