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Chen Xiang had been struck by Feng Yujie's charm power before, so when the Mei Emperor appeared, he was extremely cautious. At the same time that he used the Soul Lock Technique, he also released a Taiji array outside his soul to protect it, and used the Demon Subduing Heart Formula to defend against the Mei Emperor's mental attacks.

This was because Mei Emperor and Feng Yujie were the same, created by the Ninth Heaven G.o.d King back in the day. Although they were heavily injured later on, it had already been so many years since they had recovered pretty well.

"Ninth Miss, this person was speaking ill of you earlier. Let me help you teach him a lesson." Wan Huaiyan suddenly came to Mei Emperor's side, he took out a golden sword and stared angrily at Chen Xiang, and was about to attack.

Mei Emperor shouted lightly: "Sir Wan, please wait, I would like to see what he is doing."

Wan Huaiyan frowned: "Of course he wants to destroy the dragon's vein, and doesn't let us obtain it. We better hurry up and take him down, and don't let him harm the dragon's vein."

Originally, she worked for the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, but now that she seemed to be connected to other G.o.ds, her status was not low either. That Wan Huaiyan actually treated her with such respect, and even called her "Ninth Miss".

Just now, the Mei Emperor tried to seduce Chen Xiang, but she failed, Chen Xiang's heart was extremely firm, and it was difficult for her to do anything to him. Although she had failed before, at that time, her strength was relatively weak, and the people she wanted to seduce were all men who were not particularly interested in women.

But Chen Xiang was different. According to Mei Emperor's understanding of Chen Xiang, although there weren't many women by his side, there were a few, which meant that Chen Xiang was very interested in girls. Furthermore, those girls were all very playful in various aspects.

Furthermore, Chen Xiang had never seen her before, so Mei Emperor thought that Chen Xiang was very easy to obtain.

It was Chen Xiang's first time seeing the Mei Emperor, not bad, but he had been tempted by him before, and his cultivation was much stronger than the Mei Emperor's. Now, Chen Xiang was still unable to completely shake off the enticing power of Feng Yujie, so even if he did not defend now, the Mei Emperor would not be able to tempt him.

Chen Xiang sneered at the Mei Emperor and said: "I advise you to quickly distance yourself from me right now, because after I finish what I need to do here, I will kill you next."

"How dare you!" Wan Huaiyan, who was beside Mei Emperor, was immediately furious, but he did not attack, because Mei Emperor had used a tender jade hand to hold the back of his sword.

Chen Xiang was the eldest son of some kind of great disciple of the Fire G.o.d. Even if he wasn't the profound G.o.d, he was still a relatively powerful True G.o.d, and he was actually so easily bewitched.

"I have no enmity with you, why do you want to kill me?" Mei Emperor asked softly, her beautiful big eyes actually flickered with tears of grievance. She looked pitiful and delicate, but Chen Xiang didn't take it lying down.

"Don't worry, before you die, I will definitely tell you." Chen Xiang's voice had a trace of killing intent, it was obvious that it was not an act.

Mei Emperor was a huge threat to them in the first place, let alone their enemies.

Even though they were stronger than before, they still did not have enough confidence to defeat Mei Emperor. Furthermore, Feng Yujie had warned them repeatedly, that there was a huge gap between them and Mei Emperor now.

Seeing Chen Xiang's att.i.tude towards Mei Emperor, Wan Huaiyan was even more furious in his heart. Seeing that Mei Emperor did not stop him, he was overjoyed.

"The weakest amongst the G.o.ds is a True G.o.d and this Wan Huaiyan is a True G.o.d. In terms of G.o.ds Realm, he isn't very strong, so Chen Xiang should be aware of this fact. Lv Zhen said.

Wan Huaiyan originally thought that he could kill Chen Xiang with a swing of his sword just as he charged over. Who knew that he would arrive at the other side of Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce Domain?

Wan Huaiyan was alarmed and furious in his heart. He swung his sword and released a few waves of fire, but when it touched the exterior walls of the s.p.a.ce Domain, it was stolen from the other side of the Domain, as if it had pa.s.sed through a spatial gate.

No one could even touch Chen Xiang now, not even close to him.

"This is the power of the spatial laws, unless you possess the power of the Upper True G.o.d, it will be difficult to shake him." Mei Emperor sighed lightly. "I didn't expect him to be this much stronger than I had expected."

"All of you come over here and attack him together. I don't believe that I won't be able to break through his defenses. He is just a small Saint. We are all G.o.ds." Wan Huaiyan shouted to his junior brother and sister who came with him.

In the blink of an eye, the flames in the air zigzagged horizontally and were covered densely in fiery clouds. From time to time, huge palms would appear and slap towards Chen Xiang from all directions.

With this attack, a thick layer of soil underneath was lifted up and burned into ashes. After the layer of dirt above the dragon vein disappeared, the dragon vein's head was clearly visible.

The silver white dragon's mouth slightly opened, and its eyes actually flickered with a faint green light, as if it had a sliver of spirit energy. Right now, it was only showing the dragon's head and its body was still buried underneath.

There was an energy barrier very far away from the dragon's head, and Chen Xiang was unable to break it. Just now, when Wan Huaiyan had accidentally struck that barrier, he was also unable to move.

"The dragon head is a lot smaller." Chen Xiang frowned. Back then, when this dragon vein was still at the immortal stone grade, it was like a huge mountain.

Qi Shi said: "What's going on, why has the dragon head become so small?"

Huang Jintian shook his head: "Even though the dragon head is small, it is still very powerful. With the current level of defense, even the G.o.ds would find it hard to move.

Seeing the dragon head, the Mei Emperor immediately dove down. Wan Huaiyan reacted and quickly followed.

However, when the two of them came into contact with that layer of defense, they were repelled by an extremely violent force. Even if they reacted, they weren't injured by the shockwave.

"Is this a dragon vein? If I can release divine power, then this dragon vein can also be considered a naturally formed divine artifact." A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed and descended, only to see a big sized man floating above Chen Xiang.

"The Temple of Thunder." Wan Huaiyan frowned: "This guy is not easy to deal with."

The man looked at Wan Huaiyan and laughed out loud. "Isn't this the son of Ten Thousand Purple Mountain?"

Just as Wan Huaiyan was about to answer, he saw Chen Xiang rushing towards the dragon vein below and shouted anxiously: "Stop him, don't let him enter the dragon's head."

Mei Emperor also shouted, "Liao Ming, quickly stop him."

The man named Liao Ming laughed and said, "Why should I listen to you?"

"He is Chen Xiang." Wan Huaiyan said anxiously. He couldn't do anything to Chen Xiang either, but he felt that Chen Xiang could enter the protection barrier around the dragon vein.

Liao Ming laughed out loud, "He is Chen Xiang, what does he have to do with me? Before I came down, Thunder G.o.d had already instructed me not to get involved with this evil sect kid at all."

At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was getting closer and closer to the Dragon Vein's protective shield.

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