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Seeing that Chen Xiang had revealed such a move, Xiao Chou's face was filled with shock. He placed his hand on top of his heart, "Master, wouldn't that mean you can casually pull out my heart?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course it's not that easy, if you feel a weak power of s.p.a.ce approaching you, you will definitely take action, as long as you react quickly, I will not be able to do anything, and will only be more effective in dealing with these demons."

"Unless I can do it silently and without the slightest fluctuation of spatial energy, then I might be able to easily take out your heart."

Xiao Chou immediately became excited: "Then let's go to Devil Yang Valley. When the time comes, Old Tai and I will divert the attention of the demons.

Chen Xiang nodded. "We better hurry up, the warG.o.d teams are so powerful. If we were a little slower, they might kill us all."

Tai Qiang laughed: "Those demons are also not easy to deal with, there might be more powerful demons in Devil Yang Valley."

After figuring out the Magic Beast's speciality, Chen Xiang also felt that there was nothing to be afraid of for the Demon Beast. As long as they didn't meet any extremely powerful Demons, he would be able to take out the black crystal in a few seconds.

Their position was already very close to the Devil Yang Valley.

The leaves of the forest were pitch black, it was difficult for one's vision to penetrate through, so it was dark inside the forest. Currently, there was a very strong light in front, meaning that they would be able to exit the forest very soon, and they would be able to see the entrance to Devil Yang Valley.

"He's finally out. He's the Devil Yang Valley." Xiao Chou pointed to a large area in front that was covered in black Qi.

"The demonic energy is soaring into the sky. I wonder what powerful things are hidden inside. Those warG.o.d teams should have already entered inside." Tai Qiang said, "Even though Master said that we are not allowed to enter without the help of a War G.o.d, but with the strength of the three of us combined, it shouldn't be too weak. Furthermore, Brother Shen possesses formidable spatial strength, so if you are in danger, you can escape quickly."

There were a lot of demons outside Devil Yang Valley, but it was not enough for Chen Xiang and the other two. Furthermore, they were scattered and needed to search in the forest.

Just like this, the three of them did not take Ren Tianyong's warning to heart and directly entered the Devil Yang Valley without profound G.o.d.

When they were at the entrance of the valley, an extremely strong demonic pressure made their chests feel stuffy.

"It's really dangerous inside." Xiao Chou exclaimed, but his face showed no fear, as did Tai Qiang.

Chen Xiang was not afraid at all. With a smile on his face, he replied, "If there really are a lot of demons inside, and everything goes smoothly, we should be able to get a middle ranked Divine Weapon for each of us."

When he mentioned the middle grade Divine Weapon, Xiao Chou was immediately excited, he laughed: "Quickly kill your way in, it's good with master here, we can save a lot of energy."

The three of them faced the dense Evil Qi and walked towards Devil Yang Valley.

Not long after, waves of eerie and low howls came from within. It was creepy to hear, and it was shrouded in a faint black mist that made it impossible to see into the distance, giving this place an even more eerie feeling.

"Master, I cannot use my divine power to sense too far from here." Xiao Chou became extremely vigilant.

"Me too." Tai Qiang was a lot slower.

"I'm fine, the black fog here can corrode G.o.d Power." Chen Xiang used spatial energy, so he was still very clear about the movements in his surroundings.

In order to prevent Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang from leaking their auras, the s.p.a.ce Domain he released also surrounded them.

"The ten warG.o.ds have entered" Chen Xiang could already feel a weak ripple from far away. Moreover, there was already a huge battle going on inside, so most of the demons and monsters here were attracted over.

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang never thought that the inside of the Devil Yang Valley would have such a vile environment. If not for Chen Xiang, they would have already left, because they felt that they were currently blind and this place was filled with dangers.

"Don't worry, this black fog is just outside. There shouldn't be any black fog inside." Chen Xiang brought Xiao Chou and the others and gradually approached the depths of the Devil Yang Valley.

After walking out of the black fog region, there was a desolate, chaotic land in front of them. It was extremely vast, and Chen Xiang and the other two saw many black demons of various sizes in the distance.

These demons were different from the last time when they attacked Devil-killing Divine City. They were all of different colors, but they all had one thing in common, and that was that they had strong regenerative abilities.

"The powerful monsters have all gone to deal with the War G.o.d profound G.o.d, the remaining ones aren't that powerful." Chen Xiang laughed.

Tai Qiang saw the monster in front attacking a st.u.r.dy man holding a rainbow colored umbrella, and shouted in shock: "It's that guy, he's my Big Senior, the umbrella in his hand is a good low ranked Divine Weapon."

Xiao Chou said: "Let's not go to his place. This guy's temper is bad, if we go there, we will definitely be scolded by him."

Tai Qiang looked in that direction and said: "No, he seems to be having a hard time right now.

Chen Xiang also saw that the big sized man's Demon Slaying G.o.d Power was weakening, it was obvious that it was extremely strenuous. Although his attacks were fierce, and there were even some demons that were turned into minced meat by his attacks, but the regenerative abilities of the demon monsters were extremely strong. As long as the black crystal was not separated from the monster's flesh, it would quickly regenerate.

"Eldest Senior Brother, why is it just you? Where are the others?" Tai Qiang used his large scissors to cut off a few dozen of the legs of the demons. Then, he used his Suzaku bow to burn all of those thighs off, at the same time collecting the black crystals.

"Do you kids want to die? Our team already lost more than ten people, Master's whereabouts are unknown, the people sent by h.e.l.l Divine Palace were very powerful, they have been lying in ambush for us for a long time, now we have to retreat." The man shouted, "You guys hurry up and leave. I'll help you block these monsters. Quickly …"

Before he finished speaking, Chen Xiang had already opened a dimensional door. Then, Xiao Chou kicked him in and sent him flying out of the Devil Yang Valley.


A burst of G.o.d Power surged out from under his feet, and the ground started to burst into flames as it turned into a Taiji array. When the Taiji array revolved, it produced an extremely strange suction force when coupled with Chen Xiang's spatial energy, it caused the surrounding demons to appear as if they were taking a few steps in their original spot.

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang saw that the hundred demons around them were frozen in place by Chen Xiang in an instant. At the same time, they were shocked, and they had already made their move, using the Demon Slaying Palm to attack the demons around them, crippling their bodies and dispersing their defensive powers so that Chen Xiang could take out the black crystal.

The moment Chen Xiang released his spatial energy, the black crystals that he had locked onto instantly disappeared into the legs of the demons, and came around him.

"Attack!" When Xiao Chou shouted, it was as if Tai Qiang used an even stronger devil slayer divine power, as if he was slapping an ant. The devil slayer palm struck out, turning the bodies of the demons into black ashes.

Chen Xiang's face became serious, "More than ten members of the First War G.o.d's team actually died. It seems like there are a lot of ambushes here, you guys can still leave first, I'm worried that I won't be able to care about you guys later. If it were just me, I would have escaped much easier."

Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang looked at each other and nodded.

"Just send us out into the forest." Xiao Chou said.

Chen Xiang opened up the spatial tunnel. Xiao Chou and Tai Qiang walked in and left the Devil Yang Valley.

"Change." Chen Xiang immediately turned into a gorilla like monster, even the aura emitted from his body was the same as those monsters.

Along the way, Chen Xiang met many demon monsters, but none of them attacked him. Just as he had guessed, these demon monsters had very simple minds, they could only differentiate one another through their Qi.

Just like this, Chen Xiang blended into the group of demons, and while they were not paying attention, he locked onto the black crystal in their legs and used the power of s.p.a.ce to retrieve those crystals.

A black crystal is about a jin of weight. I've already gotten more than 300 jins, but that's only 300 jins. Only 10,000 jins is enough to reach 100,000 jins. Chen Xiang calculated in his heart and realized that it would not be easy to gather 100,000 points. At least killing 10,000 of these demons was enough.

The Devil Yang Valley was very big, Chen Xiang could get his hands on over 300 jin so quickly, so he could be considered as very fast, as long as he could gather 1000 jin, he would be able to get 10 thousand yuan in exchange, and he would be able to get an Inferior Grade Divine Weapon that was worth 500 thousand gold coins, which was not bad for many people.

"Hopefully there will be more demons here. It will be enough for me to obtain 30,000 jins of this black crystal for three medium-grade divine tools." Chen Xiang had already calculated Xiao Chou's and Tai Qiang's share.

Other than that, Chen Xiang also wanted to know what had happened inside.'s group had lost ten people, which was a huge loss.

"I wonder how senior sister is doing. She should also be here, right?" Chen Xiang was a little worried for w.a.n.g Jinshi, as she was ranked ninth, and although she was the Sword G.o.d's daughter, she could not use the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, so her strength would be greatly reduced.

There were many demons outside, and there were thousands of them. It had only been four hours, and Chen Xiang had already collected all of the black crystals on their bodies, but he did not kill any of them.

"This is Yuan Baibing's flaming aura, what a fierce battle." Chen Xiang did not hear any sounds, but he sensed a strong aura of flames coming from them. It was clear that the battlefield was still far away.

"If these demons run away like that, it will cause quite a bit of casualties. How did the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor manage to get these demons, they are pretty well-fused. Without using any methods, it would be hard for normal people to kill them." Chen Xiang looked at the demons around him. He secretly admired the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, who had used the evil powers of the Infernal Realm to create such a strong army of demons.

However, if the Devil-killing Divine Palace knew about it, it meant that this group of demons was destined to be exterminated.

"There's no more fire energy. Is the battle over?" Chen Xiang did not sense the aura of Yuan Baibing's flames and he suspected that there was definitely another world deep within the Devil Yang Valley.

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