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"Second brother, are you sick? Our Divine City is about to be captured, in my memory, we never encountered such a thing. If those demons are so powerful, then the all divine palaces must have sent people over." The smiling Fifth Brother said.

"This matter is related to the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. According to the rules of the all divine palaces, before the Divine City is threatened, the all divine palaces will not intervene. I never said that the Divine City would be captured. Second Senior Martial Brother said, "If we can get rid of the powerful monsters, we will definitely have points. We won't be able to kill the small ones, but we still have to kill the small ones. Master said that if the monsters reach the city walls, we will deduct all the points."

"How can this be? How can we take back the spilled water?"

"That's right, Main Heavenly G.o.d can't be like this."

"I've already used up all my divine money, he won't be able to take it back."

Everyone began to complain.

Didn't I say just now that the precondition to withdrawing is that we can't let the demons get below the city walls? As long as you guys don't laze around, there's no problem with it, it hasn't even started, you already think you can't do it. If Eldest Senior can hear it, then you will definitely lose your points.

The one who spoke was the Ninth Junior Sister. After being reprimanded by her, everyone shut up.

Chen Xiang felt that this Devil-killing Divine Palace was rather united, and the strong warriors weren't strict with their words, so they spoke in a friendly manner.

"Second Martial Uncle, can you give us some information about those monsters? This is beneficial for us to fight." Chen Xiang asked, although he did not acknowledge anyone as his master, but seeing that others called them that, he called them that too.

Chen Xiang had joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace. The other War G.o.ds of the Devil-killing Divine Palace did not know, and not many people knew either. It was clear that the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d was intentionally hiding this from them.

"For the time being, we don't have any information on him. If you can collect it then you can just pa.s.s it on to the Third Elder and have him pa.s.s it on to everyone." The second senior brother thought for a moment and said, "We're ready to go. We're directly in front of the city gate. We can see dozens of huge spatial rifts. The demons came out from inside."

Everyone immediately dispersed. Chen Xiang's group wasn't in a hurry, allowing the ten great squads to take the lead was something the other team leaders agreed on.

"Did this h.e.l.l Devil Emperor come up with all this to vent his dissatisfaction?" Chen Xiang kept feeling that it was because of him that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had done this to the Devil-killing Divine Palace.

The captains of the top ten squads were all disciples of the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d s. These squads had dozens of people, and each of them had several profound G.o.d s within them.

I heard that the current Ten Great War G.o.ds in the Devil-killing Divine Palace are only the third batch of disciples in the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d, and the strongest is the first batch of disciples. There are also ten of them, but their whereabouts are unknown, and the second batch has always been in the Devil-killing Divine Palace. Tai Qiang whispered into Chen Xiang's ears: "Devil-killing Divine Palace is not that weak."

The doubt in Chen Xiang's heart was dispelled because the G.o.d of Fortune's prized disciples were all G.o.ds, and the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d s were considered strong in the G.o.ds Realm, so it was impossible for the disciples to be on the profound G.o.d level. So the current ten disciples were actually on the third batch.

Although there were only a thousand of them that had left the Devil-killing Divine City, their overall strength was extremely terrifying. Walking on the streets, they scared many people, especially the nine war G.o.ds in front, whose aura alone was enough to scare them.

"Master, with your current ident.i.ty, it's best not to reveal it. Wait a moment, don't use the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword either." Xiao Chou whispered to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Then do you have a good weapon?" Xiao Chou asked.

"No, I don't need you right now. If I can't do it, you will still be here." Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was not nervous.

He had just joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace and Chen Xiang had not yet learned the Devil-killing Divine Palace's techniques. Furthermore, he was not a True G.o.d yet, so Xiao Chou was a little worried.

Chen Xiang possessed the Supreme G.o.d bone, so he was very confident in his own strength. Furthermore, he also had the spatial energy and the Heavenly Alchemy.

When everyone left the city gate, they sprinted for more than two hours, and then saw several black cracks in the sky in front of them, one after another, large and small monsters of all shapes and sizes kept coming out. There were many different colors, and they all had a common characteristic, which was that they were very ugly, and they all oozed out some stinky mucus, the biggest was like a huge mountain, and the smallest was flying in a group like a swarm of locusts.

These monsters were all gathered together and didn't attack immediately. They were waiting for the number to be sufficient before attacking.

"What world is this from?" It was not the first time that Chen Xiang had encountered such a scene. In the past, he had also encountered many Demonic Beasts, but now, he was much stronger.

"Some of the deformed worlds were formed naturally, while those worlds were tainted by the power of evil, resulting in the development of this kind of demon. Their consciousness was filled with brutality and slaughter, this isn't the first time Devil-killing Divine Palace encountered this kind of thing, moreover, the original intent of the Devil-killing Divine Palace was to deal with this kind of thing." When Tai Qiang saw this, he also frowned, "Because only the Infernal Realm has such a strong evil power, so Main Heavenly G.o.d has always suspected that it was the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor who did it."

"It's very likely that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor is conducting some sort of experiment. He wants to nurture a large number of powerful demons and monsters so that he can obtain even more power."

At this time, Ren Tianyong's voice suddenly came out.

Everyone, pay attention, if it is not profound G.o.d, do not go against the monsters that are condensed at the top of your head. Especially those that are crystal bright, those demons are all very strong.

Everyone immediately searched for monsters that had condensed crystals on their foreheads, looking for those Ren Tianyong mentioned.

With just a quick glance, everyone was shocked. This was because there were quite a few of these demons.

The heads of the demons and monsters were all places with eyes. Although there were a dozen or so eyes, they were still able to see where the heads were, making it easy for the monsters with crystals on their heads to see through them. The monsters with gems seemed to be close to their eyes, which was what Ren Tianyong warned them to do.

"I am a middle True G.o.d, Old Tai is a Upper True G.o.d, Master …" Even though you are not a True G.o.d yet, you have many evil methods, if we add them all up, you can barely match up to a lower profound G.o.d, and you should be able to fight against a monster that has condensed crystals. " Xiao Chou said.

Chen Xiang and Tai Qiang also wanted to try and kill those strong demons, but Chen Xiang was more concerned with those condensed crystals.

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