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Chen Xiang thought back to something that Lv Zhen had mentioned before. It was that the cultivation methods Feng Yujie and the Mei Emperor used were all very rare in the G.o.ds Realm, and they were all very dangerous because the two of them had been instructed by the Ninth Heaven G.o.d since they were young.

"You still won't believe me." Feng Yujie looked at Chen Xiang's suspicious face and laughed.

"Of course I don't believe it. The reason why I'm here is because that group of Nine Heavens G.o.ds created this world back then, and you also partic.i.p.ated in it. Doesn't that mean that my existence is related to you?"

Feng Yujie immediately let out a string of light and delicate laughter.

"Yeah, you still have to thank me right now, so I might as well accept Meiyao and the others as my G.o.ddaughter." Feng Yujie pinched Chen Xiang's face: "Little brat, before, you still had those evil thoughts of mine, are you afraid now?"

"Hmph, wasn't it all because of you enticing me? Why don't you go to the depths of your heart to ask yourself? It's already pretty good that I was able to endure until now." Chen Xiang slapped Feng Yujie's tender jade hands away.

In order to further verify that Feng Yujie was one of the G.o.ds that had partic.i.p.ated in the creation of the Nine Heaven World, Chen Xiang kept asking for more details.

"Aunt Feng, you have even told me these things. Aren't you afraid of telling me something even more secret?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Call me big sister, and I'll tell you." Feng Yujie mischievously smiled.

"Elder sister, you can ask now, right?" Chen Xiang even took out a very comfortable big chair for Feng Yujie to sit on.

"Good girl." Feng Yujie said with an extremely happy smile: "Go ahead and ask now, I'll tell you everything I know."

"You should know about the G.o.d Graveyard, right? My dad is still guarding it right now." This had been a mystery in Chen Xiang's heart for many years.

"Of course I know. That tomb was built by me. What do you think?" Feng Yujie said: "I just didn't think that it would actually be your family guarding the tomb."

Chen Xiang was immediately dumbstruck. The d.a.m.ned G.o.d's Tomb was actually made by this G.o.ddess who liked to pretend to be young.

"This... What exactly is happening? Weren't you still alive, what kind of tomb are you talking about? " Chen Xiang had already made many conjectures before, that such a powerful divine tomb was definitely made by an old fellow.

"My second soul and Divine Deity are both buried inside, and I almost died. However, there is a dragon vein underneath that, after so many years, I can quickly recover. At that time, I can become even stronger." Feng Yujie said: "If I had continued sparring with you at that time, you would have definitely lost to me. That is my true strength."

Feng Yujie possessed the second divine soul and Divine Deity, which meant that she was a G.o.d.

"When can my father ever be." Chen Xiang took a deep breath. This Feng Yujie was much stronger than he had imagined.

In any case, they are doing very well up there. After all, there is a dragon vein there, and there is also the creative power that I left behind in there. It can produce a large amount of high level medicine materials and if they can find some of the divine arts that I left behind, they will definitely become stronger. Feng Yujie said.

"You are an Empyrean G.o.d; you are only capable of concocting panacea. You are too weak." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "You're so amazing, yet you still lose to a small fry like me. You're too disappointing."

"That is... "That's because I didn't pay too much attention to the dao of pills and I don't have much time. I've been recovering from injuries for many years." Feng Yujie pouted and said: "Just you wait, one day I will definitely win against you. Once I find the divine medicine, I will be able to refine a divine pill, and when my second soul recovers, I will recover my original strength, and winning against you will be a piece of cake."

Chen Xiang laughed out loud: "Even if you win against me, what sense of accomplishment do you have? I'm not even a G.o.d, unless I'm also a G.o.d who has the same kind of strength as you, otherwise, even if I lose, I won't feel sad."

Feng Yujie puffed her cheeks and scoffed a few times.

"Also, I want to ask about the Seven Dragons Sword, as well as the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, the Azure Dragon and other sacred beasts. Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and Green Dragon were all divine beasts from the ancient times of the G.o.ds Realm, and were all extremely powerful. However, they were all killed later on, and even the slightly more powerful dragons were all killed as well.

"The Seven Dragons Sword s are actually the Nine Dragons Holy Sword, as well as the Poison Dragon Sword and the Jade Dragon Sword."

Feng Yujie was curious, as he knew quite a few things.

"I have Seven Dragons Sword. If that's the case, then I'm still two ways off. Poison dragons and jade dragons are extremely rare. I don't know how to gather them all." Chen Xiang now understood why the objects that were displayed were still so blurry when Seven Dragons Sword were gathered together.

Feng Yujie said, "There are nine Divine Kings in the Nine Heaven Divine Palace, and they are all very powerful G.o.ds back then. When the G.o.ds Realm was called the Nine Divine Kings, after those powerful divine beasts were ma.s.sacred, the nine of them charged straight into h.e.l.l and retrieved all of the seven spirits and six spirits of those divine beasts. In the end, they established the Nine Heaven World, and when they gave birth to those divine beasts, they injected all of them into it."

"In other words, when the first batch of Holy Beasts first appeared, they all had a past life, but when they created this world, the conditions were very bad, and they were constantly interfered with by external forces, so there was a huge problem. Until now, they have yet to awaken the memories of their past lives, and we originally thought that after they awakened their memories, they would protect this world, make this world stronger, and eventually eliminate the G.o.ds Realm."

Chen Xiang said: "But most of them are still quite united, it could be that they subconsciously urged them to do so."

Long Xueyi, Azure Dragon, Ice Dragon, Qi Shi, White Tiger and the others. Back then, they were all part of the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm and their relationship was very good.

Chen Xiang took out those Chaos Fire Token and said: "A long time ago, there was a legend that after all these Chaos Fire Token recognize their masters, they would be able to summon out the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, so the Nine Heaven Devil Palace must still be hiding something."

"Yes, that's right. Originally, he was going to create nine Chaos Fire Token because he had nine Divine Kings. However, due to time, he only refined seven Chaos Fire Token." Feng Yujie received the Chaos Fire Token, her jade hands trembling. With tears still in her eyes, Nine Divine Kings was comparable to her elder brother.

"Are they really dead?" Chen Xiang asked: "They call themselves the Divine Kings, they shouldn't die that easily."

"I don't know, just don't go in that place. Even if they are still alive, they have already turned into evil spirits." Feng Yujie returned the Chaos Fire Token to Chen Xiang and wiped away the tears on his cheeks.

Chen Xiang kept the Chaos Fire Token and asked while frowning: "In the end, who attacked them, G.o.d of Fortune."

Feng Yujie shook his head: "It's not the G.o.d of Fortune, the G.o.d of Fortune's strength is not enough yet. The G.o.ds Realm is far bigger than the Nine Heaven World, and also much more complicated than what you seem to understand on the surface."

"Of course, you do not need to know much about G.o.ds Realm now. If you have the chance to go there in the future, you will be able to experience it for yourself. I will tell you so much mainly because of your good behavior." Feng Yujie stood up, and suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang in a flash, gently patting Chen Xiang's handsome face, and smiled gently.

"Chaos Realm has already been devoured by the Nine Heaven World, so it's definitely going to be difficult for Endless Heaven Realm to survive. Therefore, it won't be long before the various divine halls of the G.o.ds Realm send people down here to seize territory. I think that the all divine palaces up there will begin to release their restrictions to allow a few deities to descend, just like the Devil-killing Summit."

Chen Xiang suddenly grabbed Feng Yujie's hand and rubbed the back of her hand. She laughed sinisterly and pulled her hand back.

"Sister, you should make a shrine too. I will definitely follow you." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I don't have that kind of free time on my hands. I have somewhere to go in G.o.ds Realm." Feng Yujie said: "There is a Divine Female Palace in G.o.ds Realm, and it is filled with women. If they send their people down later, I will be the hall master of the Nine Heaven World."

Chen Xiang sighed, "It's such a pity. Looks like I can only create one divine hall. I've already thought of the name, so I'll call it the G.o.d Slaughtering Palace. It's quite domineering."

Feng Yujie laughed tenderly, "You used to be the Dragon Subduing School and now you're even a shrine to the Slaughter G.o.d Realm. You always had such a murderous aura around you, so I feel that you should create a shrine focused solely on refining pellets. At present, the G.o.ds Realm doesn't have one."

"Refining pills is my main business, killing G.o.ds is my side business. Through refining pills, I can become stronger, and at the same time, I can also become a Deities Templar. If there's nothing else to do, I'll make a move on the Deities Templar that I dislike, not as good as the G.o.d of Fortune and the Fire G.o.d." Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry, I won't do anything to your Divine Female Palace. I will specifically kill that kind of evil G.o.d."

Feng Yujie tapped Chen Xiang on his forehead with his finger, "All you know is to cause trouble everyday. If you really do that, Penalty Heavenly G.o.d will definitely kill you.

It won't be long before the shrine arrives. When the time comes, the emperor of the Ten Great Holy Nations will seek refuge there too, so when the time comes, your dragon vein will be controlled by multiple shrines. I've told you so much just so that you can pay attention to it.

Chen Xiang replied: "I'm not afraid, the dragon fountain is mine to begin with. If I can't get it, no one can, I don't care what kind of divine hall it is."

"In that case, you're going to have to contend with the shrines now." Feng Yujie was very worried about this.

Chen Xiang nodded, "I'm not a soft persimmon."

Feng Yujie sighed lightly. "When my second divine soul completely recovers, I will give you the dragon vein for the divine tomb. That way, you won't have to contend with those divine halls anymore."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Even if you give it to me, those fellows would definitely come to s.n.a.t.c.h it away. When the time comes, I will also have to clash with them.

"In Nine Heaven World, who didn't know that the dragon vein belonged to me, Chen Xiang. Now that the Dragon Subduing School has been forced to disband, the dragon vein has been seized, and I have already returned, to this day I have not made a single movement. Others might think that I am afraid, they might think that I am afraid of the Ten Great Holy Nations, but I am not afraid.

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