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Chen Xiang was extremely confused: "Didn't this Chaos Realm just appear? It's going to be destroyed so soon? "

"As Di Tian continued to grow stronger, he would need to absorb the energy from many of these kinds of worlds to become stronger. Not long later, even the Endless Heaven Realm would be devoured, not to mention this little world from before the Ancient Era!" Feng Yujie seemed to understand these things very well.

"If the Chaos Realm is destroyed, it means that the Chaos Realm cannot continue existing due to the power of Di Tian. In a few more years, the other Heavenly Realms will end up the same as the Chaos Realm, having their energy sucked dry by Di Tian and then swallowed!"

Qi Shi asked: "Didn't treasures just appear inside? Why is it about to be destroyed? "

"Isn't this because of the unstable energy inside the Chaos Realm? Originally, it was sealed but now, it is very dangerous. If you don't grasp the timing properly, the Chaos Realm will perish along with you." Feng Yujie said: "It's best if you all don't go in, it's really very dangerous."

Chen Xiang looked at the entrance that looked like a gigantic black curtain and sighed: "Looks like I'm not fated to meet this Chaos Realm!"

"So what are you still doing here?" Were you waiting for us? " Huang Jintian asked.

"Of course not, I'm just waiting here for the moment Chaos Realm is destroyed!" Just as Feng Yujie finished speaking, ten figures suddenly flew out from inside, as though they were dozens of rays of light shooting out, in the blink of an eye they disappeared into the distance.

"It's Ten Great Holy Nations and the rest. They all came out, looks like they know about the situation inside." Feng Yujie said.

Chen Xiang looked at the group of Holy Nations Emperors and snorted: "Why are you running so fast? I don't have any plans to kill you yet! "

At this time, the Chaos Realm door began to shrink and shrink. Waves of berserk energy and rumbling sounds came out from inside continuously.

"It's starting!" Feng Yujie said: "Once this Chaos Realm is destroyed, it means that something bad is about to happen."

"What's wrong?" Huang Jintian anxiously asked, everyone knew of Feng Yujie's mysteriousness, and now everyone was able to tell, Feng Yujie definitely knew a lot of things.

"Chaos Realm was a primitive world before the appearance of the Nine Heaven World in the past. It should have been called the Primal Chaos Realm, but it is now getting smaller and smaller. You should know the reason why, right?" Feng Yujie looked at the entrance that was unceasingly erupting with violent energy.

Qi Shi said, "This is because the Nine Heaven World is becoming more and more powerful, especially Di Tian, who is already far stronger than many of the Heavenly Realms."

"That's right, the destruction of the Chaos Realm is equivalent to being completely swallowed, and the next step is for the Endless Heaven Realm s, do you think that the G.o.ds above the G.o.ds Realm will just sit back and do nothing? Now, it is time for them to discuss on how to handle this Nine Heaven World. " Feng Yujie said.

"Could it be that the G.o.ds Realm is going to intervene and suppress the growth of the Nine Heaven World?" Jiang Sheng said: "What kind of method will they use? Destroy the Nine Heaven World? "

Feng Yujie shook his head: "It's already too late, because the Nine Heaven World and the G.o.ds Realm are already linked. Once the Nine Heaven World is destroyed, the entire G.o.ds Realm will become extremely unstable, and even h.e.l.l will probably not be spared.

"How do you know that the Nine Heaven World and the G.o.ds Realm are connected?" Huang Jintian asked, this was something no one expected.

The Chaos Realm's door had already disappeared, leaving only the berserk energy aura floating around.

Feng Yujie sighed: "It's progressing bit by bit! If the Chaos Realm was destroyed, the Endless Heaven Realm would also be annexed very soon! I'm not afraid to tell you that the reason the group of G.o.ds established the Nine Heaven World back then was to eliminate the existing G.o.ds Realm.

"So there is the existence of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace?" Chen Xiang took out a Chaos Fire Token, it was something to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

Feng Yujie immediately looked at the Chaos Fire Token in Chen Xiang's hands and nodded, "The G.o.ds above G.o.ds Realm thought that with the death of the group of Nine Heavens G.o.ds, Nine Heaven World would not have been able to achieve anything. Not to mention that the most important person in Nine Heaven World back then, Di Tian, was destroyed.

"But who would have thought that when that group of Nine Heavens G.o.ds created the Nine Heaven World, they had put in a lot of effort and even blended themselves into this Nine Heaven World, so the Nine Heaven World had always been operating quietly, gathering energy and suddenly strengthening a while ago. Furthermore, a large half of the s.p.a.ce had already fused with the G.o.ds Realm."

Huang Jintian anxiously took out their ancestral book and recorded all of these important things.

"So you're saying, once the Nine Heaven World is destroyed, a gap will appear in the G.o.ds Realm?" Qi Shi also felt that the situation was serious.

This was because for all these years, the reason why h.e.l.l Devil Emperor could not use too much of his power in the Nine Heaven World, was because of the restrictions imposed by the G.o.ds Realm.

Seeing the serious look on Chen Xiang and the others' faces, Feng Yujie chuckled, and said: "It's not as scary as you think, all divine palaces would not be so rash as to let h.e.l.l Devil Emperor do whatever he wants here. To the many G.o.ds in all divine palaces, this Nine Heaven World is a good place, as long as they are not stupid, they would know that we have to occupy a piece of land here, and not let h.e.l.l Devil Emperor come here to destroy it."

Long Xueyi said: "Does the G.o.ds Realm's influence have to extend to here?"

Feng Yujie nodded his head and said: "It's very possible, but they are still a group of people with more rules, so they shouldn't be able to disturb the original order of this place. After the Nine Heaven World becomes strong, excellent G.o.ds will also be born in the future. For the G.o.ds Realm's divine hall, this is a pretty good resource. "

"How do you know so much?" Chen Xiang suddenly asked.

"I just know, what can you do about it?" Feng Yujie stuck her tongue out at Chen Xiang. Her current appearance was already covered, and was only used to cover up her ordinary face.

Long Xueyi said to Chen Xiang in a low voice, "I'll go to the Hundreds of Flowers Palace to look for Meng'er and the rest. I won't be with you for the time being!"

Long Xueyi did this to give Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie s.p.a.ce to talk alone. Only in this way would Feng Yujie be able to talk more.

Qi Shi and the others also realized something, and immediately said that they had something to do and wanted to leave.

Very quickly, only Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie was left.

"It's time to keep your promise." Chen Xiang chuckled.

"You … Are you really going to do that to people? " Feng Yujie bit her lower lip with a bitter face as she spoke softly. She had actually acted like a spoiled child.

"Well... You can only blame yourself for seducing me so. Now I close my eyes and my mind is filled with the wet dance of your legs, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and your big, perky a.s.s. " Chen Xiang laughed even more.

Feng Yujie felt a wave of bashfulness. She knew perfectly well how she had seduced Chen Xiang, and she also knew very well that her seductive powers were very strong. It was impossible for Chen Xiang to not think of her.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Since we have already signed the agreement, it will always be valid! "I remember that in order to prevent me from reneging on my words, the contract was extremely harsh, even the winning side could not give it up."

"That's right, but you just need to lock me up in the secret room for two hours. If you don't do anything, you'll be able to pa.s.s through, or you can even touch me a little. You can stop being like me." Feng Yujie looked at Chen Xiang with a pitiful gaze: "If I know my wrongs, then let me go!"

"If I let you go, what will I do? You should be clear about the depth of the poison you have inflicted on me. Unless you can help me get rid of your enticing power, I will be the only one suffering. " Chen Xiang also had a pitiful look on his face.

Feng Yujie bit her red lips. At that time, in order to allow herself to win, she had indeed lost her mind, and the seductive power she used on Chen Xiang was extremely powerful, and had already been deeply branded in the place where Chen Xiang's soul was the deepest. It could be said that every so often, she would act up again and again, and at that time, Chen Xiang would be tormented by that sort of evil desire.

There was still a need for someone else to remove the bell, so it was not unreasonable for Chen Xiang to be so certain of her!

"Can you give me some time? I'll think of a way to help you!" At that time, even if you don't do that to me, I can still deal with it! How about I make Meiyao be with you, so that when you are in a difficult situation, we … " Feng Yujie was unable to continue.

"Alright, I'll give you a bit of time. I am a reasonable person to begin with." Chen Xiang laughed: "But you have to be quick, you should know, this mental poison is not something that sister Meiyao can cure, so I will endure for a while!"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Feng Yujie was immediately happy, and anxiously smiled gently: "You're really a good man, it's not as bad as what sister Meiyao says. In a while, big sis will definitely help you get rid of all these."

After saying this, Feng Yujie felt that something was amiss, and asked softly: "Are you really that kind to let me go just like that? I keep feeling that what you're doing is really stupid, that the ducks close to your mouth will just be let go like that! "

Feng Yujie was full of confidence in herself, and she had bewitched Chen Xiang before, so even now, Chen Xiang was still suffering from her bewitching power. Even if Chen Xiang wanted to do something to her, she couldn't say anything, and could only grit her teeth and endure.

"I told you I'm not that kind of person!" Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "If you want, then let's quickly find a place to settle this matter. I don't really care anyway."

Feng Yujie's background was very mysterious, so Chen Xiang decided to figure out her background first. Furthermore, if Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were to know of this matter, he would definitely find it very troublesome in the future, because they would already treat Feng Yujie as their own mother.

"Alright, I promise you, sister. As long as it's only one year, I won't be able to help you get rid of the charm power in your soul. At that time, I'll use myself to help you deal with it." Feng Yujie was very grateful to see Chen Xiang giving her the chance to speak so easily. Therefore, she praised him by saying that he would make such an alluring promise.

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