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Standing guard outside the cave, Feng Yujie stomped his feet in anger.

"Am I crazy? To actually help this b.a.s.t.a.r.d do such a thing." The more Feng Yujie thought about it, the more he felt that there was something wrong with his head. Not only did he help Chen Xiang call Dongfang Xinyue over alone, and let them enjoy the pleasures of being fish in water, he even helped them keep watch outside.

"This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he's purposely making such a big commotion so that I can hear him? Doesn't he not know how to casually lay down a barrier?" Feng Yujie had no choice but to turn off his own hearing, otherwise, all of the touching words that Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue had said would have all entered her mind.

Feng Yujie, who was born with the power of seduction, had never been so close to a place where men and women were intimate with each other.

"How long are they going to play? There's no end to it." Feng Yujie waited for more than two hours, but after thinking about it, Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue were not normal people, Chen Xiang possessed the Supreme Being Holy Bone and Dongfang Xinyue had the Vermillion Bird bloodline, the two of them could really do this together without end.

Feng Yujie wanted to leave immediately, but she had yet to get rid of the Tracing mantra on Chen Xiang's body. Furthermore, the G.o.ds Realm was already very close to the Nine Heavens Divine Palace, so Chen Xiang could only continue to guard here.

"That should be enough. Sister Yu Jie is still waiting for us outside." Dongfang Xinyue leaned on Chen Xiang's chest in a soft and gentle voice. They had already trained for two hours, and when they rested, they would also open the windows to look at Feng Yujie outside.

"What's the rush? I'm going to the G.o.ds Realm soon, we'll have to wait a long time before we meet again in the future." Chen Xiang rubbed Dongfang Xinyue's chest and laughed wickedly: "We still need to dual cultivate first, then take a bath and call Meng'er and Xianxian over."

Saying that, Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"You still have to call Xianxian and Meng Er over? No, this is too embarra.s.sing, definitely not." Dongfang Xinyue's face had already turned red.

Dongfang Xinyue wanted to continue speaking, but Chen Xiang had already lifted her up and jumped into a bath, then intensely kissed her in the bath …

Feng Yujie predicted that Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue would at most live happily here for one to two days. After all, the two of them were very strong, but she never expected Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue to cultivate together, it would take them a lot of time.

Chen Xiang's body and soul were both very strong at the moment. This was the first time Dongfang Xinyue had dual cultivated with her, and he had received great benefits. Furthermore, he could also do such shameful and comfortable things during dual cultivation, causing her to suddenly be unwilling to leave Chen Xiang's side.

"Good elder sister, are you still outside?" Chen Xiang suddenly said to Feng Yujie.

"Is it because the Warm Moon girl can't satisfy you, and wants me to go in and serve you?" Feng Yujie's voice sounded, carrying a trace of resentment.

"I have this thought, but I don't know if you would be willing to …" To tell you the truth, this is all because of you. Who told your charm to always torture me. " Chen Xiang chuckled.

"Don't even think about it. Finish it quickly." Feng Yujie scoffed.

I'm going to leave very soon. I don't know when I'll meet them in the future, and your seductive powers will continue to torment me. You can't help me get rid of them within a year, so quickly help me call Xianxian and the Elder Sister Meng'er over. Chen Xiang laughed.

Feng Yujie thought about how Chen Xiang had always been tormented by her seductive power, and felt very apologetic. He could only bite the bullet and summon Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er over.

Very quickly, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian arrived at the bottom of the You Ming Deep Abyss, Feng Yujie merely allowed them to enter the house.

When the two girls opened the door and saw Chen Xiang and Dongfang Xinyue playing in the bath, they were immediately stunned.

Without a second word, Xue Xianxian threw a punch and a kick towards Chen Xiang at the side of the pool previously, but in the end, it had also turned into a fight, and after being dragged down the bath by Chen Xiang, he was stripped naked. Even Liu Meng'er who was hiding far away could not avoid it, as he was swept away by the suction force from Chen Xiang.

Feng Yujie was already numb to it, she muttered: "Meiyao and the others have truly left very well, if not … I can't imagine. "

She thought about how there were many women by Chen Xiang's side. If she were to be with Chen Xiang at this moment, she would definitely go even more crazy.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d has a conscience after all. He didn't extend his claws towards this naive and innocent girl, Jing Jing." Feng Yujie continued to let his imagination run wild as he waited for Chen Xiang and the others to finish.

After finding out that Chen Xiang was preparing to go to the G.o.ds Realm, Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian could only sigh quietly. Previously, they had gotten along with Chen Xiang in the Divine Prison and it was the first time in many years that they had spent so much time together.

At this time, they were also very considerate and good when taking care of Chen Xiang, because they might need a very long time to see him again.

Chen Xiang wasn't doing this all for the sake of being happy with the three girls. At the same time, he was dual cultivating with them, transferring the power of his newly merged Supreme G.o.d bone into their bodies through dual cultivation.

When he was training with the three girls, Chen Xiang had consumed a large amount of his vitality, because he had also pa.s.sed down some of the strange abilities in his body to them. For example, that poison resistance and some of his Fire of Chaos s, although they were very weak, they could still give them a start.

Feng Yujie had been waiting outside for more than ten days. When Chen Xiang and the three women saw his haggard appearance, they rejoiced at his misfortune and at the same time, guessed a few things, because Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue who walked out with Chen Xiang were extremely spirited at this moment. There were also big changes as well, which showed that Chen Xiang had used some kind of secret method to channel a lot of energy to them.

"You have that kind of bone, there shouldn't be a need for you to act this way, right? What exactly did you do?" Feng Yujie was still very curious about why Chen Xiang had become like this.

"You'll know once you try." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Hmph." Feng Yujie snorted unhappily.

After eating a Dragon Blood Saint Dan, Chen Xiang's complexion gradually recovered. He opened a spatial tunnel and brought Feng Yujie and the others to the forest outside of the City of G.o.ddess.

"Sister Yu Jie, call Jing Jing out. Before Chen Xiang goes to the G.o.ds Realm, play with this little girl. She would like to be able to hang out with you." Dongfang Xinyue laughed.

"We won't be going, we still have to hurry. We just hope that when we get to the G.o.ds Realm, we can hand over that ship to you." Xue Xianxian kissed Chen Xiang's cheeks: "Be careful."

Liu Meng'er also kissed him on the other cheek, "Don't be too stubborn, you still have us to remember."

Feng Yujie, the three women returned to the Divine Female Palace, and then, they called Dongfang Jing out. "Do you want me to accompany you?

"Yes." Chen Xiang nodded.

Dongfang Jing was very happy that she could go play with Chen Xiang, so when she came out, she was even wearing a light pink dress. At this moment, her innocent and innocent face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy.

"Big brother, I've known you for so long, yet you've never brought me out to play. Qianxiang said before that you've brought her out to play before, and you've even eaten a lot of things." Dongfang Jing walked up to Chen Xiang's Frisbee and leaned on his arm.

"Qianxiang, seriously, left with You Lan just like that. These two girls are both crazy brats, wild girls who like to fight." Chen Xiang was still very worried at the moment.

"Brother, don't worry about them, Qianxiang is a new Sword Emperor now, Sister You Lan is also very strong, it's fine." Dongfang Jing laughed: "Let's go look for Lingling, she should be at big sister's place."

Feng Yujie said: "Long Huishan also went onto the Path of G.o.d, and she even brought Shen Lingling. I heard that Shen Lingling had hidden problems when she grew up, but never would I have thought that with the help of the Ice Dragon lineage, she would actually become so powerful, and increase by leaps and bounds. Right now, she is going to the G.o.ds Realm with many of the older people from the Ice Dragon bloodline."

"This is not a good thing. Seems like I need to hurry up and go to the G.o.ds Realm." Chen Xiang thought about the Ice Dragon's experience in the G.o.ds Realm and began to worry about the Ice Dragon's bloodline.

"Xue Yi gave the Ice Dragon's Supreme Dragon blood to the Ice Dragon's Lineage. I think it should be fine." Feng Yujie said.

"Lingling is really working hard, he has already pa.s.sed the Path of G.o.ds. In the future, I need to work hard too, I also want to pa.s.s the Path of G.o.ds with my own abilities." Dongfang Jing said with a resolute expression.

Chen Xiang pinched her cheek, and laughed: "It will definitely work if you keep quiet."

Feng Yujie also laughed, "There is nothing to be afraid of on the road to the G.o.d Realm now. Since Di Tian has become so powerful, the people training in Di Tian will become much stronger than before. Back then, very few people entered the G.o.ds Realm from the Ninth Heaven.

"Sister Jie, you are also a G.o.d, right?" Dongfang Jing asked Feng Yujie with his eyes wide open.

"Yes." Feng Yujie smiled slightly and caressed Dongfang Jing's face, "In the future, I will guide you and make you stronger. You possess the Vermillion Bird's bloodline, so your foundation is extremely good."

Chen Xiang brought Dongfang Jing on a tour around Di Tian's mountains and rivers, and also went to some bustling cities, and even went to some Endless Heaven Realm s. He brought Dongfang Jing and Feng Yujie to taste all kinds of delicious food, and bought many strange things, to play for close to ten days.

Dongfang Jing was already very satisfied, and did not cry when he bid farewell to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang teleported to the vicinity of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm. Because the Devil-killing Divine Palace was right here, that group of G.o.ds back then could now oppress the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor in broad daylight.

Lv Zhen and the Grandma Lv were both inside the Devil-killing Divine Palace, so the person who had a huge grudge with the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor was definitely also here.

Bai Yaowei himself was also a member of the Devil-killing Summit and now he also chose to join the Devil-killing Divine Palace. Huang Jintian, Jiang Sheng, along with his old friends Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao, and the others were all brought here by Huang Jintian.

After Chen Xiang came to the Devil-killing Divine Palace, he drank with these old friends of his for a few days and nights before making an agreement to meet them again in the G.o.ds Realm in the future.

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