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Feng Yujie was right, the G.o.ds Realm's restriction on the Nine Heaven World no longer forbade the G.o.ds from coming. There were even powers installed here to exert their influence and control over the Nine Heaven World.

Right now, the most important thing for Chen Xiang was this dragon vein. This could be said to be his, and it had already been occupied by someone for many years.

When Chen Xiang was near the defensive barrier of the dragon vein, the s.p.a.ce Domain he released suddenly disappeared, it was not because he kept it, but because it was affected by some unknown force and dissipated.

He did not use any more power, but when he touched the dragon vein's barrier, he easily entered.

Seeing that, everyone was shocked, because this meant that Chen Xiang had a high chance of controlling the dragon vein.

Just a moment ago, Liao Ming from the Thunder G.o.d Hall said that this was a naturally formed treasure.

Chen Xiang was currently floating in front of the dragon's head, staring at the dragon's vein with its pair of pale green eyes.

"You've grown so fast. I didn't expect that after so long, you would almost not recognize me." Chen Xiang reached out his hand, and gently caressed the dragon head.

The dragon's eyes suddenly flashed with green light and started to react.

Seeing this scene, the Mei Emperor was extremely nervous. She knew well how powerful the Di Tian Dragon Veins were, and Chen Xiang was not controlled by her. On the contrary, she was extremely hostile to her.

"Go get those women. Hurry up." Mei Emperor suddenly said to Wan Huaiyan: "Inside here is Chen Xiang's wife and recognized sister, as long as we capture them, we can threaten Chen Xiang."

All of the images that came from the Mei Emperor suddenly appeared in Wan Huaiyan's mind, and he immediately knew that Xue Xianxian and Liu Meng'er were extremely close, and that she was Chen Xiang's woman.

After Feng Yujie heard the Mei Emperor's words, she immediately stepped forward and waved her hand, releasing a large purple ball of fire.

The purple ball of fire transformed into a huge purple Qilin, letting out many roars. Stepping on the purple fire wave, it welcomed the five True G.o.ds who had just descended from G.o.ds Realm.

"It's you." Only now did Mei Emperor realize Feng Yujie was there, and only now did she see Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. It was not because she did not notice them before, but because Feng Yujie had covered them up with a strange power previously.

"You're still the same as always, always wanting to use this poison tactic." The purple Fire unicorn she released was extremely powerful, actually making Wan Huaiyan retreat several steps, and was unable to take a step forward.

Mei Emperor felt that it was very troublesome, she never thought that Feng Yujie would be here, and that he would be so powerful.

Suddenly, the Mei Emperor sensed a powerful and scorching Qi approaching her, she anxiously dodged and dodged an arrow that shot down from below. It was Chen Xiang who had pulled the Suzaku bow to attack her.

Most of them are on my side. Forget about others, just because you, Chen Xiang, are in possession of this dragon vein, they will not let you get away with it. Furthermore, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's bounty for you is still effective. Mei Emperor's voice turned cold, no longer as tender and sweet as before.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "I don't care if all divine palaces comes to the Nine Heaven World, but if you want to steal my dragon fountain, and rely on brute force to notify Jiu Jiu, don't blame me for that."

Chen Xiang pulled the Suzaku bow, and shot an arrow at the Evil Emperor in the distance.

Evil Emperor did not attack him with this arrow at all, and when he found out, his body had already been penetrated, and his soul had already been severely injured by the power of this arrow.

What made the Mei Emperor angry was that Chen Xiang had released eight more arrows at the same time, each to attack the other eight emperors of the Holy Nations, and all of them were crippled by Chen Xiang's arrows.

If the emperors of the Holy Nations were to work together with the all divine palaces, they would be able to make the divine halls dominate the nine heavens. However, they were all crippled by Chen Xiang, so it was obvious that they did not want the divine halls to easily take over the power of the Ten Great Holy Nations.

"When you guys attacked the Evil Dragon Graveyard and took over my dragon fountain, you should have thought of this day." Chen Xiang's voice, which carried a trace of anger, resounded in everyone's ears like a clap of thunder.

"Since you are all lackeys from h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, I will send you all to meet him and greet him on my behalf." Standing at the dragon fountain, Chen Xiang punched towards the sky. Nine bolts of lightning suddenly descended, and the lightning that flashed was like a dragon, struck onto the bodies of the nine Holy Nations Emperors, turning their bodies into powder.

However, Chen Xiang did not destroy their souls, but rather allowed them to go to h.e.l.l.

As soon as Chen Xiang killed these emperor of the Holy Nations, a strong pressure appeared in the sky and all kinds of colored clouds floated over.

"Retreat." A loud shout came from afar, and a fireball struck over, smashing onto the purple Fire unicorn that Feng Yujie had released, destroying the purple Fire unicorn.

In every corner of the sky, there were many deities that were emitting a blinding light. They had all just descended from G.o.ds Realm, and Mei Emperor was their guide.

Seeing the strong reinforcements coming, Mei Emperor, who was still a little worried a moment ago, heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He said to the G.o.d Chen Xiang: "Quickly capture the boat people, as long as we capture them, we can threaten Chen Xiang."

There were dozens of G.o.ds in the sky. Although there were no profound G.o.d s, there were a few Upper True G.o.d s and the others were all G.o.ds.

As soon as these G.o.ds arrived, the Mei Emperor immediately sent a sound transmission to them, telling them everything that had just happened.

When they heard that Chen Xiang wanted to control the dragon's vein, these G.o.ds were extremely anxious and did as the Mei Emperor told them. After all, they all followed Jiang Sheng's boat.

Chen Xiang was still waiting for the dragon fountain to fully awaken. Seeing the boat surrounded, he was extremely anxious.

"If you dare to continue forward, I will summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace." Chen Xiang suddenly took out seven Chaos Fire Token s and raised them up high.

Feng Yujie anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang: "Don't be rash, summon out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. We are also in danger, we can handle this group of people."

Chen Xiang knew that Feng Yujie was very strong, but he was still worried because he knew that Xue Xianxian and the rest were all on that boat.

The four words "Nine Heaven Devil Palace" indeed had a lot of deterrence power. When the G.o.ds heard it, they felt fear in their hearts, especially when they saw the seven Chaos Fire Token s in Chen Xiang's hands, they fell silent.

"Move far away from here, or else we'll go to the Nine Heaven Devil Palace together." Chen Xiang continued to shout.

Mei Emperor bit her lips, she never thought that Chen Xiang would actually have this kind of skill. As a being created by the Nine Divine Kings back then, she was very clear of how powerful he was.

Everyone has already been sealed as G.o.ds, they also have a reputation in the G.o.ds Realm, you can still chase after threats like this. Moreover, you have to deal with these weak semi-G.o.ds, once the news spread to the G.o.ds Realm, aren't you afraid of getting laughed at?

A white mist floated over and there were more than ten white-robed women on top. The one who spoke was the beautiful woman standing in front of them. Her voice was hoa.r.s.e, but it carried a sense of deterrence.

"Divine Female Palace." Mei Emperor snorted: "Back then, you were all opposed to entering the Nine Heaven World. What are you doing here now?"

"The majority of the all divine palaces actually supported us, it's useless even if we object. Although we object, it doesn't mean that we won't come to the Nine Heaven World, furthermore, everyone is here, why can't we?" The beautiful woman from the Divine Female Palace smiled, "Although you were created by the Nine Divine Kings, you are not the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess."

Hearing about the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, Chen Xiang more or less understood that the G.o.ddess of the nine heavens could very likely be Feng Yujie.

"Chen Xiang, quickly put away the Chaos Fire Token. I want you to guarantee that this boatman won't be harmed in the slightest, you don't have to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace." Although this beautiful woman from the Divine Female Palace looked very calm, when she mentioned the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, she couldn't hide the fear in her eyes.

Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang had mentioned the Divine Female Palace before. It was a relatively neutral Divine Palace above the G.o.ds Realm, and they were all made up of women. Its power was also relatively strong, so Chen Xiang had more trust in the Divine Female Palace.

Wan Huaiyan said: "This dragon vein must be used equally, we cannot let him monopolize it."

Chen Xiang sneered: "If you can prove that the Nine Heaven World or this dragon vein was created by you guys, I will immediately leave this dragon vein.

"You better run far away, and get the h.e.l.l back to your G.o.ds Realm. Otherwise, when my dragon vein wakes up, I will kill you first and use your blood as a sacrifice to awaken it."

"You …" Wan Huaiyan was furious. He was a True G.o.d, but he was actually looked down upon by Chen Xiang in such a way.

An elder in the sky said, "Nine Heaven World is already a mature world, and we need order to maintain it. Being able to make this world more equal, prosperous, and peaceful is also the reason why we are here."

Chen Xiang said in a cold voice: "If you hadn't come, this place would have been even better. At that time, if you hadn't interfered, this place would have already flourished, perhaps even surpa.s.sing the G.o.ds Realm. You clearly know just how many sins h.e.l.l Devil Emperor has committed here."

"Let's go." Before he left, he still left behind a few words: "Chen Xiang, you will go to G.o.ds Realm sooner or later. At that time, you will pay the price for what you said today."

"I will go. I will let you all know just how serious the consequences are for condoning h.e.l.l Devil Emperor." Chen Xiang was not afraid at all, he had heard this kind of thing too many times.

With the departure of the G.o.ds, they naturally did not return to the G.o.ds Realm, but to follow him and leave the Dragon Vein, they had to be especially cautious with the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

"All of you should leave. I don't know what will happen here either." Chen Xiang descended from the dragon's head and floated in front of the dragon's head, staring straight into its eyes.

Jiang Sheng controlled the boat to quickly fly away, and the various G.o.ddesses of the Divine Female Palace followed behind the boat, quickly leaving the ruined Great Sage City.

Chen Xiang did not know what the dragon vein would do next, he only knew that he needed to wait patiently here.

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