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Refining Dragon Blood Saint Dan was also something that Chen Xiang was an expert at. If it wasn't for the fact that Feng Yujie would secretly trick him, he had a one hundred percent a.s.surance that he could defeat Feng Yujie.

As long as he could resist Feng Yujie's enticing power, he would be able to defeat her quickly.

"The Soul-Lock Art can stabilize one's mind and prevent one's mind from being affected by external forces!" Beneath Chen Xiang's soul in the Divine Sense Sea, a set of Taiji array s suddenly appeared.

"This is Taiji Protector!" I have already activated the Soul-Lock Art and am currently protecting my mind.

Chen Xiang was finally going to start refining. Waving his hand, ten Blood ginseng floated into the pill furnaces, and like refining Tianshen Dan, he released the Chuangzao fire, used the Tai Chi G.o.d purification, and started refining the Blood ginseng.

Just like before, when he used Yanlong furnace and the nine Magic method furnace s to refine pellets, everyone could also see the changes happening inside clearly from the Magic method furnace.

"Now I am going to refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan with all my might!" In order to catch up with Feng Yujie, Chen Xiang had immediately released a strong innate ability. The originally ordinary flames suddenly turned into a silver white color, wrapping the Blood ginseng inside the pill furnace.

It was the pure dragon blood qi inside the Blood ginseng. The blood contract continued to spill and floated upwards, converging at the top of the pill furnace. It slowly rotated and turned into a small cyclone that emitted a weak red light.

Other than that, in order to condense more pills, Chen Xiang had also secretly added a bit of the power of the Alive Slain Method, which could duplicate a bit of the Blood Qi. This way, he would be able to surpa.s.s his limits and condense even more pills.

Seeing how fierce Chen Xiang was from the beginning, with just a slight burn, he was able to turn the Dragon Blood Saint Dan into blood Qi, Feng Yujie was shocked, she could already tell that Chen Xiang was still hiding his strength, and Chen Xiang did not use that silver flame previously.

Feng Yujie blinked and gave Chen Xiang a flirtatious glance. At that moment, Chen Xiang's body trembled and he almost lost his consciousness.

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang never thought that after using the Soul-Lock Art, he would actually almost be defeated. He had just learned the Soul-Lock technique and hadn't mastered it enough, so his defensive power was limited.

In order to avoid being disturbed by Feng Yujie while he was refining the pills, Chen Xiang immediately used the power of the spatial laws to form a spatial barrier that enveloped himself and the ten pill furnaces.

This way, Feng Yujie's Charm attack wouldn't be able to penetrate his spatial barrier, and would become much weaker!

Feng Yujie's Charm Attack was extremely strange. Previously, Chen Xiang thought that it was a spiritual attack, but after he released the Spatial Barrier, he realized that Feng Yujie did not immediately use his divine power to attack him, but could continue to disturb his state of mind.

"A spatial barrier can still have some effect. At the very least, that sort of power isn't that great!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, he was under Feng Yujie's continuous attacks, but under his spatial barrier and the defense of his Soul-Lock Art, that kind of bewitching attack did not disturb Chen Xiang from refining the pellet.

"This kid actually found a way to defend himself in such a short amount of time. He's really amazing!" Feng Yujie thought, and clenched his teeth.

Just when Chen Xiang was relieved, Feng Yujie suddenly took off her pink veil, revealing her beautiful and alluring face, which could captivate the soul.

When he saw Feng Yujie's complete appearance, Chen Xiang almost couldn't breathe. It wasn't because he was bewitched by Feng Yujie's beauty, but that face was simply too bizarre. The unceasing bewitching power could penetrate s.p.a.ce and directly attack his mind.

Feng Yujie was indeed very beautiful, and could be said to be even more beautiful than Lv Qilian and Su Meiyao who were at the side. But even so, it was simply impossible to confuse Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had seen a lot of beauties in the past few years, and there were also quite a few absolute beauties who were on good terms with him, so he would not be confused by the other party's beauty. Right now, it was mainly on Feng Yujie's beautiful face that there was a special kind of power.

The moment Feng Yujie took off the veil, Chen Xiang's ten pill furnaces started to tremble, and Chen Xiang felt a very strong and strange energy suddenly rushing towards him.


Chen Xiang immediately closed his eyes, he felt that Feng Yujie's face must contain some kind of mysterious power that was hard to explain. He then used her beautiful eyes to guide him, anyone who was stared at by her, would be attacked by her strongest charm.

When Su Meiyao saw that Feng Yujie had revealed her true appearance and used her most charming power to attack Chen Xiang, he realized that Feng Yujie was very focused on winning or losing, but this was not because of face.

If it was because of a face issue, Feng Yujie would not do such a shameless action. It was clear that it was for another reason.

No one present was stupid. They immediately understood that there must be some sort of bet between Feng Yujie and him, but they did not say it out loud.

Chen Xiang who had his eyes closed started to tremble, he looked extremely uncomfortable, but Feng Yujie did not seem to have the intention of stopping, because she could not lose.

"The Soul-Lock Art is also useless!" Chen Xiang's mind surfaced dozens of Feng Yujie's thin clothes. Their entire bodies were naked, and they twisted their chubby bodies that were drenched in thin clothes, dancing in a kind of enchanting dance that would make people intoxicated if they saw it.

The evil desire in Chen Xiang's heart was constantly being throbbed and crazily magnified. In order to prevent himself from collapsing, he was using an extremely extreme method to suppress it!

Now he understood why a person like Jiang Sheng would bow down under the Mei Emperor's dress all those years ago. Now, he had also experienced the power of this charm, and it was truly difficult for one to control it.

"This charm power must have entered through my eyes. Although I only took a glance, it has already entered into my soul. This is a power that will be tricked the moment I see it, surpa.s.sing the boundary of s.p.a.ce and time."

Chen Xiang tried his best to maintain his calm, and at the same time, controlled the pill furnace to stabilize, and a.n.a.lyzed the powerful charm power of Feng Yujie.

As long as he had seen Feng Yujie's face, no matter how much time pa.s.sed, as long as Feng Yujie was near him and worked, he would be confused.

Because from the moment he saw Feng Yujie's face, the charming power of Feng Yujie had already been deeply branded in his mind. Not only him, but everyone else had as well!

Before, Feng Yujie had also said that if Chen Xiang wanted to see her appearance, he would only harm himself!

"If you admit defeat, I will immediately stop." Feng Yujie's voice echoed in Chen Xiang's mind. She was also worried that if this continued, Chen Xiang would get damaged.

"We will never admit defeat!" Chen Xiang responded, and even laughed wildly, making it hard for Feng Yujie to understand.

Chen Xiang continued to endure, but he continued to randomly circulate the Heavenly Alchemy. This actually made him feel better, at least he did not immediately collapse.

Feng Yujie clenched her teeth, and continued to work hard at Chen Xiang. Originally, she thought that Chen Xiang would not be able to hold on for long, and that all the pill furnaces would be blown up, but who knew where the ten pill furnaces were, after an hour?

In order to deal with Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie had to slow down his pace of refining pills. At this moment, the two were not only competing on pill refining, but also competing on soul.

Time slowly pa.s.sed, night and day alternated, and very quickly, a day had pa.s.sed. The crowd by the side transmitted their voices to each other, they did not expect the pill refining compet.i.tion to turn out like this, but they admired Chen Xiang's perseverance, to last so long.

Even Feng Yujie had to admit that Chen Xiang's perseverance was terrifying. She had heard from Su Meiyao and the other G.o.ddaughters that Chen Xiang was an extremely lecherous little demon, but when she used her beautiful illusions to attack him, he did not seem to be distracted at all. Instead, he managed to endure it and blamed Su Meiyao and the others silently, because Chen Xiang was not as shameless as she had imagined.

Chen Xiang only needed to continuously circulate the Heavenly Alchemy's Spirit Refinement Scripture to allow him to constantly stabilize his mind. However, this could only prevent him from being defeated by Feng Yujie. If he were to continue refining the pill, he would have to work even harder.

"Boundless Spirit Refinement!" Chen Xiang used the Infinite refining and the G.o.dly Training Method to cultivate his own soul and keep it in an active and constantly increasing state.

His goal was to refine the charm imprint that Feng Yujie had branded in his soul so that he would not be able to escape from Feng Yujie's charm power.

However, this was not that easy. After trying for several hours, he was only able to gradually stabilize his mind.

He was still closing his eyes, but it was not as uncomfortable as before. It was just that he was still sweating profusely!

"It seems like there's no other way to get rid of her at this point. I can only continue on like this!" Chen Xiang's mind still held all sorts of flirtatious thoughts of Feng Yujie. This had appeared in the deepest part of his heart that was the hardest to defend against, a place that attracted the flames of evil in the depths of his heart, wanting to ignite it and cause him to collapse.

But now, Chen Xiang could only continue to suppress the flames and at the same time concoct pills. He knew that if he persevered, he would definitely not be able to suppress it, so he changed his strategy!

As long as he could refine ten batches of Dragon Blood Saint Dan, it would be the end!

In the bottom of Feng Yujie's heart, he was still wondering when Chen Xiang would be tortured to the point of collapse, but then he realised that the silver fire b.a.l.l.s in the nine Magic method furnace, suddenly released waves after waves of blood-red fog, Chen Xiang had actually started.

The blood mist within the silver ball of fire leaked out at an extremely fast speed. This was the result of Chen Xiang exhausting all of his ability and urging the flames to quickly refine the Blood ginseng.

Under the silver flames, the rotation of the Taiji array became faster and faster, and many Spirit grain appeared. The blood mist that leaked out from the Spirit grain covered the silver fire ball, and like a tornado, it quickly gathered at the upper layer of the furnace.

Chen Xiang had been tormented by Feng Yujie for an entire day and night, causing him to slow down his concocting speed. However, he was still struggling to hold on, and keep the Blood ginseng from being burned by the silver flames.

"No, I have to increase my power!" If Feng Yujie didn't have to use her Charm Power to deal with Chen Xiang, she would refine Dragon Blood Saint Dan very quickly.

"You have no chance!" Chen Xiang felt that Feng Yujie's Charm was gradually increasing, when he suddenly roared, the nine Magic method furnace's blood light suddenly erupted. In that short moment, everyone could see the silver flames fiercely strengthen, and then wildly enter the Blood ginseng's body, exploding outwards.

The expanded Blood ginseng turned into pure Medicine aura and gathered at the upper layer of the pill furnace. It instantly turned into a cyclone, and then was quickly split into three b.a.l.l.s!

"Three pills!" Lv Zhen could not help but shout in shock.

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