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After Chen Xiang learned so much from Feng Yujie, he had already decided that no matter what, he would have to do something. Right now, it was the best opportunity to deal with the Ten Great Holy Nations, and if this continued, when the all divine palaces sends people down to take care of the Holy Nations, it would not be that easy for him to make a move against them.

Seeing Chen Xiang's resolute expression, Feng Yujie could tell that he was already prepared to take action.

If the all divine palaces comes to a conclusion, once the restrictions on the Nine Heaven World are lifted, many shrines will send down their deities. At that time, you will have to restrain yourself a little, and those deities will be hard to deal with. Feng Yujie sighed.

"Hmm, are you going back now?" Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something, and asked: "If you go back, can you help me check on my father's condition?"

"No problem, come find me in a while." Seeing Chen Xiang turning around, Feng Yujie suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang's arm, took out a golden talisman, and stuffed it into Chen Xiang's hands.

"In times of crisis, it might be useful to you. Be careful." Feng Yujie smiled at Chen Xiang and stuck out his tongue.

This was a divine talisman, and previously, when Chen Xiang was at Divine Prison, he had been given one by Yu Fan, so the effect was very good, but the one that Feng Yujie gave him now, seemed to be much better than the one that Yu Fan gave him.

"Thank you elder sister." Chen Xiang laughed and kept it.

Feng Yujie warned once again, then floated away, in the blink of an eye, she was gone, only the enchanting fragrance on her body remained.

Chen Xiang then took out the divine talisman that Feng Yujie had given him earlier, and looked carefully at the Spirit grain on it. The talisman was bright gold, as if it was gold leaf, and with one look, one could tell that it was stronger than Yu Fan's.

"In the future, we have to let the Elder Sister Meng'er and Xianxian study how to refine these things. It would be good for us to refine more of these things to protect ourselves." Chen Xiang kept the divine talisman, then opened a spatial pa.s.sageway. After stepping in, he arrived outside a city with tall walls.

The place Chen Xiang came to was the original Evil Dragon Graveyard, it was just that the Evil Dragon Great Formation had already been destroyed, and the Ten Great Holy Nations had constructed a Great Holy City on top of it. If he wanted to obtain the qualifications to enter and leave the city at any time, he had to pay five million kilograms of Holy stone s.

The Great Saint City was located on top of a dragon vein, and the Holy Spirit Qi inside it was extremely dense. If it was directly absorbed, it would be like absorbing the Holy Spirit Qi inside a Holy stone.

Chen Xiang still had the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's Tracing mantra on him, but because Chen Xiang was stronger, the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had temporarily slowed down in her pursuit of Chen Xiang.

h.e.l.l Devil Emperor had planned to send people down from G.o.ds Realm to deal with Chen Xiang after all divine palaces had released the restrictions. However, at that time, he would also be quite compet.i.tive, because he was not the only one who wanted to capture Chen Xiang and get his hands on the Heavenly Alchemy, the G.o.d of Fortune would already be involved.

Without the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's notification, the emperor did not know that Chen Xiang was outside the Great Sage City and that Yan Jing of the Ten Great Holy Nations was also inside the City.

Chen Xiang didn't pay five million kilograms of Holy stone. Using the transformation technique, he turned into a little bug and easily followed a few people inside.

After entering, he first went to the Transmission array Plaza in the city and teleported to Holy Ice Swallow City, where the Ice Emperor was located.

Chen Xiang came here by himself, he did not call for Qi Shi and the others, because when the time came for him to fight, he might use some methods that would have a greater killing range.

After arriving at Holy Ice Swallow City, Chen Xiang went straight to the grand palace.

Holy Ice Imperial Palace looked as if it had been carved on a large expanse of ice, all snow-white, the carvings very exquisite. When they approached, the cold aura wasn't something that an ordinary person could withstand.

"His defense is too weak." Chen Xiang used his divine power to test the formations protecting the palace. Compared to Lv Qilian's Hundreds of Flowers Palace, they were too lacking.

Chen Xiang stood at the entrance of the Holy Ice Imperial Palace. At this time, the guards at the entrance also frowned at him, but when they saw him standing there in a daze, they walked over fiercely, the guards were pretty strong, they were all just Nine Transformation Saint Masters.

The guards wanted to kick Chen Xiang out of the room, but after walking a few steps, they saw a ray of cyan light suddenly appear on Chen Xiang's right hand, followed by a mighty huge blade flashing out of the cyan light. Seeing the lifelike green dragon above, and hearing the trembling dragon cry, the guards all anxiously retreated.

With their strength, of course they knew what blade it was. It was the powerful Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and the person who possessed it, was the original owner of the dragon vein, Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang, who had not appeared for more than five thousand years, suddenly returned, and news of this matter had already spread two or three days ago. At that time, the Ten Great Holy Nations had already been on guard against Chen Xiang, because the dragon vein was originally Chen Xiang's, it was just that they did not expect him to actually come to the entrance of Holy Nations's Yan Jing Imperial Palace alone.

Chen Xiang raised the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword high up, the vast divine power surging and entering into the divine blade, causing it to shine brightly, surging out wave after wave of Spirit Qi, causing the ground to shake, the Raging Dragons roared again and again.

"This dragon fountain is mine." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he chopped down at the ice palace with his blade. A shocking dragon's roar sounded and the blade energy transformed into a cyan rainbow of light.

A cyan light beam rushed out from the blade and instantly turned into a cyan dragon. The dragon's head spewed out bursts of terrifying energy which swept into the majestic ice palace in front of it. The seemingly st.u.r.dy and huge palace door was instantly smashed into pieces.

The furious dragon roared, and huge chunks of thick ice continuously flew out from the palace. The enormous and imposing ice palace had only been slashed by Chen Xiang, but most of the buildings inside had already been shattered by the powerful blade aura and the furious dragon's roaring sound waves. The interior of the entire ice palace had already been torn into pieces, and most of the tall buildings had collapsed.

The biggest hall in the Ice Palace was also Chen Xiang's main target. After being ruthlessly hit by the dragon head made from blade energy, the entire hall was smashed into pieces, and like splashes of water from the ground, scattered in all directions.

At this moment, the vast capital of the Holy Ice Country was enveloped by the lingering roars of the furious dragons, and the powerful pressure that accompanied the sudden trembling of the capital was even more terrifying. A haze had already drifted over from the skies of the capital of the Holy Ice Country, flashing with lightning and with a murderous aura that caused everyone in the city to clearly feel the terrifying killing intent that caused them to find it hard to breathe.

A fiery red huge bow appeared in the air above him as he pulled the bowstring. As he pulled the bowstring, flames suddenly spewed out of the bowstring and as he pulled the bow, a bright and eye-piercing long arrow appeared from the bow as well. There was always a large patch of ice with a pressing cold Qi below, but as Chen Xiang pulled on Gong Xuan and condensed an arrow, the temperature of the surrounding area suddenly increased and the ice quickly melted, as streams of water formed and flowed out in all directions.

"Ice Emperor, come out and die. Don't hide like a turtle." Chen Xiang's roar was like rolling thunder, spreading in all directions and shaking everyone's ears.


Chen Xiang loosened his bow, and the fiery red arrow shot out like lightning, striking the collapsed Main Hall and sinking deep into the ground.


A loud sound came from the ground as cracks appeared in the surrounding thousands of feet radius around the main hall like a spider web. The most terrifying thing was that these cracks were emitting bursts of fire.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Another few loud sounds came from the bottomless crevices, followed by an incomparably intense vibration. One after another, huge rocks were thrown into the air, and those crevices spewed out scorching flames.

The entire ice palace was completely destroyed, and the continuous explosions continued to come from the depths. Waves after waves of powerful flame energy surged up from the ground, forming a gigantic fire pillar that shot into the clouds, and filled the entire Sacred Ice Country with its intense flames.

The huge pillar of fire shot up into the sky, continuously spattering large and small b.a.l.l.s of fire. Like a meteor shower, it fell onto the Holy Ice Country.

In the blink of an eye, this entire country had been set ablaze. Chen Xiang's flames were sacred flames, not just anyone could extinguish them.

"The dragon fountain is mine, Chen Xiang, if you continue to stay on the dragon fountain, no matter who it is, you will be killed without exception." Chen Xiang's ice-cold voice that was filled with heartless killing intent transmitted throughout the entire Holy Ice Country.

At this moment, everyone was desperately trying to escape from this place. They were regretting that they had spent so much money to steal the dragon fountain. Now that the main culprit had returned and even created such a huge commotion, they had suffered such heavy losses that they didn't even have a place to cry.

"Chen Xiang." A furious roar resounded like thunder.

A bone-piercing cold arrow suddenly appeared from all directions, enveloping Chen Xiang. The Ice Emperor of the Holy Ice Nation had come.

Chen Xiang's body trembled, and a set of golden armor appeared on his body. With the protection of the profoundwu diamond armour, the short arrows were immediately destroyed by the protective powers of the Divine Armor before they could even come close to him.

"You're finally here, you should spend more time hiding so that you can live a little longer. Don't think that just because you acted like a dog for h.e.l.l Devil Emperor you can live forever." Chen Xiang took a step forward and arrived beside Ice Emperor.

Ice Emperor was a middle-aged man wearing a white robe. He originally controlled the entire Sacred Ice Region and called himself Ice Emperor, and now that he established this Sacred Ice Nation and took over the Dragon Subduing School, he occupied a position here.

"You don't even have Divine Deity." Chen Xiang directly arrived in front of Ice Emperor and a burst of spatial energy rippled out like water, forming a s.p.a.ce Domain.

"You … "You …" Ice Emperor suddenly felt that he couldn't move, and was extremely shocked. He had already noticed at this time that Chen Xiang used a very powerful spatial energy to seal him in a very small s.p.a.ce.

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