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After w.a.n.g Jinshi left the Devil-killing Divine Palace, Chen Xiang also returned to Tai Qiang's house. He felt that it would be much better over there.

The Devil-killing Divine City had only closed the city gate, but it could still be transferred to the other Great Divine City s. w.a.n.g Jinshi could quickly finish what Chen Xiang had told him to do.

Chen Xiang entered the secret room. He had previously told Tai Qiang that if he entered the secret room, there was no need to disturb him unless it was something extremely important.

"Although this Divine Stove is of low quality, it is already pretty good for me. It is enough for me to use for a period of time. When Xianxian and the others come up, I'll get them to help refine a better one."

Chen Xiang allowed the furnace to grow a lot larger, and took out the Demon Crystals he had collected before. There were a few hundred in total, and they contained a dense amount of energy inside.

"To become a true G.o.d is to become one, at that time, even if I have to face profound G.o.d or Evil Demons that are much stronger than me, I will be able to escape."

Chen Xiang threw a huge pile of Demonic Crystals into the divine furnace. He placed all of the crystals into the furnace in one go, refining so many crystals was not difficult for him at all.

Although it was his first time using this Divine Stove, Chen Xiang's adaptability was strong, and he would be able to adapt to it very quickly. Using the Infinite refining and Chuangzao fire, he spent one day and one night to refine the hundreds of crystals into a small pill.

"I'm only a step away from becoming a True G.o.d now. This pill should be able to help me advance a level." After Chen Xiang swallowed it, he operated the Heavenly Alchemy and started cultivating.

, who was currently cultivating with his eyes closed, did not feel the pa.s.sage of time.

The Inner Yuan of his soul is the so-called Emperor soul, and right now, he wants to condense a soul lattice within the Inner Yuan.

As long as he had enough resources to support him, coupled with a decent amount of cultivation methods, it would not be difficult for him to condense a soul lattice. Right now, he could see that a very small crystal had already appeared in his Inner Yuan.

"With the Heavenly Alchemy, I will be able to accomplish twice the results with half the effort." When Chen Xiang cultivated using the Heavenly Alchemy, he refined the pellet he ate very quickly. At the same time, he was also able to quickly condense soul grimoires, which was equivalent to refining pellets.

It didn't take long for his soul lattice to be very large, and he had almost absorbed all of the power brought by the pill.

"It's begun." Chen Xiang's mind stirred and he began to integrate his Divine Deity and soul origin soul. All of this was like refining pills and he needed to knead everything together, make them fuse together perfectly and create an even more powerful effect.

Although it was not concocting a pill, in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was as if he was concocting a pill. For a Alchemist like him who cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, this was extremely easy.

"Ning." Chen Xiang channeled his Heavenly Alchemy, and suddenly released a very strong power of dissolution, transforming the thing he needed to fuse into primal chaos, and then, he fused it together again.

The moment Chen Xiang's Divine Deity, divine soul and soul were fused perfectly, he suddenly felt a vast power surging over, making him almost shout out loud.

"This is a True G.o.d." Chen Xiang looked at his Divine Sense Sea World. The s.p.a.ce inside was growing larger and larger, and he could already generate a weak energy of his own.

If his physical body was destroyed at this moment, if his soul was able to escape in time, he would still not die, and he might not even lose his boundless divine power.

"The so-called 'True G.o.d' should mean that the soul has already evolved to the same level as the original body." Chen Xiang spread open his palm. With a thought, a white light flashed on his palm and a little person the size of a thumb appeared. This little person was exactly the same as him, only a lot smaller.

Chen Xiang reached out to pinch this little person. This little person's skin was soft and tender, and was extremely real.

The most powerful part of this little girl was that she could transform into a hollow spirit, which allowed her to dodge attacks to a certain degree.

"The Divine Deity has already been compressed to a very small degree and is hidden inside." Chen Xiang poked the little girl's stomach with his finger, and couldn't help but smile, and then placed it inside the Divine Sense Sea s. This way, it would become safer.

Chen Xiang did not cultivate for too long this time, it only took more than ten days, but the battle with the devil monsters outside the city was still not over.

Thinking about how the crystals of those demons were so easy to use, but they would definitely be destroyed in the other battles within the Heavenly G.o.d level, Chen Xiang felt his heart ache.

"These demons are really powerful." Chen Xiang walked into the hall and sighed.

"Master, you didn't go watch the battle. It's such a pity, we witnessed the power of the second group of disciples from the Main Heavenly G.o.d. Those are all real G.o.ds." Xiao Chou was a little excited, "I will become a G.o.d in the future, but I will be even more powerful.

Chen Xiang asked: "Has anyone come to find me these past few days?"

"Yes, Ninth Martial Uncle came to find you and told you to go find her immediately." Tai Qiang said.

Xiao Chou smiled mysteriously, "Master, this Ninth Martial Uncle seems to treat you quite well."

"I'm working with her right now, so don't think too much." Chen Xiang lightly patted Xiao Chou's head. "After the big battle is over, you guys can go find a good mission. We'll go practice together."

Chen Xiang quickly walked out of the house and headed towards Devil-killing Divine Palace.

w.a.n.g Jinshi would be here five days ago, so the task that Chen Xiang asked her to do was extremely smooth for her.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming over, w.a.n.g Jinshi said unhappily: "You are not training here, are you treating me like an outsider?"

"Of course not." Chen Xiang laughed dryly and asked: "How is the matter, did you find Yang Yan?"

"I found it. He has already returned from the Divine Prison. He has returned for over a hundred years." w.a.n.g Jinshi said: "And I have already left those imprints in the various Divine City s, is there anything else I need to do next."

"Where is Yang Yan? I'll go find him first. Just don't refuse when I need your help in the future." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course not."

Knowing that Yang Yan had fallen behind, Chen Xiang was slightly happy and immediately left the Devil-killing Divine City.

This was the Divine City constructed by one of the four disciples of the G.o.d of Fortune, Brilliance, and was also a Great Divine City. Yang Yan was the disciple of Brilliant G.o.d, so it was normal for him to be here.

"Yang Yan this guy, stayed in the Divine Prison for so long, he should have gotten a lot from his father." Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of a native bank, where a few words were written.

Yang Yan's father, Yang Kai Rui, was a disciple of the Shining G.o.d. After returning from Divine Prison, he was arranged to take care of the native bank here.

This native bank was very big, after all, this Heaven Brilliant Divine City was also a huge city, and as the only native bank here, its size was definitely not small.

Although Yang Yan lived in the native bank, he only stayed there when he was resting. Usually, he stayed in the high-cla.s.s restaurants here, becoming stronger friends, just like when he was in the Divine Prison.

Therefore, Yang Yan's circle was very wide, and that was why Chen Xiang asked for his help to purchase the middle grade medicinal ingredients.

"It's this restaurant. Tianguang Restaurant is really impressive, to the point of almost catching up to Devil-killing Divine Palace." Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in admiration. In this splendid looking restaurant, other than being slightly shorter than the Devil-killing Divine Palace, it looked better than him in other aspects.

After Chen Xiang went in, he immediately went to find the shopkeeper, and said that he was Yang Yan's friend, and asked him to inform him.

When the shopkeeper heard that it was Yang Yan's friend, he did not pa.s.s it down, so he immediately arranged for a waiter to bring him in, because lying about as Yang Yan's friend would have very serious consequences.

Chen Xiang followed the waiter to the tenth floor. There was no separate room, there were only many neat tables and chairs, and in the middle, there was a round table, on it was a group of beautiful girls wearing red clothes, dancing in a beautiful and captivating manner.

On the tables and chairs around the stage, there were a total of about a hundred people. Chen Xiang quickly found Yang Yan at the closest table, but he was the only one there.

Although the people on the other tables and chairs could sit here, they didn't dare to walk too close to Yang Yan right now. As for the women on the stage, they were dancing with the beautiful music.

Because Yang Yan was looking down on him with all his might, no one dared to disturb him.

There were still some people who could not sit still, and brought a jade box to Yang Yan's side, but just as he said that, a big sized man standing behind Yang Yan glared at him.

"Young Master Yang, this is a hundred thousand years of talent … …" Before the man finished speaking, Yang Yan frowned and waved his hand.

Yang Yan said indifferently: "This is all because of your greed. For a little thing, you killed people and stole their goods, now that someone has come looking for you, you brought this upon yourself. If I were you, I would have gone to all divine palaces's Punishment Hall to receive my punishment."

That person's face was deathly pale. He let out a helpless sigh and turned around to leave.

Chen Xiang never thought that this Yang Yan would actually be so popular. Everyone who came to find him were obviously looking for his help, even him.

At this time, there were people who wanted to come over, and with heavy gifts in their hands, the big sized man standing behind Yang Yan seemed to be sending a sound transmission to those people, telling them to immediately return to their original positions.

Chen Xiang thought that his relationship with Yang Yan was close, so he also walked over. He didn't bring any gifts and just pa.s.sed by.

When the others saw how untactful he was, they sneered in their hearts. They all thought that he would be forced to retreat by that heartless big man.

Chen Xiang heard the big sized man's sound transmission and said that Young Master Yang did not like being disturbed by others watching him dance.

But Chen Xiang did not care about it. Not only did he walk over, he even sat on a chair beside Yang Yan and picked up his chopsticks to eat. What made everyone dumbstruck was that Chen Xiang did not treat himself as an outsider and continued to wolf down his own food.

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