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At this time, Chen Xiang was extremely focused on shooting at the ground. The dragon vein's defense was extremely strong, and he had already struck the self-defense shield released by the dragon vein many times, but was still unable to move.

Of course he knew that the Fire Emperor was outside of his own s.p.a.ce Domain, but he wasn't worried at all.

Even if Fire Emperor and the others could attack and break his s.p.a.ce Domain, he would not fall into their hands.

had the same illusion at the start, but when he got closer, he realized that the other party was only a demiG.o.d.

It looked like he was stronger than the Fire Emperor, and was not much of a threat to Chen Xiang.

Jiang Sheng steered the boat closer. Sensing Chen Xiang's presence in the s.p.a.ce Domain, everyone understood why the Nine Emperor Palace was unable to touch Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang attacked the earth, many huge pieces of debris flew high into the sky and smashed into Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce Domain, who pa.s.sed through the spatial pa.s.sageway. None of them smashed into Chen Xiang, no matter how strong the attack was, it was still the same.

"This dragon fountain is so powerful. It's been attacking for so long, but it's still unable to break through the defense." Xue Xianxian looked at the flames below him, which were ignited by the arrows released by the Suzaku bow.

The Suzaku bow was refined by Xue Xianxian and the others. She understood the power of the Suzaku bow very well.

"The quality of this dragon's vein has long been made up of high quality Holy stone. The dragon's vein was able to release a natural formation like the Evil Dragon Graveyard to protect itself a long time ago, and now, it has formed a stronger barrier at the bottom. I think even the people from the Ten Great Holy Nations have not entered the ground before." Lv Qilian said.

"Ever since the Dragon Subduing School moved, there has been a huge change in the dragon's vein. Even now, Chen Xiang is unable to establish a connection with the dragon's vein, so I feel that Chen Xiang is using his own method to awaken the dragon's vein, or to destroy it."

Before, Lv Zhen had already said that this level of dragon vein was no longer something that Chen Xiang could destroy.

Feng Yujie also never thought that Chen Xiang's Dragon Vein would become like this, and the one she used to possess, because she had absorbed a large amount of energy throughout the years, was not as good as Chen Xiang's.

Fire Emperor suddenly shouted to the people beside him: "You're here, quickly move away from here."

The Fire Emperor brought ten experts and quickly spread out. It was just that the s.p.a.ce Domain that was not that close to Chen Xiang, suddenly became engulfed in flames, which quickly spread out like a sea of fire clouds covering the sky. The flames shone brightly, enveloping the sky above the dragon veins.

"This is the Fire G.o.d's Heaven Gate." Feng Yujie frowned: "The people from Fire Divine Palace are coming down, this is a genuine Fire Divine Palace."

Xue Xianxian asked anxiously: "Then what about Chen Xiang?"

Chen Xiang had also sensed the changes in his surroundings. He looked at Jiang Sheng's boat and said, "You guys stay far away from me. I'll be fine."

Chen Xiang's voice was calm, with a hint of excitement, and especially the confident light that flashed in his eyes, it made everyone feel at ease.

Jiang Sheng quickly controlled the boat and it left the area. A large vortex of flame appeared in the flame cloud in the sky and a large ball of fire descended from the vortex.

The fire cloud suddenly disappeared, and the flames outside the fire ball also gradually dissipated. Inside, a huge red Frisbee appeared, and on it stood three men and two women. The man was tall and handsome, the woman was young and beautiful, slim and graceful.

Among the five, the man standing at the front had a stronger flame between his eyebrows, while the other four had weaker flames. It was obvious that the man had the strongest strength.

Seeing these five people arrive, Fire Emperor and the rest immediately went up to pay their respects.

"I am Wan Huaiyan. From now on, all of you have to listen to my instructions." Wan Huaiyan extended out his fingertip and touched the center of Fire Emperor's forehead, reading through the memories of Fire Emperor.

Sensing that the Fire Emperor was resisting, he snorted coldly, "Cooperate."

Accompanied by that cold snort, an extremely strong pressure appeared, causing Fire Emperor's body to tremble.

Wan Huaiyan and the rest were also very calm, although they saw Chen Xiang, they did not immediately take action, but wanted to first understand what was happening.

"Hmph, you even dare to call yourself a Fire Emperor." After reading the memories of the Fire Emperor, Wan Huaiyan snorted disdainfully, his handsome face revealing a disdainful smile, then looked at Chen Xiang.

"Eldest senior brother, this man is Chen Xiang, someone who the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor couldn't even take away after losing billions of G.o.d Coins. It's said that the G.o.d of Fortune and a few other G.o.d of Heaven have also lost close to a hundred profound G.o.d s. In the end, he was able to escape." A lady said to Wan Huaiyan.

Hearing the woman's words, Lv Zhen and the others who had some understanding of the G.o.ds Realm were all shocked. Because Lv Zhen had heard about the matters of the G.o.ds Realm from the Devil-killing Summit, he had also told the others that he knew about the concept of and G.o.d's money.

Chen Xiang had never told them about this before.

"They have lost close to a hundred profound G.o.d s and have yet to be captured." Feng Yujie's face was filled with shock: "Just what did he do in Divine Prison?"

"It was done by the Old cyan bug. When the hundreds of profound G.o.d s came down, the Old cyan bug sent them away, but I never thought that they would be killed by the Old cyan bug. The Old cyan bug is really too powerful, I wonder what kind of outcome the Old cyan bug will have after killing so many profound G.o.d s." Long Xueyi sighed.

Lv Zhen and the others knew who the Old Cyan Bug Long Xueyi was referring to just by thinking about it. The strength of the Azure Dragon had also shocked them.

Wan Huaiyan placed his hands behind his back and stared at the Suzaku bow in Chen Xiang's hands, then said with a frown: "This is a Divine Weapon, it should have just been crafted not a few years ago. Although the refinement method is crude and the fire isn't enough, to the brats of this world, it is still considered not bad.

After Chen Xiang heard it, he sneered: "In the eyes of trash, everything is trash."

The lady behind Wan Huaiyan immediately shouted, "You arrogant brat, eldest senior brother is the eldest son of the great disciple of the Fire G.o.d, Deity Zi Huo. What you just said was enough for you to die a hundred times."

Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "So what, if he has the ability, he would send out over a hundred profound G.o.d s to deal with it. Even if it's his father, I'm afraid that he wouldn't be able to use this kind of power, much less use billions of divine money against me.

"d.a.m.n, this old man has been chased by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor for so many years and had never been afraid of him, let alone being the eldest son of a G.o.d. At most, he would just be a stronger true G.o.d."

Wan Huaiyan suddenly clenched his fist, wanting to attack Chen Xiang, but at this time, an extremely charming laughter, like silver bells rang, causing people to be intoxicated, even if the woman heard it, her heart would not be able to describe the feeling, and she could not help but have a very good impression of the laughter.

When Jiang Sheng heard this laughter, his expression immediately became ugly, while Qi Shi snickered.

"Mei Emperor is here." Long Xueyi said softly, telling Liu Meng'er and Xue Xianxian who were beside him that they had never seen Mei Emperor before.

When Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou heard the laughter, they clenched their jade fists.

"The five of you are all disciples of the Ten Thousand Purple Mountain, right? Mm, you must be the son of Ten Thousand Purple Mountain. You look too similar to him, and are very handsome."

A white mist that emitted a light floated over, and turned into a beautiful woman wearing only a thin layer of muslin. Her chest was bare, and she was only wearing a slightly thick gauze wrapped around her waist, revealing some embarra.s.sing things.

Mei Emperor's perfect body was covered under the long, muslin dress. She was extremely alluring as she walked over with graceful steps while barefooted. Her pair of long legs and slender jade waist were all swaying rhythmically, and her chest, which was wrapped simply, moved up and down.

The most amazing thing was her breathtakingly beautiful face. There was a very strange attraction on it that made it difficult for people to look away when they looked at her.

Chen Xiang could tell immediately that this was the Mei Emperor. He had originally thought that the Mei Emperor looked very similar to Feng Yujie, but now that he saw the Mei Emperor, he realized that the two of them had completely different faces.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was worth it for Jiang Sheng to be tempted by this woman all those years ago.

When the originally cold and proud Wan Huaiyan saw the Mei Emperor walking over with a faint and charming smile, he couldn't help but be deeply attracted by her seductive figure. Although the two girls beside him were beautiful, he couldn't help but feel inferior in his heart, and at the same time, was a little jealous.

Mei Emperor looked like she was about to walk towards Wan Huaiyan, but who knew that she would suddenly turn and walk towards Chen Xiang.

There was a s.p.a.ce Domain outside of Chen Xiang, which Mei Emperor could sense, so she did not go in. Instead, she took a few steps in the air and slowly arrived in front of Chen Xiang.

Everyone was looking at this scene seriously. Everyone knew how powerful the Mei Emperor was, that the nine emperors who had just left had already returned. Seeing that the Mei Emperor had made his move, they all secretly calmed down, thinking that Chen Xiang would definitely be captured by the Mei Emperor.

Wan Huaiyan was extremely unhappy. He knew that the Mei Emperor was truly powerful and he liked such a powerful woman very much. Just a moment ago, she was still talking to him, but now, she had walked up to Chen Xiang and forced her way through.

Although Chen Xiang did not look at the Mei Emperor, he still carefully observed. He shockingly discovered that the Mei Emperor did not pay attention to Feng Yujie, so even if Feng Yujie was concealing his appearance now, they should still be able to sense each other.

"Chen Xiang, I've finally met you today, it's been a long time since I've last seen you." The Mei Emperor laughed.

"You should be the famous Mei Emperor. I have seen you too, and have heard of you for a long time." Chen Xiang actually laughed openly, as if he was truly flattering an expert.

Everyone was startled, for Chen Xiang to say such words to such a beauty was truly a disaster, even though what he said was the truth.

With just a slight raise of her eyebrows, she sweetly smiled and said: "As expected of a man whose name shakes the nine heavens, he is indeed extraordinary."

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