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To be able to control such a powerful spatial energy, it must have the strength of a G.o.d or the power of laws. This Ice Emperor knew this, no matter which one it was, they were all considered very strong.

Chen Xiang grabbed at the air, only to see a b.l.o.o.d.y heart suddenly appearing in his palm. The heart was wrapped in a transparent spatial barrier, and it currently had a very strong life force, jumping crazily.

The heart belonged to the Ice Emperor. Seeing the speed at which the heart was beating, one could tell that the Ice Emperor was terrified.

Ice Emperor knew that his heart did not separate from his body. It was only because Chen Xiang used an extremely mysterious spatial energy to retrieve his heart, that his heart was still connected to his body.

"No …." Ice Emperor saw Chen Xiang's sinister smile, and shouted like he was shouting.

A ball of silver white flame suddenly emerged from Chen Xiang's palm, enveloping the heart and splitting it into a ball of pure energy, dispersing outwards.

Ice Emperor cried out in pain. To a strong warrior like him, even if he did not have a heart, he would not die, but to make such a strong heart, it would take a very long time or he would need to eat Sacred Heart fruit to recover.

The most important thing the Ice Emperor was facing was not the repair of his heart, but whether or not he could survive.

The difference between someone without Divine Deity and someone with Divine Deity was just this large. Furthermore, facing a monster like Chen Xiang, Ice Emperor had already lost all hope.

"I heard that you use profoundhan poison and even used this poison to deal with Qianqian. Hmph, this is also the reason why I came to find you first." Chen Xiang did not immediately kill Ice Emperor. Instead, he took out a ball of white powder and stuffed it into Ice Emperor's mouth.

"Let me show you the power of a Super Old poison." Chen Xiang's Super Old poison was not one type, but several of them combined.

Ice Emperor who was unable to move could only allow himself to be slaughtered in front of Chen Xiang. After eating Chen Xiang's Super Old poison and being paralyzed by the Drunk G.o.d magical poison's power, he could only allow the other strange poison to continue to spread within his body.

Magical corruption gas, profoundhan poison, and Seven Night Devil Orchids were all strange, tormenting poisons, and Ice Emperor was also very knowledgeable, so he could recognize these strange poisons. At this moment, he was screaming nonstop, his expression incomparably sinister.

"I won't send you to h.e.l.l, because I won't give you the chance to go to h.e.l.l. I will just make you disappear from this world, not even giving you the chance to reincarnation."

Chen Xiang saw that it was about time, he struck the Ice Emperor's head with his palm, sucked out his soul, and then used the Fire of Chaos to purify the body that was filled with the strange poison.

Ice Emperor died so quickly.

Back then, when Qi Shi was still a Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, he was just as powerful and could easily deal with other Strong of Lord Stage. However, it was not that easy for him to kill those Strong of Lord Stage s.

It could be seen that the current Chen Xiang was much more powerful than the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord back then.

Chen Xiang swept his eyes across the area below, looked at the remaining people from the Holy Ice Nation, and coldly said: "You all use the fastest speed to spread the news of me killing the Ice Emperor to the entire Great Sacred City, and also told everyone here that the dragon vein is mine. If I were to die here, you all can't blame me."

Without needing those people to explain, Chen Xiang had already used his boundless divine power to form sound waves that covered the entire Holy City.

The experts of the nine kingdoms within the Great Sage City could all hear it.

The entire Holy Ice Country had been annihilated, and the Ice Emperor was easily killed. Everyone in the Great Sage City could already see that Chen Xiang's strength was extremely terrifying, and Chen Xiang would definitely have a great battle here next. If he continued to stay, he would only be affected.

"Hurry up and leave, the Ten Great Holy Nations did not take advantage of me earlier to s.n.a.t.c.h this dragon vein away, and now that she has returned, it would be normal to flatten this place. If you continue to stay here, you might not be able to keep your life."

"The other nine emperors have yet to appear. They will definitely be able to stop Chen Xiang."

Didn't you see, Chen Xiang exterminated the Ice Emperor with a raise of his hand, the difference between him and the Ice Emperor is not small at all, it isn't something that can be made up for with just a small number of people, forget about the Nine Emperor, even if the Ninety Emperor came, he would still be beaten like a dog.

"Let's go, let's go, let's not waste our time talking anymore. The Nine Emperors did not appear. They are clearly frightened. Didn't you all see the other nine Imperial Palace fellows running faster than anyone else?"

Everyone began to flee, because at this moment, another great commotion came from the direction of the Holy Ice Country.

Chen Xiang used his Suzaku bow to continuously shoot at the ground. At this time, he also sensed that there were tens of powerful auras surging over, which meant that most likely, the other nine emperors had brought their people over.

"Hmph." suddenly released a very strong s.p.a.ce Domain, wrapping himself up. With a domain of one hundred meters, all those Strong of Lord Stage that came would be like pa.s.sing through a dimensional door, and would be unable to approach Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's s.p.a.ce Domain was extremely powerful. When attacking from outside, no matter if one touched a Domain, they would not be able to pa.s.s through the middle of the Domain and would always pa.s.s through the other side.

"Chen Xiang, are you going to destroy the dragon fountain?" They had cultivated here for many years, so they were able to deeply sense the benefits this dragon vein brought. Before long, it would be able to help them condense their Divine Deity.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "You all should be taking advantage of the time before I kill you all to recall all the good things from the past. I won't give you all another chance in a bit, of course, if you all escape, I won't even bother to chase down trash like you."

Chen Xiang continuously pulled on the bow, condensing powerful arrows one after another, frantically attacking the ground. At this time, a very huge pit appeared below, no matter how you looked at it, it looked like he was going to destroy the dragon vein.

"You've disappeared for five thousand years, and indeed, you've become very powerful. Back then, whenever you met us, you would flee in all directions. But now …" Now, Chen Xiang actually disdained to kill them. It could be seen how strong Chen Xiang had become at this moment.

So even if Chen Xiang was worth ten Divine Deity s, they wouldn't be able to kill him now.

The Nine Emperor and the other experts were helpless outside of the domain, they could only watch as Chen Xiang slowly attacked the dragon vein.

In their eyes, Chen Xiang wanted to destroy the dragon vein so that no one could obtain it, but the dragon vein was the only way for them to condense their Divine Deity.

He cultivated the Heavenly Alchemy, had the Divine Deity, and had even devoured the h.e.l.l Prince's Divine Deity before. He had devoured a lot of the powerful divine souls, and although his body did not reach the Jade Bone, it was also extremely powerful. Adding the Four Symbols Divine Weapons into the mix, the Nine Emperor were not even able to withstand a single blow.

Now, even Chen Xiang was blaming Huang Jintian and the others, to think that they had boasted so much about the Nine Emperors.

"Yes." Chen Xiang suddenly stopped because he felt a wave of heat attacking him. If he guessed correctly, it should be the Fire Emperor of the Fire Divine Nations.

The Fire Emperor of the Fire Divine Nations did not join the Ten Great Holy Nations, but he controlled a large region above the dragon vein. The initially half crippled Fire Emperor, because of the support of the G.o.ds Realm, became extremely powerful and almost killed Qi Shi.

When the Fire Emperor arrived, the Nine Emperor of the Ten Great Holy Nations was secretly happy because they felt an even stronger flame aura. However, that aura was not from the Fire Emperor, but it was stronger than the Fire Emperor.

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